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  1. I spent way too much time in mIRC. Social media is more about fashion than functionality. Discord is fashionable now. I think the Discord League has much to do with why the platform was so widely adopted for this game. At launch and even prior to launch people were using Discord to organize TTS games. There were other people trying to organize online leagues, but none of them took off like the Discord League.
  2. Yeah all the small talk for the game happens on Discord. This is the first LCG that I've played that has universally embrace that platform. There aren't many lively message boards for this game right now but there is a reasonable amount of traffic here when ever something newsworthy happens. Discord has sort of taken over all the OP, Kotei and Discord League day to day discussions. Also it appears to be where the prominent bloggers and podcasters interface with their audience. CGDB has been slowly dying out for a while unfortunately. Make me sad because it was nice to have a board specifically designed to talk about card strategy. The thing that is really killing CGDB in my opinion is that almost no one actually uses that deck builder. They aren't helping matters when bugs go unfixed in the utility for way too long. I'm confused about whether CGDB is affiliated with FFG. I had thought that was the case, but FFG doesn't seem to promote the site at all.
  3. phillos

    Map from the ebook

    I actually have the 4th edition map open now from the Atlas of Rokugan because I wanted to double check that the Crane owned the Eastern landmass bordering Earthquake Fish Bay (the answer is yes I was misremembering of course). They have the settlements colored per faction and I don't see many (if any) unaligned settlements. Also If I zoom out it seems like the majority of the geography matches up. The FFG map is more vague since we can only guess where the political borders actually fall. It's just the floating clan names. Though where they appear is pretty much roughly identical. I know in the Battle For Rokugan game the way the territories were assigned per faction for that game didn't match the established continuity, but I suspect that was just a game balance concern rather than a lore change to the setting. Also I have no idea how Crane are holding Toshi Ranbo in the 4th edition map. On that map they are completely surrounded by other factions and cut off from their own territories. It would only make sense if they were moving troops and supplies through imperial lands, up and around the Mountains Of Regret and through the phoenix territories. That or boating them directly to a Phoenix port and then marching them across Phoenix lands. So unless they have changed the political DNA of that region I do wonder how they are surviving up there. What an insult to the Lion. No wonder they are so mad.
  4. phillos

    Map from the ebook

    I think the Hiruma lands still being overrun was referenced in the Halloween fiction. Maybe in the RPG beta materials. I'm pretty sure that was already confirmed somewhere. I also hope they keep collecting this stuff into these E-Books. I wish DriveThruRPG offered to do a print on demand version of the book so I could put it on my book shelf with the rest of my L5R materials. So do the Crane own the entire coast in the new continuity. I was pretty sure Crab had some of the southern coast that bordered the Shadowlands. Though I guess it is sort of a vague map as far as who owns what territory is concerned.
  5. phillos

    Elemental Cycle begins

    I feel like claiming all 5 rings will eventually be an easy thing for a faction like the Phoenix. It's just waiting for that possibility of claiming a fifth ring per round. I'd like enlightenment to be a long game sort of victory. Something your opponent can see coming and combat against. Something that is almost impossible to achieve, but if you do you feel like a superstar. Also something that reflects the player has mastered each ring's aspect. Maybe if it was a set of 5 neutral conflict cards that each had a sort of theme around each ring's effect. Something like: "enlightenment of air" put this card into play if you have 10 more honor than your opponent and you've claimed the ring of air this round. "enlightenment of fire" put this card into play if you have 5 or more honored characters on the board and you've claimed the ring of fire this round. "enlightenment of earth" put this card into play if you have 10 more cards in hand than your opponent and you've claimed the ring of earth this round. "enlightenment of void" put this card into play if you have 5 or more fate on characters you control in play and you've claimed the ring of void this round. "enlightenment of water" put this card into play if the amount of ready characters in play under your control is 5 more than your opponent and you've claimed the ring of water this round. If all five enlightenment cards are in play for a single player than that player immediately wins the game. Maybe each card could have some sort of secondary effect to make them have some utility even outside a deck built to win by enlightenment. Something like for the rest of the game when you claim that elemental ring gain some secondary effect to show you are better at that element. Extra honor from air, extra cards from earth etc.
  6. phillos

    Thanks Joe!

    I think it's appropriate for FFG's front page to write something more playful and new player approachable. You did a great job.
  7. phillos

    New Story in Disciples of the Void?

    I read it. I liked it a lot, but I think it's just the first chapter of the novella. I was gonna buy the novella anyway so I was hoping it would be a unique fiction. I'm guessing that's how all the clan packs are going to be structure narratively. As to the chapter itself it was great IMO. Tsukune is a great character and the depiction of the council meeting was great. You get a good feeling for the fact that the elemental masters are apparently just as clueless as us as to what is going on with the kami. You get a lot more time with the members of the council so they now are more fully realized in the new cannon. Also we get a lot more Tetsu in the story, which I liked. I think he's an interesting character. The whole host of Phoenix characters we've met so far have been great. It's one of the corners of the new narrative that I've really enjoyed. It's mostly written by Spooky so that might have something to do with it as well. They've been criminally under serviced until now, but that probably is because Kaede was featured so prominently in the last cycle and because they were getting a novella first.
  8. phillos

    Repentance Does Not Come First

    They just discussed this fiction on the latest episode of The Last Province podcast and their take on what had happened is very similar to what we were discussing here.
  9. phillos

