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  1. Netrunner was originally design by Richard Garfield of Magic The Gathering fame. FFG refined Netrunner and then released it as an LCG, but many of the core concepts and even card designs were lifted directly from that original Richard Garfield design. Richard also designed Keyforge which is put out my FFG. So do they have talent? Well they have Richard Garfield right now partnering with them on a product. Just he's not working on LCGs. Past games in FFG's LCG catalogue boasted Eric Lang of CMON fame on their design team. He no longer works with FFG and I believe is now full time at CMON. Those are giants in the industry. So it's a bit unfair to hold everyone to that standard. That all said AH:TCG was created by the current LCG developers and it is one of the best card games they've ever put out. It's just not competitive, which might be what the OP is looking to talk about. My view of L5R is it was a very ambitiously designed game and has some really fantastic concepts. I think they underestimated how much the game's length and complexity would turn off the vast majority of the game's audience. When you see attendance at the Gen Con tournament for it's release versus now there was definitely a giant crowd willing to give the game a try but didn't stick around. It didn't help that the organized play structure was confusing and that the single core experience for that game was pitifully bad. You couldn't even make a tournament legal deck with a single core, which should have been a red flag. You should be putting your best foot forward. I can't speak to how well it sells. There is still a very sizable community online. Tournaments are usually reasonably attended, but it does feel like people grumble often about small local scenes. That's a long way to say that I think it was a well designed game. If the game failed then it was in the execution. Competitive LCGs seem like a real challenge for a card game design team. It might be unreasonable to expect any design to be infinitely expandable without a hard periodic reset to clear out the toxicity.
  2. It feels like they are burning away their competitive LCGs. We only have two left (AGOT and L5R). So far all the new competitive card games they've announced have been blind purchase. I've long suspected that they are rethinking the idea of a viable long term competitive LCG. There are many downsides to the model as far as sustainability is concerned. I hope if they announce a new competitive LCG they look hard at their model and try to address things like barrier of entry and more rapidly correcting toxic card pools. The co-ops (because of their nature) don't have this issue so the model as implemented today works just fine for LOTR and AH:TCG. My guess would be if they announce another card game any time soon it would be Android themed considering they have a huge library of art for that world, but no active card game to put those assets to work. Though I also sincerely wonder if they'll release another competitive LCG or if they just go co-op with the LCG model going forward since that just seems like an easier fit.
  3. You know this story has got me thinking about Shoju. Who does Shoju confide in? Clearly not his wife. Maybe Yojiro now after the novella, but he also sent Yojiro away on assignment. Does he confide in anyone else? Was it only Jodan? If so this is a pretty sad moment for Shoju, and I wonder if his response will be emotionally fueled.
  4. The Akodo are suppose to be great generals. Totori who is our most prominent Akodo is shown having a brilliant analytical mind. His problem (which I assume he will overcome as time goes on) is he is sometime over analytical to the point of paralyzing inaction. We mostly see the Matsu in the fiction. They are the most numerous of the Lion clan families. They are not famous for being brilliant generals. They are famous for being valorous and aggressive in combat. Matsu Tsuko embodies this to a fault almost in the fiction. She's often seen arguing that they should take the most aggressive position possible without thinking about the consequences down the line. The true power of the Lion clan is when it's two most important factions (the Akodo and the Matsu) work in concert to balance each other. This is the struggle the Lion clan is introduced with at the start of the new fiction. They are completely in disharmony with themselves and their differences are amplified because of it. This fracture in their leadership makes them much weaker than they should be considering their position. That couple with the fact that the Lion are effectively still on the emperor's leash. They are stuck fighting Skirmishes instead of declaring all out war on their enemies. You can sort of feel that frustration in the Lion fictions. I think what the Lion clan does in reaction to the current storyline is the most interesting to me out of all the clans. They have one of (if not the) largest military presences in the empire. Their bushi make up the majority of the rank and file soldiers in the emperor's army. Their clan sword sits next to the emperor's in a show of complete obedience to his authority and support to his cause. The most prominent military leader in the clan is a very impulsive Matsu, and so far she's been kept in check by the Emperor's authority. Well it's unclear going forward who is the rightful recipient of that authority if anyone in Tsuko's eyes. The card the OP is talking about is a Matsu card so no surprise that's the flavor text on the card. The Swiftspear might even be thinking about a "Leadership" quote out of context to support their preference in battle. I wouldn't put that past them.
