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  1. The last release sheet for the year for Europe did not include it, disappointingly. Early January seems to be the earliest date it could be with customers.
  2. Is the focus mentioned on George Barnaby's card a copy and paste error from Arkham Horror?
  3. chazuble said: im guessing your welsh? How did you guess?
  4. That pot noodle advert is hilarious. Britain is fine-ish, it's when people call it all England it gets a bit tedious.
  5. Why all the English-centricness with the UK army. There's Wales, Scotland and Ireland to, Ireland still being a part of the UK during the First World War. If your talking Druids, Arthur, Merlin, magic etc then that's all Welsh. Then you have the massive industrialisation of South Wales, ports, coal mines, etc. South Welsh tunnel fighters with a heavy technological base or North Welsh with a more Druidic base, maybe powered by Red Dragon blood?
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