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  1. UPDATE Here is the response I got back from FFG regarding any new info about ToI __________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Mitch: As is our policy, we do not announce or solicit new products until they are at the printers so we have a reasonable idea as to when they will be on store shelves. However, I can tell you that there certainly is something new for TOI that you will hear about and see quite soon. Jeremy Stomberg Operations Associate Fantasy Flight Games
  2. I think you get more answers if you contact ffg directly through their email, I don't believe they keep a very close eye on the ToI threads.
  3. I hope those rumors are false. I would much rather see them produce more wwii expansions. Also why can't they put out a couple new campaigns, package them with large paper maps, ala asl. The paper maps would drive down production cost emmensely. Add a scenario book with single battles to add to everyones collection and a big campaign game. Throw in a couple new command decks and I think they would be very marketable. You could sell a package like that for 25 or 30 dollars.
  4. I just got an email back from ffg, They are in the process of fixing the problem.
  5. MrBadass


    It seems like most of the official scenarios rely heavily on overlay tiles. They're a little annoying to me, most scenarios shouldnt requre an overlay. Its nice to have them for building custom scenarios but it would be nice if you did't have to use so many with regular scenarios. Just wondering what other opinions are on this subject.
  6. Yeah, I've tried downloading it also and the link seems to be broken. I just emailed ffg about it. Also, on bbg someone said they uploaded it to the ToI files, but it hasn't been posted by the admins yet. I'll let everyone know if I hear anything.
  7. Adding a penalty for the non turreted vehicles would be very simple, only penalize them in move and fire action or something like that. I agree you shouldnt try to turn this into asl but a few rule tweaks and a little added realism would be progress IMHO.
  8. You swine dogs will be punished.
  9. I would like to report the dissentors in this thread to the appropriate authorities. Their sermons against the future of ToI must no be tolerated.
  10. Am I missing something with the setup on this scenario?? Which American units are reinforcements? Are the reinforcements from their strategy deck only? Do all the American units start on the board. I looked for an errata. Thanks.
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