  5. and I didn't like it then. It rang false for me and I know I'm not alone. There's gotta be a better way to pull that off if they want to revisit that story line. It's a weird bump at the beginning of the Crab's history in the old lore that needs smoothing. I'm honestly nervous about how that handle that going forward because if done incorrectly it would greatly diminish my enthusiasm for the Crab Clan and probably the whole new story continuity. Its a more nuanced concern than not wanting the Crab to be portrayed as antagonists. I don't mind them being antagonists. I expect it. Kisada should be angry at the other clans to the point of military action and potentially regicide. Yori should be corrupted by the Shadowlands because that's what Yori does. It's a matter of how it was executed and what it means for the clan's identity.
  6. The campaign log carries over from scenario to scenario. That's how you would know from the rules. It's like Doubt and Conviction from the Carcosa cycle. Also Yig is a jerk. If your snakes would stop biting me then I'd stop punching them in the face. They started it.
  7. I think the thread already hit on my two big things. I'd like the mantis to not swallow tons of minor clans this time around. I think it's more interesting for the story and the RPG if those clans maintain their own identity. Also I'd like the Crab/Shadowlands alliance to be reconciled with our current understanding of the Crab clan and in particular Kisada. In the original story that all worked if you wanted Kisada to be a cartoon villain and the Crab clan to be primarily an antagonist. There's clearly a way for taint to infiltrate the Crab clan and Kisada to be an antagonist to the empire and not destroy the identity of the clan in the process.
  8. I've loved it the whole way through so take that into account when valuing my opinion. There have been some huge stories since the Phoenix novella. Also I really loved the Phoenix novella since it spent time camping on only a handful of characters. So we really got to know those character well. I'd say it's only gotten better. Prior to the Phoenix novella it was pretty much setup and world building. So I can see how that might seem slow. Though I wouldn't suddenly expect the stories to move at a breakneck pace. They are definitely taking their time with the larger story arcs. I don't think that's a bad thing. This slow drip of narrative like you'd get on a serial tv show or a monthly comic book lets you live in the world longer and pause to appreciate the moments more. At least that's how I feel. I will say I wish the short stories came out with more regularity. It is frustrating as a fan of the fiction to have long gaps. Also I hope they continue doing novellas even after the clan pack cycle is finished. I think L5R works really well in the novella format. I guess I wish these things weren't tied to products though I understand the marketing purpose.
  9. A Yithian with red gloves shows up suddenly and saves you from certain peril.
  10. I'm really excited for the next one. I'm a big fan of Kosori as a character.
  11. Rita still evades often. She needs to reload her bow alot in combat situations (multiple enemies engaged or back to back fighting rounds for example) . Also sometimes she just wants to evade a witch badly in TCU. Also she get's the ping damage from evading which is important for 4+ hp enemies. She doesn't evade as nearly as much as she did before I bought the bow though, which means to opportunity to play Belly comes up less often. In addition the problem is she's not always evading where she needs to pick up a clue when she does have a good reason to evade. When she does it's great. When she doesn't and I have belly in my hand it feels sucky. Though I'll give it some more time. I suspect it would be better in a solo Rita sporting the bow, where she's starved for ways to pick clues off locations. In two handed solo Joe was usually cleaning up clues around the place. Rita was left to control the crowd or force her away across the board to initiate some trigger. Add: On the Camera again, I'm convinced it's better than alot of the tools Joe can take. I went into Acidic Ichor early for big damage when he needed it. Between that and his sig guns and Enchanted Blades he was fine as a secondary fighter. I found he didn't really need to fill both hands with weapons. He just desperately needed to shore up his willpower and sanity. He's got high enough int where he can get by without the mag lens if he needs to, but I have it in there just to give him another redundant tool to slot if he doesn't see Camera early. My Joe deck has a hard time paying for Fingerprint Kit. Also with the clue gathering insight stuff in his hunch deck I found he didn't really need a bunch of clue acceleration help at 1 and 2 player games. Maybe at 3+ when he's suppose to be the primary clue gatherer. I believe I'm going to cut it. Between Camera, Tooth of Eztli, Curiosity, Steadfast and Logical Reasoning Joe has been doing okay against the Willpower onslaught that is TCU.
