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  1. When it says search your bonded cards what does that mean in the context of "removed from the game". Specifically if Occult Lexicon leaves play then you have to removed all three copies of Blood-Rite from the game. Can you get those copies of Blood-Rite back into play if you manage to play Occult Lexicon again or does removing them from the game remove them from your searchable bonded cards?
  2. phillos

    A Critical Glance at Rogues

    It's certainly not 90%. That's hyperbolic. I've played this game enough to know my experience isn't an outlier and I evade stuff a ton while still coming out with good outcomes. Of course this is a piloting skill topic. If you are playing a Guardian and can manage to control the enemies with a machete then good on you. Clearly that's how that investigator is suppose to be solving the problem, but that's not every investigator. No matter how hard we try Roland and Zoey are not gonna be slick sneaky investigators, but what about the Wendy, Rita and Finn decks. They obviously have another plan in their design. There are a bunch of variables to consider, but ultimately this game is a push your luck game combine with a race against the agenda deck. Knowing when to evade and when to spend your kill option is part of playing the game successfully. Waiting around to kill every enemy might just be too slow in some cases. In addition depending on the circumstances it can be way more dangerous than just running away considering some investigators won't get to good odds on the combat check and will have to risk enemy attacks and retaliates.
  3. Guardian: Carolyn. Especially in multiplayer since she has such an interesting focus on healing people's sanity. Yeah she is not the paragon of monster killing efficiency that most guardians are, but maybe that's telling me I'm not a huge fan of playing fight-y guardians. Runner up is Leo. That piles of allies deck is so fun to play. Seeker: Daisy. It's for sure Daisy. I haven't played her in a while, but I love that she is rewarded for playing with tomes. It feels so thematic that Seekers should be be able to use tomes better than anyone else in the game. Her off class spell casting is pretty thematic since she's going to pick up some tricks from all that research. Starting at such a high int also feels real nice. Runner up is probably Joe since Joe's hunch deck feels so good when it works in your favor. Mystic: Agnes. Its hard to get away from Agnes. It just feels really good to always have that ping damage option. Also having access to the Survivor pool means she is a very forgiving investigator to play. Therefore it tends to just be a bit more relaxing to run an Agnes deck in my opinion. Runner up is probably Father Mateo. I love the idea of screwing with the chaos bag, and I think it's pretty thematic to have a priest in the game petitioning for some sort of divine protection against the horrors the chaos bag generates. Rogue: Finn. I loved playing Finn. When he's winning then he's winning big. When he's losing then he's losing big. It's a real roller coaster. Also just making evading that much more economical feels great. Runner up Preston. Preston's strategy is just so different. It's Jenny on steroids. At least Jenny could be played conventionally since she has a middling stat line. Preston doesn't have that luxury. You gotta lean into the money aspect of the Rogue pool hard. Survivor: For sure Wendy. Wendy is great. Once you embrace being a sneaky, lucky orphan then she's a ton of fun to play. She's definitely not Joe or Roland style direct power, but the way Wendy can potentially manipulate the odds for success and fall back on Rogue tricks to get her through jams is real satisfying when it's all working. Runner up is probably Yorick since his recursion ability is so powerful. that strategy makes his deck play real different from any other investigator in the game. Also who doesn't wanna play a paranoid gravedigger who wants to be a Shakespearean actor.
  4. phillos

    Like seeds on the wind

    I totally didn't catch that. Thanks. That makes sense now thinking about it in retrospect.
  5. phillos

    Like seeds on the wind

    After reading the story I do believe that Hige talked to someone. He's not just a charlatan. He believes what he is saying. I like the idea that he was talking to Fu Leng and he was in Jigoku and not Tengoku. What an insult to Togashi if Fu Leng's assault originates right under the Kami's feet so to speak.
  6. phillos

    Like seeds on the wind

    I agree that they are starting to feel more like a creepy cult. I like getting this perspective since so often we are presenting with the perspective of people locked into the system. I think it's very helpful to see it from both ends. I love when we get ronin and peasant characters as POVs. The connection between Shomon and Satto, is that new information? I don't think we knew that before. Gives us a better idea of Shomon and her character. I was hoping Miyako would show up again as Yuki. I wonder what happened with her.
  7. phillos

    Thoughts on TSN player cards

    It does feel like a pretty reasonable level 0 pick for Yorick. If he's recurring weapons he certainly wants them to be as cheap as possible. Also he's never using that arcane slot.
  8. you will not see it in 3+. Also it only comes up in 2 players because of Quiet Glade. If Quiet Glade (along with all 2 clue locations) wasn't drawn in the above scenario they wouldn't have seen an issue. You guys just got unlucky and pulled the broken scenario. Quiet Glade is the only 0 clue location in the pool.
  9. phillos

    Thoughts on TSN player cards

    Hopefully before Monterey Jack comes out so both of them have the option. What would it do? I kinda like the idea of a whip giving you some bonus to both combat and agility checks.
  10. phillos

