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  1. They do look nice in the pics. Also I like seeing that at least someone else still uses their Conquest card sleeves.
  2. The online competitive community is all on Discord. It mostly centers around the Discord Leagues. The OP support for this game announced so far is more than they have ever done for any game in their catalogue. So.... yeah they can always do more, but to say they aren't trying or don't care seems extremely misinformed. If they didn't care they certainly wouldn't be pumping so much into this property by hiring a story team, releasing novels, doing an RPG Beta, supporting the Hatamoto system, running Kotei events as tons of major venues... Everything I see suggests they care deeply about L5R as a brand. I do think not launching the Stronghold kits right after the new year was a mistake. If they knew they were going to take a break from releasing product they should have filled the gap with the OP kits. I'm sure there was some logistical reason that didn't happen, but it still seems like a misstep when trying to maintain momentum.
  3. So I am new

    Are you core only OP? If core only I think you want Dragon for MFury, Let Go and Tattooed Wanderer. That is just generally a good splash, and pretty easy to use to good effect. Alternately you might want Scorpion if you don't care about honor victory. Scorpion will give you a lot of powerful answers with Calling In Favors and Forged Edict and the Crane can make good use of both those cards. Also Fiery Madness as already mentioned helps setup plays with the Stronghold. After Imperial I can't speak with enough authority since I haven't played enough Crane in the current meta.
  4. That first design is just not good. The dead space at the edges is weird and forces the conflict zone in the center to be squished. Why did that image even make it into the marketing department's hands. It looks like some sort of first draft. The second one I could see using since it looks very organized. Might be nice for a demo table. That's said I got my Crab clan mat. If I win another at a tournament I'll consider using that one, but I doubt this two player mat will make it into my rotation.
  5. That was sort of my whole point. People didn't freak out in the same way because KI triggers in a more predictable way. I'm surprised at your reactions. The comparison is there because they are the same effect. I'm not sure why we wouldn't want to compare them. If not them then what two cards in the card pool
  6. We have Policy Debate as a printed action on a character already. The card is called Kitsuki Investigator No one was crying about that guy so I guess there might be something to that. The Investigator has to trigger in a very predictable way and therefore is easier to counter if needed. For the record I'm fine with Policy Debate. It helps me way more than it hurts me as a Crab player. I needed some way to fish out those ridiculous conflict cards. All the cancel cards are really hard for us to play.
  7. So I am new

    Don't worry about game balance. It's not as bad as the internet makes it out to be right now. If playing face to face you probably aren't playing the hardest decks each match. If playing online just make sure to tag your match as casual and not competitive until you figure out how to play against the top tier decks. Also let your opponent know you are new. It's an LCG so the meta will be constantly changing. Well it will be once we get to monthly releases again. We are currently in a lull so the current meta environment is magnified by the lack of change in the card pool. Also it's the internet and everything get's exaggerated. We've been through periods where Lion were overpowered, Crab were overpowered, Crane were overpowered, Scorpion and Dragon now are overpowered. The only clan that hasn't been denounced as overpowered at some point since the initial release articles is Unicorn. Poor Unicorn. Also I guess I don't recall a time when people were bleeding on the internet about Phoenix as well. That said I've played and lost against some really skilled Phoenix players. This game is a lot about pilot skill.
  8. That's pretty thematic that he hit's both players potentially considering IIRC in the prior lore Amoro's problem was he cut down friend and foe on the battlefield. The Bloody Nine of the L5R world.
  9. I had decks already that tried to force the opponent to pass on conflicts to get the most out of Intimidating Hida so he's not impossible to use. also he's a Berzerker so their will be more synergy for him eventually. A dashed political skill can be a boon in the current meta since he can't be policy debated or pulled into a political challenge (or any of the other things that target low political stats). I also was under the impression that the Void and the Lying Darkness were a sort of yin and yang because LD is nothing and the void is kind of the fabric that holds everything together (sort of like Obi-Wan's description of the force). Therefore the void is still something, while the LD is the absence of all things. The actual nothingness of preexistence. That said the LD can be a real tricky thing to get right, and I would prefer it stays more of a background element in the story. I think if you shine too bright a light on it you can really screw it up or make it too confusing.
  10. It definitely does suggest it. I think I remember Katrina mentioning the Lying Darkness in one of those facebook videos they did leading up to the game's release. I'm pretty confident it's part of the new setting considering it's so important to the Scorpion's history. Do we see any shadow brands on the Scorpion card art?
  11. He is not more powerful for your opponent than your own forces. That's ridiculous. You reverse a rule and it effects both players equally. You both get the benefits and the penalties. The difference is you come prepared for this reversal. They do not. Is the monk deck there yet? No. Is this another piece in the monk puzzle. Yes certainly. Is this for the current Dragon deck types and strategies. Of course not. He does nothing for that deck. Also he is great for that Ise Zumi flavor. Playing a Dragon monk deck is gonna be a bit confounding for the player and the opponent if they keep adding stuff that add rules or reverses rules
  12. You realize what that Dragon Monk does right? If you can dictate what element your opponent is attacking with then all of a sudden those Mantras are much much easier to play. Also he synergizes with the fate/ring manipulation cards. If splashing Phoenix you can take the Phoenix monk conflict character that fetches Kiho as well. I think this pack is going to really help the monk deck for Dragon. Also yes I agree the Dragon good stuff deck doesn't need help. The monk one certainly does need all the help it can get. edit: Ninja-ed
  13. I think they should have dumped the OP kits right after the 6 in 6. That would have helped cover the lull and still given people a break from purchases after the flurry of expense that was the 6 in 6 distribution. We still get around 4 to 6 people playing in our local store with pockets of players in other stores in other parts of the state. If there were tournaments and promos to hunt we'd get more people travelling to attend events. I think they definitely needed to do the 6 in 6 because the core only pool was going to get stale fast. Also they needed a lull to stop this game from being way too expensive right at launch. That said it definitely feels like now that we are in the lull there needed to be something here to tent pole the game until the next release. As to the topic of game balance, the only faction I play where I feel I don't have a chance being competitive is Unicorn right now. Scorpion, Dragon and Crab all feel pretty powerful with Phoenix, Crane and Lion sitting at the second tier. Maybe you can't play each clan the way you want, but if you play the clan's strong decks I feel this game is in a good place competitively. Much better than Conquest or Netrunner at this same point in those game's lives.
  14. I'm also hoping for a Scorpion civil war. I think that would be incredibly interesting. To me it feels like the fiction is setting up a Kachiko faction versus a Shoju faction so it's not a big leap.
  15. Great art, and leading off the fiction with a strong author. Ofushikai looks how I would imagine. I was worried the sword in Tsukune's art was suppose to be Ofushikai, but it was a completely different style of sword than Ofushikai's description. Is it the next cycle that will have Ofushikai or the clan pack? I had assumed it would be in the clan pack. Would make sense for them all to have an ancestral weapon. Though yeah it says in the article it's a preview card not in the clan pack.... what a weird choice.