  12. I put Hawk-Eye Folding Camera in a Joe deck and got it early in a couple games. It was fantastic. I can see it being dead in my hand if I draw it late game, but when it came out early the bonuses it gave to Joe were too good to be ignored and it was easy for him to clear a couple of locations quickly in pretty much all the TCU scenarios so far. In comparison I put Belly of The Beast in my Rita deck and it barely did anything. It was much too situatal, which was a shame. She needs more good ways to grab clues. Especially if you fill her hands with the amazing bow and I can't see playing her any other way honestly. The bow just makes her such a confident crowd control investigator. For me it really took the pressure off Joe and let him just grab lots of clues throughout TCU. I feel like between Drawing Thin, Take Heart and Rabbit's Foot there's a real blow through your deck as fast as possible Survivor build. Certainly people who love to throw cards away every turn like Ashcan and Wendy can appreciate building such a card hungry engine.
  13. 2 seems unlikely to me for a variety of reasons. I believe from past fictions Shoju both agreed with Jodan about Sotorii and wanted to support Jodan as a friend. If Shoju and Jodan were truly friends then I doubt he would actually betray that trust. I certainly hope that's true, because I think that 1 and 3 will give us the more interesting story paths. Toturi and Shoju as unlikely allies working together to fulfill the dead emperor's last edict feels right to me. If it means the Scorpion fall from grace in the empire in the process then that is what Shoju wanted anyway. They've sort of been setting up Kachiko and Shoju being at odds for a long time. So feels like we were already on that path.
  14. As always I really want to know what Shoju is going to do. I'm glad they started the cycle off with a bang. We get to see the fall out from this rather than the lead up to this event all cycle. Very cool.
  15. I hope they do more compilations. It certainly is more convenient for people who want to get caught up on the story to find them bundled together.
  16. I agree you should try the whole campaign before forming an opinion. Just playing the first scenario of the core set is like just playing the tutorial of a video game and not actually completing any levels. Also OP looking at your other post that stuff you described with regards to clue gathering and theme will be better explored as you go through the scenarios. Clue gathering is the life blood of AH:TCG since it's built around investigation, but it's not the only thing forcing forward momentum. The scenarios do a good job of diversifying the mechanics. Also things like failing a skill check and getting stung by a snake (thus becoming poisoned) does exactly happen in this game. Quite a lot in The Forgotton Age cycle. So I thought it was interesting that you brought that up as a thematic example. The thematic story elements like that are all on the treachery cards, act and agenda decks. Also the locations will often have tests. Often times these things will instruct you to write down something in your journal, which will be a trigger for something later or will cause the story to branch. Play more of the game to see how that is implemented. With respect to conversation, strategy, evasion etc play the second scenario. You'll notice a big difference. The first scenario is a very linear walk on purpose. Second scenario and third scenario really highlight that sort of stuff.
  17. If you didn't like the Core you won't like the game. All the "magic" everyone is talking about is right there in the core. Buying redundant core sets and expansions for more player cards will make your decks stronger and more consistent, but all that will do is lower the difficulty (which you can do by going down to easy as well). It won't change what the game is fundamentally. It's okay not to like AH:TCG. I think it's the best game FFG is putting out currently, but not all games are for all people. Some people prefer the MoM experience or even the Elder Sign experience to AH:TCG. Those people mostly moved on from the game long ago. That said I urge you to play the whole core set before forming your opinion. Each scenario highlights some different aspect of the experience and is meant to be played repeatedly with different strategies since different outcomes can be reached. For reference I own all of the AH board game expansions, elder sign and all of the MoM products released (which I have also painted). AH:TCG has been my favorite way to experience the arkham files world. I think it's hands down the best single player game on the market. If your turn offs for the game are: - learning to play or making too many play mistakes then I suggest watching a learn to play video for the game. That might be better than trying to learn from the learn to play rules. Youtube channels like Team Covenant put out learn to play and new player advice videos for alot of FFG's games. - difficulty then I'd say go down to easy. It's exactly the same game with less swingy statistics and lots of people play that way. That or wait until you have more player cards and see just how much a difference it makes to construct good decks and not the pregen ones in the rulebook. - randomness then more content will fix that problem since you'll be able to specialize the