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  1. phillos

    L5R Miniatures game

    I subscribed to the L5R minicrate. I'm excited to see what they end up doing. Maybe it's financially irresponsible on me to do right before Christmas, but I love painting models and I want to encourage the development of L5R models.
  2. Clearly from the poll they are the most popular. I'd argue I always thought Moto were cooler
  3. What a landslide victory. I wonder, did the fanbase want something in particular from an Utaku card?
  4. I do think the designers are concerned about preserving the faction identities though. At least that's the feeling I got from interviews with them. My first idea was to give a Death Priest something like "remove 1 fate from this character and get +1 military for each character in your discard pile". Something like that which buffs the card based on dead personalities, which was a Death Priest thing. Also it encouraged Unicorn outnumbering tactics since that would help quickly flood your discard pile with characters. Though after I thought of it I wondered it that was stepping on Lion's toes too much. That said Lion and Unicorn already has had a lot of overlap mechanically.
  5. Off the top of my head I was thinking something that played into the fear angle of the Death Priests like this: during a water combat send a character in this battle home. That would be movement, which is a Unicorn thing in this version of the card game.
  6. I mean we know almost nothing about the Moto in the new lore so I don't see how it's a big overhaul (it would just be the status quo) and giving the Unicorn another thing they feel they need to hide from the other clan's make sense considering how secretive they've been so far. There's this real fear in the Unicorn fiction that questions will lead to more questions. I'm genuinely surprised at how much opposition this is getting. It's interesting to me.
  7. I guess my problem with this statement is why do that? It's not that important a detail if they wanted to play with the timeline, and they have played with the timeline before. There's been I think almost no Moto's in the story so far to tell us what's going on with them. If it's not concrete and we said we wanna make a Death Priest now then I don't see why that couldn't be us helping to shape the story rather than us being a slave to the old lore and it's timeline. Of course if you'd rather wait five cycles to get a cool concept (and retread an old story rather than tell a new one) I guess that's your prerogative. I honestly would rather stuff like that all be history so we can have the cool things that came later now and just move forward from here. Feels to me like we just made a wall here where there didn't need to be one in the first place. They are asking us for input potentially here and as someone who cares more about the lore than the mechanics having Death Priests around would actually get me excited to make Unicorn decks
  8. Do we know that or are you just assuming old lore?
  9. I guess war dogs are cool. I mean they are no Death Priests, but that's fine
  10. How about we make a Moto Death Priest? That sounds like fun to me.
  11. phillos

    What is the point of items?

    Kanooshka is right. Read the example for that rule in the rulebook. It will show that you modify your current card drawn. Not the destination card.
  12. phillos

    So glad the fiction mostly averts this

    and then conforms through most of the rest of the video. I felt like the author was just throwing me a bone at that point That is true though the Harkonnens are technically loyal throughout the book to the emperor even though they are clearly House Badguy. So that's something I guess.
  13. phillos

    So glad the fiction mostly averts this

    So the video is basically describing Dune. Maybe I love crappy fiction, but I'll go on record as saying I loved Dune. Call me crazy In my opinion FFG has done a good job of trying to create enough nuance such that each clan can seem like the heroes in their own narratives. So far we've not really seen someone who is only a mustache twirling villain. Even Kuni Yori is given a really great intro fiction where you are allowed to understand him and his current predicament.
  14. phillos

    How was your lucky dip!

    The inventor is crazy. I got him in my box. The game he came out we built a board ridiculously quick. I got Desert and Bayou. I disagree that visiting the landmarks is unnecessary. Most of the time I got a really good upgrade or a key item from doing a landmark side quest in my box. My critique is there was a connected narrative throughout my box but I guess I was expecting the narrative to be stronger or more pronounced. I hope if they do expansions for another round of Discover boxes they spend more time adding more narrative into the boxes. I kinda wanted more landmarks to explore in each map and more cards that you randomly excluded to give more replayability to each scenario.
  15. phillos

    Imperial Gifts - Kotei Prize Fiction

    It doesn't have to be 40k dramatic for it to be true though. We repeat our past all the time even with a recorded history. People just ignore it, and keep making the same mistakes. In Rokugan where shameful or dishonorable things are likely to get swept under the rug rather than put under the microscope for public scrutiny I'd be surprised if it wasn't a more pronounced phenomenon.