    A Critical Glance at Rogues

    Yeah OP. It sounds like your opinion is centered around the design of Skids. He is often regarded as a middling to lower tier investigator because he himself doesn't have any real big strengths except being able to get more actions per turn than anyone else in the game. Sometimes that means he can create some crazy combos per turn with his access to Guardian cards. Though at a steady state he does tend to perform under the curve. Though that's just Skids. The Jenny and Preston big money decks are crazy powerful. Finn is incredibly offensive given his great ability to fight, evade and investigate. Though that comes at a crippling willpower and sanity disadvantage, which usually means he wants to speed through scenarios and get out as soon as possible (very thematic). Sefina is about reoccurring powerful cards and having a fantastic early game start. Asside from Rogues powerful evasion abilities (evading is sometimes the correct answer from an efficiency standpoint) and options to greatly increase the amount of actions you can take a turn(Which is a significant ability), rogues have a couple other major themes. The generate money cards are fantastic considering we also have a wide variety of pay to pump effects available to the investigators, which means they can effectively build decks that just pay to with the game potentially. The mitigate luck cards are all very power as well. Something like Elusive, Sneak Attack, Coup De Grace or Lola Santiago just let you do things without a test making their actual stats irrelevant. Lastly off the top of my head is their gambling mechanic, which allows you to wager on the outcome of the test, which is alot of fun. Things like Double or Nothing are particularly powerful.
  11. phillos

    Thoughts on TSN player cards

    yeah I was talking about solo.
  12. phillos

    Thoughts on TSN player cards

    Again it's not fair to compare Enchanted Blade to Ornate Bow. Blade is a level 0 weapon. I would assume (as CSerpent pointed out) it's not a bad idea to take it in a level 0 deck if you plan on slotting Ornate Bow later. You just replace the blades with the bows. Solo Ursula doesn't have a ton of great combat options at level 0 so it's nice for her to have at least one more that gives her a +2 to her combat to give her a chance if you feel like you need it.
  13. phillos

    Thoughts on TSN player cards

    I think Enchanted Blade is a real reasonable level 0 weapon for 3 strength investigators that can take it. It's like three thrown knives, but you don't need to spend the separate actions to put them in your hand each time. I don't mind the charges (especially if Akachi gives it an extra one). It just feels similar to firearms with their bullet restriction. Though Enchanted Blade still does something if you run out of charges (or need to deal out odd damage), which is nice and it's downside of taking up an arcane slot might not be that big a deal (especially if you aren't gonna use the slot or are planning on slotting Shrivelling in there when the sword is used up). I like it as a level 0 combat stop gap for mystics until they get their Shrivelling up, or for a Guardian that needs that +2 combat to feel more reliable. I could see taking it in a level 0 deck for Akachi, Jim or Diana. Maybe even Skids. I haven't made a Skids deck in a while. Certainly for the Dunwich investigators it's value is dependent on how many slots the sword will require. I think the luke warm response the card is receiving here is because people are comparing it to experienced cards. Seems like a reasonable level 0 option right now. I don't think this is a card you hold onto as you experience up. Especially since we'll be getting a leveled up version of Enchanted Blade anyway.
  14. phillos

    Solo vs Multi

    If you are playing solo the scale-able elements of the game are much smaller like boss enemy HP and clues on locations. So at higher player count it might be a liability to have a Daisy who has no way to fight or Zoey who has no tricks to get clues, but you still make them more specialized than you would in true solo or even two player. You kind of are required to capitalize the most you can off their strengths to punch through the real high walls a 4 player game can present. So combos that can let you do tons of damage in an action or cards that let you pick up a stacks of clues suddenly have more utility since they are given more of a chance to shine. In contrast stuff that let's you pick up multiple clues per investigation can often times be overkill in solo when the scenario will often have 1 or 2 clues per location. If enemies are coming out one at a time you probably don't need a bunch of heavy crowd control tech (or weapons that deal buckets of damage if your boss monsters have 5 HP). A Machete or .45 most of the time is sufficient.
  15. Having minis definitely help up the table presence of the game. I like anything that stops the game from just looking like piles of cards and tokens everywhere. At even the $15 price tag these HF sculpts are pricey to collect though not unreasonable for miniatures to be honest. Also they look great. I already have an entire Mansions Of Madness collection otherwise I would considering picking up some HF stuff for the game. I like the MoM 2nd system fine and I also use the minis and tiles for CoC RPG sessions. So I'm definitely getting my use out of them. The MoM minis that they updated for 2nd edition like Finn, Marie, Agnes, Wendy, Jim, Silas, Diana, Tommy, Lily, Wilson, Akachi and Charlie are all fantastic. Unfortunately many of the earlier 2nd ed releases were just the legacy sculpts which were not great. They are serviceable, but it's a pain to paint them such that they look good. That's a real missed opportunity to update the whole line. Also for completionists MoM still doesn't have all the current LCG investigators released. No Mark, Leo, Rex, Ursula, Norman, Daisy, Lola, Sefina, Zoey, Skids, Roland, Yithians or Calvin. Also while it's cheaper per model to get MoM stuff than HF stuff you are getting a bunch of stuff you won't really use in the LCG so I can't recommend it unless you plan on actually playing MoM or using those other components for RPGs or something else. I don't recommend hunting down the legacy FFG prepaints at this point since they are unlikely to come back into print, are of lesser quality than the newer sculpts FFG are releasing, have mediocre to bad paint jobs, and are ridiculously overcosted by speculators since they are currently OOP(they use to be just a couple bucks each which was very reasonable for a prepaint). You are better off getting these HFs at that point or some of the CoC stuff RAFM put out.