deck more and thus make it function more the way you want it to. - cost then I can't help you there because LCGs are gonna be expensive. You jut gotta accept that if you are gonna follow one. - rules complexity then that goes away with practice. I rarely ever reference a rulebook anymore. Once you get the flow of the game and the rules then things do tend to work the way you assume they would. Also there are new player FAQs on places like BGG if you wanna use that as a reference, which help you with common new player pitfalls. - constructed decks then there are tools for that. Some people have said they don't like constructed decks, but enjoy playing the game. Luckily there are tons of decks posted and rated on places like ArkhamDB. You can go there and find the type of deck you want to play and construct. Usually the decks will be posted with some pilot instructions and guidelines on how to spend experience. - not liking the core campaign then it's possible one of the cycles will remedy that since they are all better than the core in my opinion. Though the majority of the experience is the same so if there is something fundamental you dislike about the experience just going through a different campaign won't help. The core campaign is three scenarios. The first is easy and meant to walk you through the game mechanics. The second is meant to be wide open and show you how a sandbox-y investigation will play out in the game. The third is super hard and is meant to show you what a campaign climax is like (this being Cthulhu themed expect mostly bad ends unless you really know what you are doing). - components then I pretty much only play with the cards anymore. There are tons of options out there to replace the cardboard pieces with more functionally designed tokens. Also I use minis instead of the investigator cards to help them stand out on the table. The single most helpful token I've bought for the game were arrow tokens to show routes between locations at a glance. That way you don't have to stop and interpret the icons every time you move. It greatly sped up the game. - the chaos bag mechanic then I'd say that's rough since it's the meat of the game and everything revolves around it. That said if it's the physical act that you dislike then there are apps out there for the chaos bag. Some people prefer that option. Also I and many others will put the chaos tokens in coin capsules to protect them from getting worn out and give them a more pleasing, tactile feel. 26mm coin capsules I believe are the preferred size, but I capsuled mine so long ago I forget exactly. - game length then I'd suggest sticking to lower player counts. I've found each player in the game adds about 40 minutes to an hour to the scenario length. Obviously that's a generalization since some scenarios are quicker than others, but I've found a two player game (my preferred player count) takes anywhere from 1 to 2 hours to complete. I tend to do prep for next game after we play so that next time we can just get in and start playing rather than get bogged down with setting up decks. Helps keep the momentum going. - if it's theme or art I'd think we wouldn't have made it this far.
  18. I would click order now but that hefty $666.00 USD price tag man, and then tack on FFG's shipping rates on top of that. I'll wait till 3020 and get a copy on the second hand market.
  19. Also Tummy-rubs has Roland's statline. So it's probably just the artists and PR people having fun. I guess we'll find out in 1000 years when these investigators hit shelves.
  20. Tummy-rubs Muldoon is my new favorite investigator. He looks so happy on that motorcycle.
  21. That's fair. Though DoT I still think would be a cool theme for a co-op box like this just because I feel like it's a huge story for the setting that should have some modern game representation. That said yeah it would be removed from modern Rokugan which would cause issues if you wanted the minis to fill a dual purpose (i.e RPG aids). Also it's sort of a very finite story, where your idea of exploring the Shinomen Forest could fit a more long form campaign like you'd find in Descent or Imperial Assault. So it probably makes better business sense. I'd still like a ToD box or something if they ever do it. Kinda like how LOTR LCG did the Hobbit as a two box campaign once the LCG was up and running. Also it would be cool to see those original DoT heroes in mini form.
  22. Though a Second Day of Thunder seems a long way off, but it would be cool to get the first DoT. Also I think it would be fun to set the game in a different time period from the RPG and card game.
  23. What I really want is a Descent/Imperial Assault style L5R game to be honest if we are wishlisting new L5R games. I feel like the theme is just begging for a Rokugan versus the Shadowlands type co-op skirmish game. If they want to retell one or both Day of Thunders in game form I think that would be a great way.
  24. I think that was my favorite part. We get a nice snap shot in this fiction of what it's like to be a Moto in the new continuity.
  25. I know this may sound weird considering I've been playing game for a long time, but I have never played Love Letter in any of it's many incarnations. For some reason it never appealed to me. Not sure why. I should probably give it a try.
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