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  1. I'm actually working on a solo variant for this game, and after I do some tests this variant would allow for two players as well. The main concern is that this game really is at it's best with four players, but yeah- based on early tests I've been doing, this is NOT impossible. The trick to variants on these games, is finding a way to make the players not available, seem like they are. I'll say this, it involves some dice rolling...but I'm trying very hard to keep it simple, to tie in with how simple, yet deceptively clever this game really is. Though honestly? You could very well play two gods each and have at it, I mean I played all four solo and even then had fun(though this again, seems like with four real players, it would be one the best games around).
  2. Now I'm pretty sure I looked at about 30 various posts on this, and I know I've seen variations on the rules of some games to allow for this, but I have to ask why more games aren't coming stock with an option to play solo. Now I grasp that board games + solo = madness/blasphemy, but hear me out on this. Being a somewhat odd person who has tons of video games here, I found myself rather bored with them at one point, and started to search the web for something else to play, that would hold my interest. That was when I discovered Arkham Horror, and upon playing that a few times I immediately bought ALL of the expansions, and also got several other games as well. Now while Arkham was fun for me, my friends were near impossible to drag to the table, and even then a pain to get motivated to spend 3-4 hours having a few drinks and doing something not related to Xbox Live. After said gaming night, or disaster if you want to put it bluntly, I realized that my few friends are not willing to even attempt to play anything that requires any logic, dice, or thinking. They have gotten lazy due to video games...and here I ran into a major wall. When I purchased the expansions for Arkham Horror, I also picked up four other games, and did not actually look at how many players were needed for these games. This is where you hit the wall. You have these amazing games, that are a ton of fun to play, but that can only really function well with other people. A game like Chaos in the Old World just seems amazing, but I'll never know because not noting it was designed for 3-4 players, and lacking any such, has pretty much killed all chances of it even seeing play at all(least for the time being anyway). Now I understand they are designed for interaction, choices, and strategy, but at the same time I feel they should at least have some way of doing it solo. Now I don't know how popular these games are in other places, but in New York? I had to litterally hunt down a shop that sold them, and after that finding a group that plays has been impossible at best. Judging from other posts in various game threads here and on BGG about this, and people making variants on rules for less players, I would say this is actually the case with a lot of people. Playing these games solo seems odd, especially if you actually have a local shop, or something close enough that sets up tables and does events and such, but if you lack this, and you lack people who are willing to give anything a shot in this range, then you are somewhat out of luck. So it probably wouldn't be such a bad idea to consider more solo options for future games, or even currently released games. I could be wrong, but I think one of the main reasons I kept hearing so much about Arkham Horror was in fact that it's totally playable solo, and Runebound was also constantly mentioned in the same space to a degree(though it's not originally designed for this, least I've read that much). Anyway this post is huge, and my first, but I figured I'd just throw this out there, since I figure I'm not the only person who grew bored with PC games and console games, and migrated back to older mediums, ones that have stuck around for reasons that become very clear, when you sit down to play something like Arkham Horror or Runebound(which works pretty well solo actually).
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