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  1. Now that we have a couple large scale tournaments under our belt and our first worlds behind us I wonder if the guys could take a moment to discuss any cards they've done a 180 on since their time as play testers.
  2. Considering the saturation of good attachments played in many Crab decks I'm actually less worried about Let Go. Calling In Favors is more annoying. That said I've got Watch Commander, Reprieve, Spy Glass all in my deck currently. The opponent probably doesn't want to see any of them show up. If these fate generating cards actually stick in competitive Crab decks then playing a more expensive attachment like Jade Tetsubo doesn't seem all that impossible anymore. We always have the option to throw Finger Of Jade in our decks to protect our big beat stick characters. In a faction that loves to keep these big problems around all game FoJ might be worth the investment especially if you mange to get dishonored against Crane or Scorpion and want more than Reprieve to protect against character removal effects.
  3. Yes this is actually quite different from LOTR LCG. So it's inspired by the source LCG. You know what? I'm okay with that because what works in a digital card game doesn't always working in a physical card game and vice versa. So I think they should definitely play to their strengths rather than be constricted by the source. I suspect with this product they are trying to attract a different crowd (one that likes online card games like Hearthstone etc), and then hoping to also grab some of us along the way. It is I think a good thing even for the physical games because this will increase awareness of those physical LCGs by reaching audiences they never would have originally. I'm curious how this digital game actually works as a "Living" card game. Are the boosters you buy or unlock not random and do they get released on a schedule to mimic the actual LCGs? I recognize that they are repurposing the Valor card trait as a one time use effect (which I assume you can pay for or play to unlock) so clearly this is that sort of experience. I guess considering LOTR LCG is either solo or co-op it's not really that big an issue that their is literally a "pay to win" button.
  4. You'll see the benefit of this 2 or 3 years out where the role choices are keeping the card pool that extra bit dynamic. Right now it seems like it's only limiting choices, but a soft cycle every tournament season will only help keep the game feeling more fresh and it's a soft cycle that the players have agency in determining. Judging by past experience with multiple LCGs in 2 or 3 years out we aren't going to be moaning that the card pool is too small. We'll be moaning that the card pool isn't dynamic enough. If the distribution model for L5R settles into the traditional model then I can easily see this happening again. I hope we get way more keeper/seeker only cards and elemental role only cards. This is seeding for the future health of the game, and it has to happen now not later so it can actually be effective for a variety of reasons (most notably because of the current rotation policy).
  5. It's fine to say Dragon and Crane have the finest and most respected duelist schools, but to say Dragon and Crane duelist always win all the duels would make the story kinda cartoony. Even in the prior storyline the Emerald Champ was often but not always a Crane. We had plenty of Lion and even a Crab Emerald Champ.
  6. I'd like to get another story from Shoju's perspective. Yojiro even remarks how Shoju wouldn't agree with Kachiko's scheme so the disunity between Kachiko and Shoju presented in the first Scorpion fiction is not a new thing evidently. It's would be interesting if we had a Scorpion civil war coming prior to or instead of a Scorpion clan coup.
  7. What's the point of the Rule Reference being an online document if you don't go back and fix it for confusing language like this exact example? They should reword it to be clearer. Pretty much everyone I knew interpreted that you couldn't look at the dynasty mulligan so it's not an isolated incident. I'm hoping it's not just their pride standing in the way.
  8. I know there is a segment of the population that is put off by apps in board games, but the new app run version of Mansion of Madness is a great game. It would be nice to see them leverage that for something like L5R.
  9. Considering Legion and Rune Wars are just getting started is does seem like an unwise business decision to push out another mini war game onto the market though FFG seems to like to put a version of each of their game types out for all their primary licenses. Mini war gamers usually want more diversity in the games they currently play rather than more different games to play. If I was FFG I would be exploring making the current war games wider (more factions and more options per factions) if they want Legion and Rune Wars to have staying power. I'd much rather a Descent style game for L5R. Would be more narrative and for me that would hit the table easier. Also it feels like that stands less a chance of cannibalizing one of their other games considering Descent seems more or less done updating and Mansions Of Madness updates but infrequently. Imperial Assault updates still, but I'm not sure that is enough to put people off trying an L5R dungeon crawl style game.
  10. That's true and the reality is often the devs will come back in an email with an answer that is RAW (an interpretation that is based on the rules as written) then later when the FAQ comes out they have changed that ruling to more accurately steer the game in the direction they originally intended. I've seen that happen time and time again in Netrunner and Conquest. So what they tell us now might not be how it works later.
  11. So much for the term FLGS. I think FFG should have just gotten rid of the chant all together if they wanted to dodge the criticisms. By changing the chant it kind of makes the issue never go away. I liked the old chant better. I could live with no chant. The new chant feels weird to me. The judges should have been prepped with a FAQ. Many of the things the OP brings up are things that have been ruled on and discussed well before PAX. Interesting that he received so many bad rulings, but it sounds like that wasn't everyone's experience.
  12. I would much rather have them just release big boxes if they wanted to go to this type of release schedule. It's would greatly reduce the amount of product you have to hunt down and the FLGSs need to keep in stock. If they are willing to bend the LCG model to do 6 packs in 6 weeks then I don't see why they couldn't just go to a big box update every 3 or 4 months. That said I really enjoy that we are getting so much fiction right now between the website and the card packs.
  13. If Mantis is going to be a great clan I think that was set in stone from the beginning. Especially if they are introducing them as a new faction. From what I understand the lead time on design and printing for the card is quite large. They design several cycles out into the future before the core was ever released. I feel a bit spoiled considering how much the Crab is featuring in the story this cycle. Two stories with the Unicorn and two stories with Taka. Both those story threads are ongoing and we still haven't revisited the wall to see what Kisada and family think about all this stuff. I would like to see more of what's going on with the Dragon. I guess it's been a while since we've had any story touch on them since their introduction other than the Dragon bushi in the Hiroue story.
  14. It's playing out how I expected it to honestly, but it was still an entertaining read. I would assume if this culminates in Mantis becoming a great clan we can expect some sort of in game fulfillment of that. I do worry about them being added too late to the game though. Hopefully they won't be too behind in the card pool when they do finally get released. I do really appreciate that the fictions on the site and in the card packs are interleaving. It does make it feel like a very coordinated effort.
  15. That is the historical point in the L5R story we are telling though. It's a 20 year old story plot at this point. No way around telling this story plot without completely reinventing what L5R is and what the Crab clan's problems are through much of it's history. I am of course like many people hoping for a lot of variation in the way it plays out. I'm guessing Yoritomo threw a sack over Taka's head to: 1) be very dramatic about it and 2) probably take him to a secret location and he doesn't know if he can trust Taka yet. I'm fairly certain that this is moving down the path of a Crab/Mantis alliance. I'm okay with that. They are literally brothers from another mother.