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  1. One word of warning though for those who were looking for a sort of 'Puritans Handbook' ... Blood of Martyrs absolutely isn't a 'Puritans Handbook'. It's the 'Player's Guide to the Ecclesiarchy' ... an awesome read though, loving every page of it thus far, especially the section on the cardinals.
  2. In the grim darkness of the far future a cogitator system simply refers to an implement which would have been known as a computer in our contemporary grim reality.
  3. http://wh40k.lexicanum.com/wiki/Genestealer#Infiltration_Cycle This is a VERY brief overview of the 'stealer cycle from Lexicanum. You can find much more in-depth descriptions as well on the web. EDIT: The following link leads to a copy of the original WD article from back in the good ol' days: http://members.fortunecity.com/pangolinsaloon/fl/genestealers.htm
  4. To be honest, it's a simple matter of common sense. All groups I've played with during the last 20 or so years were more than willing to accept the occasional gamemaster's call on certain quick rulings not covered by RAW. A player who's not, might not be worth your gm'ing time anyways. Make it situational and decide per 'scene'. That's your job as a GM.
  5. No, seriously. I really liked this DW diary best thus far. At least something new and refreshing. DW has sparked my interest again now.
  6. Round One ... FIGHT ! Really, these boards become more and more annoying and a pain to read ... @TheSpaniard: Thanks for the heads-up ! Much appreciated.
  7. Exactly. But like I said, it's just my personal guess at what's to come, nothing more.
  8. Personally, I believe, the release schedule for the remainder of 2010 would look something like this: - Dead Stars (Dark Heresy, May 2010 maybe ...) - Deathwatch Corebook (Deathwatch, August 2010) - Deathwatch Gamemaster's Kit (Deatchwatch, maybe autumn 2010 or for xmas) - One hence unknown book for Dark Heresy - One hence unknown book for Rogue Trader Dunno if I would expect that much more to be forthcoming this year. Just my guessing though ...
  9. Yep, those so-called 'fluff abilities' are quite ridiculous. Okay, Marines have several biotechnological enhancements and weird organs implanted, they even have superhuman abilities which make them the equal of 30 or more men, but in my games I'd rather have characters who start out with Unnatural Strength(x2) and Unnatural Toughness(x2) for the Emperor's sake, before I give them ANY of the abilities mentioned in the OP's thread. None of said abilities do anything to enhance the roleplay experience of a man-thing which still is supposed to be a gene-engineered supersoldier (even if they are 'codex-canon'), instead they cut down on any potential by making the Marines just 300% more cheesy than they already are. Nothing wrong with the concept of DW, nor with the supposedly fresh experience in trying to honestly roleplay Space Marines, but I'd rather play (or GM for) a seven-foot tall 40k version of corporal Hicks, brandishing his Bolter and sidearm shotgun, than some poison-spitting munchkin machine. So, being a tad opposed to the OP's hopes, I'm rather wondering if FFG 'is smart enough' to acknowledge that sometimes less can be more ...
  10. I am under the suspicion though, that all of the chapters presented in the corebook will be more or less 'major' ones. Then FFG might present to us a future sourcebook (after publishing the obligatory GM Kit for DW) with a set of more or less flexible game mechanics which might allow gamemasters and players to derive the successor chapters (or creations of their own maybe) from those presented in DW. Read, rules for Flesh Tearers might be derived from Blood Angels, White Consuls or Silver Skulls from the Ultramarines template, Black Templars from Imperial Fists, Guardians of the Covenant from Dark Angels, and so on ... you catch my drift. Essentially it'd be something similar to what the Radicals Handbook did with the 'Tainted Blood of Malfi' to the Noble homeworld option, or with the 'Darkholder' to the Void Born option. The more I think about it, the more likely it seems to me. But let's see what FFG will come up with.
  11. Got mine a couple days ago as well and I have to say it's a refreshing piece of work after Ascension. I normally don't utilize pre-written adventures but there's a lot of possibilities in the content of LotE to be customised and adapted to one's own campaign and the scenarios presented therein aren't half-bad either. The parts I liked best were the planetary gazetteers and the background fluff in general though.
  12. If I remember this correctly, there'll be a total of six chapters in the DW corebook, think it has been announced somewhere. We now have Space Wolves, Ultramarines and Dark Angels confirmed. Following this (sadly predictable) trend I'm pretty much sure the next two chapters will be Blood Angels and possibly Black Templars. As for the sixth ... I'm really hoping it'll be something less well known, an obscure chapter, some chapter not heard of since the original Rogue Trader era, or maybe something completely new, like a chapter designed by the writers of FFG themselves. There's always hoping ...
  13. Nah, it's both age and style .... But yeah, like it has been said before, roleplaying games don't need to be balanced, that's what you've got a GM for. *shrugs* Ascension can yet ruin your day (if you're the GM or player) if you're the only one in your group not into min-maxing and munchkinism, but everyone else is. Then again, perhaps one shouldn't be playing in that group from the start ... So many different kids of 'roleplayers', so many different approaches to a good game. In the end, you'll always get the best and most satisfying results in a group of likeminded people, yet at times it can be tricky to find those.
  14. Well, I dunno about your swamp, but as far as I am concerned there's all different kinds of swamps [en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Swamp], even those with fresh water in them. And, depending on the location, history and evolution of that piece of nature I fail to see a reason why it should not contain any drinking water [also, you're the DM ].
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