    Repentance Does Not Come First

    It does seem like all the dots are there to draw the line
  10. phillos

    Repentance Does Not Come First

    The first chapter in the Phoenix clan pack was great IMO. I'm wondering if we'll get more context for this story once we can read the whole novella. Perhaps it will go into Maho more so we can get a good idea on what the ground rules are in the new setting. I read Tadaka's actions as just really risky. He was willing to cripple or destroy himself to prove his point. Offering some of you own element in the L5R setting could mean a lot of very dramatic things to the person making the sacrifice. As other's pointed out yeah his face got eaten away a bit, but what else did he weaken in himself as part of this sacrifice. Earth governs quite a lot in your body. I'm hesitant to argue how that differs from Maho though since we don't have a concrete definition of how that works in the new setting. I would assume though it would be similar to the old setting of spilling blood and invoking Fu Leng thus exciting kansen. Could Tadaka's actions open himself up more to be tainted since he offered up his own earth? Could offering your own elements in this was pervert a kami into becoming like the kansen? Maybe, we just don't know yet. I for one am excited to find out. I'm trying not to take any prior lore for granted.
  11. phillos

    Release Schedule

    I do think this better for the competitive audience, and it will definitely make the excitement meter more dynamic for the game, which will help combat the sort of malaise that LCGs can settle into that HirumaShigure describes. I do worry how this will affect the local scene and new player adoption. I really hope they introduce a product like the AGOT starter decks for LCG so we have a cheap single purchase entry point for curious people in the game store. That would help SO MUCH to sell this game to new people, and this is still the flaw that the LCG model struggles with in either incarnation of the release schedule for the products. I sort of wish the clan packs for actual functional decks and could function as that starter pack product. I think that would have been a much smarter idea. Yeah my big issue is they need to communicate that they have a clear plan for the game. I know FFG likes to hold onto information to spring it on audiences as an exciting surprise, but if they can learn anything from GW's mistakes it's that keeping your audience in the dark is not good for the long term health of your relationship with your audience. If this is an experiment in the ways LCGs are delivered maybe talk about it in an article discussing the though process for this decision. Being so tight lipped is just going to make people think they are disorganized or don't have a plan. Also it will make them feel betrayed when they thought they were getting one thing and now they are getting another. Also it's a bit too late for this now but they really needed to communicate what the release schedule would look like at launch so people wouldn't feel ambushed liked some people clearly do now.
  12. phillos

    Release Schedule

    Yeah but most of a CCGs' card pool is deck filler and binder fodder. Yeah you personally don't have access to the entire card pool all at once, but it's there and available so people can still theory craft, proxy and get to the same spot we get to in a LCG. Also having access to the entire card pool means you can play a much larger variety of decks in this game than you ever could in a CCG. I haven't built all the competitive decks for this game yet and learned how to play them. I also don't play this game like it's a part time job though and I know some people do. I think people are overreacting to change. I may not totally agree with this move, but I respect FFG for experimenting with the release models for their LCGs. Who knows. Maybe this will be better long term for the game's health. They won't know unless they try. I just wish they were more upfront with this change so people wouldn't feel ambushed by it.
  13. phillos

    Release Schedule

    Well I don't think you need a constant release of cards for a card game to be healthy. CCGs certainly don't do the drip feed LCGs were doing. They do dumps of cards like this system more or less. I do think they need a constant stream of something to engage the player base though and give the social outlets something to talk about. That keeps the discussion alive and gets you that same sense of health and vibrancy. I'm not sure what the minimum needs to be, but I think we just lived through a gap that was too long with nothing really engaging being added to the discussion. So clearly something more frequent than that
  14. phillos

    Release Schedule

    That's a good question. The first time around FFG framed it as a one time event to kick start the game. That makes sense since for this game the core set card pool was extremely limited. Why do 6 in 6 again? What are the virtues and flaws of this system. For virtues FFG clears out their warehouse inventory quicker which is nice for them so maybe it was primarily an economic concern. I think there are some benefits to the community though. In the old system the drip feed of cards can get a bit unexciting. That's my experience and I've heard this over the years on boards and podcasts about mature LCGs. There is no violent turn over of the meta. It's a slow gradual process. So instead of a slow drizzle of the meta evolving this 6 in 6 style will be thunder storm of change therefore generating more excitement. A cycle release doesn't generate anywhere near the buzz a big box release did. This is why I also think role selection is a good thing for this game. Anything that can shake up the meta once this game is established is a good thing to keep it from feeling stale. Another thing to consider is that we'll get the set all at the same time relatively (as they were play tested) so we don't have any of the normal awkwardness of receiving an incomplete picture of the design. That was definitely a thing in other LCGs. This card didn't make sense until we saw two more cards later in the cycle. That card is OP until taking in context of the entire set. So hopefully this will be a better thing for game balance at any given point during the cycle. For flaws I think that's been widely covered. The old system definitely did a good job of maintaining hype because you were getting articles at a consistent pace (unless there were production gaps) and it gets you in the store at least once a month. That constant engagement with the community is a definite virtue. It keeps players feeling like their game is healthy and supported. Also it gave players a constant stream of topics to discuss in the various social outlets online, which again gave the game the feeling of being healthy and vibrant. A once a month schedule also gave the players a predictable budget for the game. If this is FFG's new approach for this game going forward they need to say that because I think people like to plan economically for hobby card games like this one.
  15. phillos

    Elemental Cycle begins

    Nezumi hater! Unicorn are so liberal with their diet. As a Crab player I can't wait to flood my deck with Nezumi characters. I suspect we'll only get the one card though.