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  1. phillos

    Clan Descriptions

    I applaud anyone who creates content for L5R. the fanbase tends to take it very seriously and can be quite harsh critics. That can be further aggravated by the plain fact that over the coarse of L5R's history the game and aspects of it have become different things to different people. Reminds me of Star Wars fandom, except L5R fandom is further magnified in this respect considering we are actively encouraged to take ownership of the narrative by identifying with factions and steering the story when prompted.
  2. phillos

    Running L5R Online?

    That's why we keep using Teamspeak. It never goes down for us. If we needed to we could easily use some other dice roller if TTS goes down, but honestly the worst is we need to reconnect and load the last autosave on the TTS table (which is usually pretty close to where we were). You can shut off the flip table option.
  3. phillos

    Agasha Sumiko's honorifics

    My group played a Rogue Trader campaign that went on for a year. Was alot of fun. The captain was played comically which deflated his authority. Most of the time my Seneschal was really in-charge. My Seneschal also withheld information from the crew and spread disinformation on a regular basis. Something else that probably wouldn't have worked if we didn't have the right group for it.
  4. phillos

    Running L5R Online?

    My group has used Tabletop Simulator for a long time as a virtual table top. It's not specifically designed for RPGs like Fantasy Grounds is, but it does do a decent job of approximating the actual feel of sitting around a physical table. Also it has an extensive library of user created content. The downside is everyone needs to own a copy of TTS. Though you can also play board games using TTS. For voice I always use Discord or a Teamspeak server. We continue to use Teamspeak only because it's never given us any issues. It's hard to walk away from a program that's that reliable. Discord is also fine.
  5. Yeah I was just thinking along the same lines. I feel like this is a good card design. Seems like there's going to be decision points with him on both sides of the table. We'll see how it shakes out when the truly competitive start playing with it.
  6. To be fair Hida Tomonatsu was also dead before the card game started. I doubt it will happen but it would be cool to get a dead characters pack or something with people like Doji Satsume, Akodo Arasou, Mirumoto Satsu and Shiba Ujimitsu in it. Would be fun.
  7. Considering Children is already being printed I feel like we can confirm it won't be in Children. This card still needs to be play tested.
  8. phillos


    Samurai were expecting to have a well rounded education. Being a politician and a warrior isn't at all that unusual in the setting. I would assume most (or even all) Samurai received at least some martial instruction in their youth. I think that's the most relevant part. It's sort of like carrying a gun in the old west. Not every problem needs to be solved through violence, but if they are carrying a katana they will be expected (or even required) to use it if a potential conflict arises. If that character isn't great at fighting then maybe that's not the best choice. Leave the unavoidable physical combat to your yojimbo or your bushi comrade. Otherwise you are advertising that you are willing to use physical violence to settle a conflict, and for a courtier that might be more a liability than a benefit. In my experience most campaigns of L5R are social/ intrigue stories where sometimes skirmishes and duels occurred, but there are all types of campaigns out there. It shouldn't be hard to make that courtier useful in the adventure unless you are like going into the Shadowlands or something like that.
  9. I really like #1. That's a really great piece. Would be nice to see it in the new game.
  10. I felt that in previous editions the lore part of the core rule book tended to be too oppressive for a new player. Though to be fair they had a lot more ground to cover than in this edition. I really liked what they had in this book. It's much easier to hand to someone completely new to L5R. It was a clever and entertaining way to present Rokugan's creation mythology. Also I really liked the subtle tweak with Togashi at the end. As the Last Province podcast pointed out it really does the Dragon clan a great service in framing their entire clan's purpose.
  11. Eh it's an RPG. In my experience the rules are just there to give you a framework and set expectations. Let the person who has run a campaign with no mistakes or hand waving throw the first stone I do think an RPG company should strive to get a good clean set of rules out, but I'm not gonna get down on a podcast (or any RPG group) for playing something wrong or hand waving stuff. Especially a podcast where sometimes you gotta consider whether getting too technical will actually make for good radio (spoilers most of the time it doesn't).
  12. Kuni Purifiers are the best. Though to be fair all the Crab schools are great For a non-Crab school I think I really like the new Kaito Shrine Keeper school. That sounds like a fun character to play. Also being an Ikoma Bard is always fun. I like that in the new game they can manipulate the Strife mechanic. Sounds potentially very useful.
  13. phillos

    Agasha Sumiko's honorifics

    I'd be treating this magistrate exactly the same way Sumiko is treated in "In The Palace". The PC's go off to do a job, but they have someone to report to when they are done. That magistrate has more important things to do than watch them work the whole time. He or she's got a team of Yoriki to delegate these tasks. You could even foreshadow future adventure seeds with what the magistrate is doing while the PC's are on their adventure. When the PC's get promoted the magistrate could have a completely different assignment from them. Rokugan is a big place. Also you have the option of making the magistrate incompetent if for some reason you thought the NPC would overshadow the PCs after all that. Another option is you could always kill the magistrate off while they are working off camera on their more important and more dangerous mission. Completing the PC's mission and then in addition bringing the magistrates murderer to justice I think would go a long way toward making it seem like the PC's earned their status even if they are so young and inexperienced. If none of that sounds great to you I also liked the suggestion of modifying the "In The Palace" adventure to make more time happen before the graduation. I like better tacking on time at the end with some sort of narrative training montage before they graduate to make it seem like it was more than a couple days after their gempuku that they became magistrates. That helps keep the adventure itself relatively unchanged. Though the one argument against this is that leaving the PC's relatively untrained and inexperienced for as long as possible is more new player friendly. The more training and experience you give the PCs the more if feels like you need to explain to them things they should already know, which is fine but I think it's always better if the PCs are asking the same questions in character.
  14. To be honest the older adventure's weren't anywhere near as good as the newer adventures. So it's really only about the player cards and being a completionist. I never really go back and play anything from the first two cycles anymore unless I'm trying out a nightmare deck.
  15. phillos

    Agasha Sumiko's honorifics

    I also don't really like that the PC's become full Emerald Magistrates so quickly. It sort of deflates of the office a bit. That said Magnus Grendel is correct in that it's not inconsistent with the setting presented so far. If I was going to run these as a continuous campaign I might assign them to a magistrate to oversee them until at least after their adventure in Slow Tide Harbor. Just give the magistrate something else to do, which keeps him away from the PCs for most of the adventure. The mission in Slow Tide Harbor seems pretty insignificant on the surface anyway so it makes sense that a magistrate would delegate that while they took care of something more important. Then maybe give them a graduation ceremony on returning from that mission since they've proven themselves in the field. That might help the PC's feel like they earned it a bit more.