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  1. https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2020/4/16/play-keyforge-for-free/ I have been mildly interested in this game for a while. I am a long time reformed magic the gathering Addict, had played since beta. I have played several collectible card games and LCG's. My questions is how do I print this to at least an ok. Any suggestions would be great I have never done a print and play before. I do have card sleeves so that is not an issue.
  2. I was the most Meh on Ms. Marvel, as out of seeing her in a cartoon my kids watch I new nothing about her, yet after playing her I love her deck and abilities. I even went as far as buying the collected trade of the first 12 or so issues of the comic since then I like her deck, allies and abilities so much more.
  3. I also Really like how Hawkeyes bow works, lets you plan your attack.
  4. I keep seeing Danny Rand for the second sihouette. If it is X-Men then left to right Cyclops, Nightcrawler, Shadow Cat, Wolverine, Rogue
  5. Playing Two aspects at the same time is going to lead to a lot of cool combinations. While there was nothing to prevent this from happening in the game the one aspect per hero set up would definitely lead you to believe this would not happen. Her hero also has the greatest deck building possibilities for those missing that aspect of the game
  6. Article Live stream Lots of great stuff but who are those new heroes
  7. I have not painted many miniatures, in fact I've painted for Space Marines prior before starting Star Wars Legions. I want to know if I should be gluing the Stormtroopers and rebel Troopers to their bases prior to painting? I don't know if I'll ever be doing a detailed base other than painting them all black. Any guidance would be helpful it's the one thing holding me back from starting to paint. I really want to play.
  8. I do look at, read, tournament lists because I want to understand the meta but I fly the ships I like and like to make weird unconventional list because the game is more fun that way. I don't mind flying against meta list but i wished more people who fly what they liked not what they think will always win
  9. GIMP is a program. It's a freely downloadable photo manipulator. Sorry I missed your first paragraph of "GIMP" and just read the next two paragraphs. I've got it also just apparently don't have the same skills in using it. Thanks. As an english teacher, it hurts that you called his sentences paragraphs. That is all.
  10. their play through was horrible. They should stick to review videos. Watch Shut up sit downs review. Its very tempered with the negatives and positives of the game. https://vimeo.com/157759019 And I'm in. I love that its two players. I have Twilight imperium for larger games
  11. While I would like a good multiplayer star wars board game. I am perfectly fine with this being a two player game. Since most of the time it is just my wife and I playing games this works for us. I have Game of thrones 2nd edition and Twilight imperium 3rd for larger groups and to be honest neither of those to games get played nearly enough. The fact that this might be perfictly balanced for two players is just awesome.
  12. Wave 1. I bought 2 cores and then nothing for a while didn't really start playing until the tantive came out.
  13. I haven't seen anyone mention it but docking claps also seems to exclude the new Tie/FO. Or do you think they are including it under Tie Fighter.
  14. GG cuz you know Good Game KK Kill Kill . X because it marks the spot. Then J S C & L Its the first letter of my wife's to kids and my first name. Edit After thing about it i should use P E W....Pew Pew Pew
  15. I have not played since august. Its my fault really, I just keep doing more and more for my students and less and less for me. Good teacher, bad x-wing player. I NEED TO PLAY....Vassel Isn't cutting it. I like the tactile nature of miniature and board games and vassel doesn't give me that.
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