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  1. Hydra-Cap... I really disliked that story and unfortunately it's hung over his book like a shadow ever since because you don't just snap back from that regardless of how it was resolved. A big misstep in my opinion especially if you want to bring in readers off of the MCU depiction. Though the writing on Iron Man has been bad for a long time in my opinion in the comics and he seems to sell reasonably well for a comic in this environment. The power of an established brand I suppose, which is at the heart of this discussion. Also just because I dislike it doesn't mean other people feel the same way. Some people love that Arno Stark stuff I'm sure. I don't mind giving the costume over to a new character. That's fine. My issue usually is going back and monkeying with a characters origin story. That's really when I get a frown on. Making Sam Captain America doesn't destroy Steve Rogers or my enjoyment of the character. Giving Sam Alexander a Nova helmet doesn't make the Richard Rider run any less good. Going back and changing Tony's parentage or Carol's lineage is problematic. Even Spiderman they monkey-ed with when they wrote that Spider Totem stuff. Never a good idea in my opinion especially when these characters already had great origin stories. It almost never adds anything and almost always takes value away in my opinion. I don't know if it's misguided editorial direction or writers wanted to put their stamp on a character but it always leaves a sour taste in my mouth.
  2. Well to be fair the Guardians relaunched to be almost exactly like the movies during Bendis' run and that coincided with the movies. He said he had some input as a consultant on the movie. Then when he left they've been slowly moving them back to their roots especially under Gerry Duggan and Donny Cates. Though modern GotG is miles away from the original GotG which was a far future rebellion story (with an almost completely different cast) and still pretty far away from the pre-movie DnA era which was more about a group of ex-con/galactic first responders (it was kinda a dirty dozen type story in it inception). Also it very much was born out of the legacy of the Infinity Watch comic sharing many of the same characters and plot elements. The movies really thrust the idea of the Guardians as goofy kinda mercenary/thieves and that has slowly crept into the comic as well. Starlord was more a war hero/war criminal with a questionable moral compass and now he is pretty much Chris Pratt's mercenary with a heart character. It's fine, but it is a far cry from what he was before the movie and he was the most changed by the shift. That said the pre-movie Starlord was also a reinvention of the character from his silver age representation. I'm fine with characters adapting to the times. Rocket, Groot and Gamora are all pretty much the same. Drax is not too different from his pre-movie version but also that character reinvents himself often anyway. I agree that most of this stuff probably won't translate to the game anyway so it barely matters. Starlord's tech is pretty much the same regardless of his portrayal. Rocket will still react with hyperbolic violence regardless of his inspiration. Drax is probably still gonna stab people with knives and try and overpower them with his strength... so it probably won't be too alien to the readers. Maybe people will ask questions if Quill's deck makes reference to Spartax, If Gamora's deck includes a Pip ally or makes reference to the Infinity Watch. If Rocket's cards have some reference to Halfworld (which would make me so happy). Though those questions will probably just make people curious to check out the comics rather than completely turn them off.
  3. The big two have long struggled with what would make new readers jump into the hobby. I'd say sometimes to the exclusion of it's established reader base. The new 52 and Marvel Now were exactly initiatives to accomplished that exact goal. I wasn't a fan of either, but I was an established fan. I just kinda endured it. I'm not sure either move really brought a flood of new readers into the hobby. It had made the new stuff more trade paperback friendly so I guess that's an upside for people who enjoy comics only through that lens. That was an issue in the late 80's and early 90's. Every issue was a number 1, every issue was a new roster of characters. It was very tiring. It was very much creators throwing a bunch of stuff at the wall and seeing what stuck. It is sort of the same environment we live in now.
  4. Historically at least the entire deed could be done by his second as a decapitation if he couldn’t use a blade himself. He would just need to do something symbolic to signal the second to swing. Not sure what would happen in rokugan. Though as DGL points out he could always just use something else to do himself in if it came to that.
  5. The comic store has many issues. A reduced comic customer base has been a wide spread reality since the 90's crash. Though it was clearly following a collector bubble that was not sustainable. That said comics as a storytelling medium themselves aren't going anywhere. The physical sale of issues continue to decline, but that has alot to do with the rise of the trade paperback market and digital distribution. Both of which has only gotten more popular as time has gone on.
  6. You are correct. In the adventure they make it pretty clear his reasons are personal, and it doesn't give any real hints that he is working under orders or with anyone else on his scheme.
  7. That's true, and he's probably not involved. Though I guess I was running under the assumption that it would take Kachiko down a peg as well, which might halt the biggest proponent of Scorpion self-promotion. Thus fulfilling his goal. Though you are right weakening the Crane will just consolidate Scorpion power in the courts most likely. Unless he supports this Kuwanan/Yoshi coup somehow to ensure Crane come out stronger because of it ....
  8. Yeah I don't think Yoshi is a fool. I just think he's very self involved. He knows there's a possibility that they are drawing the wrong conclusion from all this but he says what he does to Kuwanan because he knows it's the path that benefits him the most. There is a nice parallel between Kachiko and Yoshi building here, and I appreciate it. I wouldn't call either a fool. I wouldn't call either a paragon of virtue as well. That's fantastic that the Shosuro plot all fits together. I wonder if it's Hametsu's scheme or if the plot goes further up to Shoju as well. As always if we got another story form Shoju's perspective I would probably burst into flames I'd be so excited to read it.
