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  1. Yup, you can play it in the Dynasty phase. You can play it in all the action windows including the one in the Fate phase so beware enemies of the Crab.
  2. Getting bowed or sent home only means thematically the duel was not lethal. Duel to first blood should thematically be the most common form of dueling and I think we are seeing that reflected in this game. Getting bowed could meant the character is being treated for their injuries or could mean the character was otherwise prohibited from participating as a consequence of the duel. Getting sent home could just mean the conflict was being decided by that duel and not through bloody battle by the armies in attendance. It's just saying something thematically about the stakes of the duel and those stakes could literally be anything. I could see a perfectly reasonable case for all of the following for example: duel to honor a character, duel to dishonor a character, duel to steal honor from your opponent, duel to change the battlefield, duel to take control of an opponent's character, duel to take control of an opponent attachment, duel to negate an event, duel to steal fate from your opponent, duel to take the imperial favor, duel to pull a character into the conflict...
  3. Shu2jack please report to your local Kuni Witch Hunter for further questioning. The higher ups find your fixation on burning horses slightly irregular. Probably better they give you a once over.
  4. Then I feel like you are probably in the clear.
  5. . I just need some more information. How much are you spending on your dinner tacos per week?
  6. I'm concerned about your diet.
  7. I wouldn't agree with that Daigotsu Steve. The public perception is always that they need to own everything to be current with these LCGs. I've tried to talk people out of that by just picking and choosing the packs they buy based on the decks they want or to split the cost of the card pool with a friend. That doesn't change that the commonly held opinion from the outside looking n will be I have to spend like 240 buck USD to play this game at launch. That's gonna turn a lot of people off and it's gonna take a lot of effort to talk people down off that ledge.
  8. yes all current LCG packs come with 3x of each card. If these packs didn't follow that model their would be riots within the community I think
  9. This would definitely fix one problem. The card pool will develop faster and there will be more of a shake up at each event which will generate more excitement. Though at the same time it aggravates another key issues with LCGs, which is the barrier of entry for new players. They are front loading a barrier right now. I'm hoping this will be accompanied by other announcements that could help alleviate the ladder issue like faster rotation or some sort of discounted catch up product for people buying these products late into their life.
  10. Exactly my concern.
  11. Maybe that was their thinking, but I find it hard to believe that cycle pack sales will be a popular Christmas item. Most people that are committed to the game are gonna be buying these things as they release to stay current with their local meta. I can't see waiting till after Christmas to find out if my wife took the hint to throw these packs in my stocking. Talk about a stressful gamble considering LCG products do often sell out on initial release.
  12. Hopefully we'll get an article today explaining it better than this leak with no context.
  13. Yeah I'm coming around to the idea of a burst of cards then a lull, but it still feels like too much too soon right at the launch of the game. You are asking someone to pay for 3x cores and 6 packs in a couple month period. that's quite an investment. Also if they plan to do this long term I think it would be better logistically if it was just one big box rather than a bunch of packs.
  14. I think it's a good thing that they experiment with the LCG format and the slow trickle can lead to an unexcited and drawn out built up of the card pool where one huge dump of cards can be much more excited even if it is followed by a lull. I think though the better way to do this would be to start off with a big box or two. Releasing a pack a month is a logistical nightmare. I'm pretty sure those packs are all going to be sold somewhere on week 1 so might as well have just boxed them all up in one go. I still think increasing the cost of entry for the game will do more harm than good rather than stagger the expense out through the year. Especially when you talk about doing it into the Christmas season where money is tight.
  15. This can't be right. That's an insane thing to do.