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  1. Just started painting the D2 minis. I'm going for speed vs detail (except for the heroes), as I'm a bit scared by the time I spent on the Gears of War minis. Basecoat, base colors, wash, drybrush as needed, wash again. Hope to keep this baseline for most minis, maybe the larger ones will need some more attention. Right now working on the zombies, pics will follow soon.
  2. Seems unlikely, given the different scale af the minis used in the new edition.
  3. Did get it. Great game, with really granular and well thought rules, but it lacks... soul. At times it seems that the system is letting you play the game, rather than you're in control of your character. Also, while the missions are good and the recruiting feels epic, it doesn't quite feature all the awesome loot and different enemies of Runebound, that (to me, obviously) still keeps the throne. For V3 I'd like to see a bigger map, please.
  4. Seems something from Dust 514 (a videogame) but nothing related to Dust Tactics - or Dust Warfare, for that matter.
  5. Nice. How did you manage to open the hatch on the Axis Walker? I popped open the ones in the Allied ones a bunch of times to place commanders and personnel stiking out, but I couldn't see the proper way to do the same on the german walkers.
  6. It looks sweet, good job on the custom gun/claw combo.
  7. Nope. Heroes can share the same space with a squad (thusly you have two different units in the same space and attacks target one or the other, which can lead to some funny moments when targeted by flamethrowers or similar attacks) and that could be any type of squad, or they can join a squad that has the same armor value - mutually benefiting from abilities and so on. Not lower, nor higher. Page 18 of the rulebook.
  8. The squad plus the hero will have the combined total of 9 health points. Remember that the damage is distributed between hero health points and squad health points (single minis) by the owning player, not the one that inflicts the damage - unless it's the snipers or units that operate in a similar way. Damage points need not to be inflicted in a single attack, they pile up during the game in the usual fashion. So you take 1 point, go on with a minor injury, then you take another 2, go on with a bit of a risk, and then the final point of damage takes you out of action. Stefan's Flammenwerfer is a range 1 weapon (the small number between the weapon's name and the actual damage line), so just adjacent spaces; according the rulebook it's a damage blast weapon - page 24 - and as such you roll 1 dice for each targeted miniature and eliminate the entire unit if at least one die result is a +.
  9. The Anya custom mini looks mighty good, and I'm quite envious of your basing skills. Good job!
  10. Angus Lee said: Please note that a CoG bleeds out only when he does not have enough cards in hand to be discarded when he takes damages; just having zero cards in hand does not mean that he is bleeding out. So you can play your last order card in hand, whether during your turn or as reaction on others' turns, and you are not considered bleeding out. You can draw two cards at the beginning of your next turn. Yup. Having zero cards does not mean you're bleeding out, it simply means you can't do anything (defend, react, take damage, etc.). Only when your COG has to go into the "negatives" he's actually bleeding out. Looking forward for the Anya mini.
  11. AGillespie said: Hi all, a client sent me his axis army and told me to paint hem however I wanted so I have a few questions. I haven't read up on the fluff much yet so I don't know if this is a good idea but Id like to paint these models to look more historical. For instance, painting the infantry in the accurate historical colors. I think the laser grenadiers would look cool with the camouflage parkas like the Waffen SS, for instance. I'd also like to paint the walkers in the historical tank colors/camouflage. I'd like to know if this kind of thing is frowned upon for any reason? Are there any reasons I shouldn't do this? Also, I'd like to base these in a more traditional way for miniatures. I wanted to put a bunch of urban rubble on the bases but don't know if that's a typical approach or if that's generally frowned on in the community. Basically what I'm saying is I don't know a lot about the game and do t know if I am doin things so completely wrong or if its cool. I welcome all opinions. Thanks . It's not frowned upon, there are no reasons why you shouldn't do it, you could (and probably should) paint the troops vehicles with colour schemes as close to the historical ones as possible.
  12. After going through a severe gaming stint (all the missions, including the expansion and most of the Horde mode) I agree that this game is in grave need of a boxed epansion. New Gears (Anya Stroud, Samantha Byrne, Lt. Minh and Dizzy Wallin), new Locusts (Drone Grenadiers, Drone Grapplers, Maulers and/or Butchers, Armored Kantus, Raam and Skorge), some new big menace (a Reaver or at least a Bloodmount), a bunch of new tiles (open areas with stairs and train tiles are quite iconic to the game), some new weapons (the mighty one-shot and ink grenades first and foremost) and an adequate number of missions. Insta-buy.
  13. Oh. I'll try to stock up on a few items I'm still missing. Just in case.
  14. Don't talk to me about budget constraints. I went for the level 6 pledge and right now I've almost doubled the amount invested in the game due to the extra options and bits that they've made available. I fear that the postal service will charge me a hefty fee of VATs for that pallet of cardboard that's still building up as stretch goals are met.
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