  9. My guess was going to be Shosuro Hametsu based on info they gave us on the character in that adventure. Maybe the letter was genuine but it somehow was guided to Satsume's hands. I have to go back and read The Ebb and Flow. Does that timeline work out for this letter to be the one planted by Shosuro Sadako? I love that the official adventures they are releasing for the RPG feel like that are meaningful to the story and the card game. I hope we see more of that.
  10. I also agree that we are probably seeing the effect of the monthly pack release format on the tournaments. This was a big thing in Netrunner and Conquest especially from my experience. These cycles are designed as a whole and then broken up into packs after the fact. I know I've heard that several times in the past from the developers in interviews. So some of these cards might make more sense as we get closer to completing the cycle. It was a strength of the dump everything at once 6 in 6 format that you never were stuck in this in between meta. Though the actual implementation of 6 in 6 was annoying since those 6 weeks were a tornado of uncertainty. Honestly I kinda want them to just go with all "Children" style big boxes for release from now on after this cycle and the clan packs finish. If they could keep those big boxes on a schedule and you had like three of four months for the dust to settle before the next big box got dumped I think that would be a more healthy system for a competitive LCG. If they could keep engagement up on their site with weekly or bi-weekly fictions and regular high profile tournaments in the interim (so there's always a sense that FFG is "touching" L5R), then I think we would have a more ideal system for the format.
  11. I've always considered the role picking as a way to soft cycle the card pool. In a slowly evolving meta it can help keep the game from feeling stale, which is an issue other long lived LCGs have fallen into many times. I think it was a mistake to add role locked cards behind a faction as well. They probably all should have been neutrals to make them easier to use. It makes players feel bad when their faction gets a card they can't use potentially ever if the role isn't picked. Also they probably shouldn't be such bomb cards though I guess they wanted to make the roles something you built your deck around to encourage as much shake up as possible. In any event if all role locking is doing is inspiring negative discussion then it should probably go. It's clearly not accomplishing it's intended goal. Also it hardly acts as a soft cycle the way it's implemented today. So my upside is not being realized. I agree that story prizes always feel better than mechanical choices especially something like a role choice that is fleeting. Your idea of having a card designed and letting the player pick what character it will be (sort of like what they did with the sword card or the Unicorn character) or as they've done before giving the player a chance to shine a spotlight on a character in the story (like the Kaezin choice) are both great examples of well thought out prizes. They don't break the story and they give you something substantial to latch onto that can endure.
  12. I always think of him at headmaster for the New Mutants because that's when I started reading. So I always think of Magneto as basically an ineffectual/negligent teacher.
  13. It's many fold. Hero names have brand recognition so when coming up with a new hero sometimes it's safer to use an older hero as a legacy for a newer concept. In addition you are under strict editor control of what you work on when doing one of these big books from Marvel or DC. Also writers for the big two comic publishers use work for hire contracts which means the writers and artists don't own any of the things they create for the company. So they are actively disincentivized from using their unique creations when working for these companies. Jim Starlin is getting alot of recognition now that Thanos is a household name, but I doubt he's reaping a huge financial benefit from it unfortunately. At least they are giving him his owed recognition. That was what Jack Kirby and Steve Ditko were so mad about for all those years. Mostly nowadays creators pay their bills and earn a reputation working for the big two and then save up and launch a creator owned book at some place like Image when they want to try out what they think are their better ideas. Lots of great stuff have come out in the last 10 or 20 years because of that. For example Deadly Class, Astro City, Low, Walking Dead, Saga, The Boys, Invincible, Black Science ... A couple decades ago these sorts of things were coming out at places like DC's Vertigo line where there was more creator control on the books.
  14. I got the feeling that Kachiko and Hotaru actually have a mutual romantic relationship. At least I feel we've only been shown that so far. I think it's telling they have a cute story about Hotaru and Kachiko in the RPG core book to recount the history of Rokugan. So I think it's less a seduction by Kachiko as it is a failing of Hotaru's integrity as a champion if she's putting her relationship above her clan. I'd have to go back and read the Hotaru stories, but has she ever really had to consider putting her clan above Kachiko? She's mostly just been dealing with the Lion since day 1 of the new continuity. There still could be considering everything else that went on in this story, but certainly no smoking guns in the story itself.
  15. I loved this story. Also I love Kitsuki Kagi returning here. I'm still suspicious of that guy. I can't wait for more Crane civil war stuff. Yoshi certainly seems foolish here, but also he's working with incomplete information. We know what is going on with all these story strands (especially if you played the RPG adventure), but he only knows what he heard in this story. If he's guilty of anything it's being biased toward not trusting the Scorpions, which I think even a Scorpion would say is a fair position to take. From their perspective Kuwanan and Yoshi are finally cutting to the truth even though both of them are way off base Fantastic.
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