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  1. Elder Sign is getting the Love it deserves!
  2. i have had AH for a long time and sometimes it just sits there gathering dust. i own everything minus Kingsport. And sometimes the urge is there, what shall we play? AH of course!
  3. I know Eldritch is popular everywhere but i still prefer Arkham. I ll wait till the stars are right...
  4. King in yellow with Dunwich: the best!
  5. Anyone knows if we Will see something Nice for Arkham's Birthday?
  6. This is part of a mini campaign i'm working on called "Cherbourg 1948" Have fun playing this! Follow this link: http://aaminis.myfastforum.org/about27737.html
  7. A scenario editor would be awesome! and another designer's serie!
  8. We've played the game a few times now and had a lot of fun. Both armies develop diffenrent strategies. the US are good at rushing forward and at close range combat. the germans are better at long range i felt. i recommend this game! cant wait to get more units.
  9. Just got my copy at "le monde du jeu" Paris, France. awesome is the word!
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