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  1. Okay, guess I wasn't entirely clear. I was asking if there were official rules so I wouldn't have to houserule it. (FYI, I do have the Black Crusade rules. However, I'm not sure I want to use them for DH, as they're now two games out of date. It would be nice to have power armour that didn't suck, though. Besides, that would be heresy, wouldn't it? ) The crunch & fluff for the tabletop version of void hardened armour make it pretty clear it isn't just vac-sealed. It has a movement penalty, provides vacuum protection, and offers a significant boost in protection against blast & templates. Wait... *facepalm* ... kind of like how DH's guard flak armour offers extra AP against blasts... Gee, guess I don't have to look far for a suitable game mechanic now do I? Thanks anyway - sorry, really should've figured that one out on my own. Cheers, - V.
  2. Have there been any official rules posted for void hardened armour? It features in a certain grimdark tabletop wargame, but I don't know if it's been ported to Dark Heresy yet. If so, please point me in the right direction. And no, I don't have all the rules supplements. Yet. (Short version, it's an armour modification. Slows you down a bit, but improved protection against blast / spray and better resistance to void conditions.) Cheers, - V.
  3. Ruleswise, my group has only counted ceramite as good against flame, melta, or volkite, all of which are explicitly heat-based. Nope to lasers, plasma, ion, electricity... Of course, all this is ignoring the fact that an extra 3 points of armour against a melta attack is completely worthless. Melta's base AP is just too high. Even if it's on carapace, the average meltagun has enough AP to bypass all the armour even at long range. Cheers, - V.
  4. Okay, several things, mate. First, using the Mathhammer rules for ship combat is recommended. The rules as written are broken. Worst offence I ever saw was a group of starting PC's (level 1) destroying Da Wurldbreaka (Ork Battleship, intended as a late game boss) in one round. Second, the mass combat rules in BFK are not well done. Recommend using the ones in Black Crusade instead, as they are considerably cleaner. I think they're in Tome of Blood. Third, the colony creation rules in Stars of Inequity have one severe flaw: there is no way to repair damage to a colony's stats. Every mishap permanently reduces the colony's viability, and that makes it much less likely to resist further damage. Cue the death spiral. This is easy enough to fix, just let the PC's run a minor endeavour to fix the damage. Just my 2 thrones worth, - V.
  5. Is it nicknamed "The Golden Throne"? It's tempting to call it that, but that might be blasphemous. So? Find me a Rogue Trader who hasn't done something blasphemous for fun and profit.
  6. Well, if you're willing to use the tabletop game as a reference... The Cataphractii has a built-in shield generator that gives it a better invulnerable save but it's also Slow and Purposeful because PAULDRONS. (Per the fluff, it has shield generators in the pauldrons, which is why they're oversized...) That definitely sounds like its got a speed and agility penalty to me. Add a force field, 50% sounds right, and knock an extra 20 points or so off the agility and forget running or dodging in your new walking, clanking, tank. Might be justified in upping the armor a point or two as well. Cheers, - V.
  7. I seem to recall one of FFG's staff mentioning that Into the Storm included all the stuff they wanted to put into the core rulebook but couldn't fit because it didn't have enough space. Agree that one's a gimmie for the first slot. Other good ones are Battlefleet Koronus (provided you ignore the abysmal ground combat rules), Koronus Bestiary, Edge of the Abyss, and Hostile Acquisitions. All the other books are decidedly "take it or leave it". The adventures are of varying quality - Lure and Soul Reaver are okay, if a bit railroad-y and have good background material that can be adapted as needed. Cheers, - V.
  8. I note the Bestiary version can semi-auto fire whereas the ITS one is single shot only. Three hits at 2d10+8 will mince a character quite nicely. They're both pretty brutal. To answer the question, you're the GM. Use whichever profile best pleases you or will make for the most entertaining game. Cheers, - V.
  9. Nevertheless, that's how it is. There's similar issues with other things that does not jam normally. For example, what happens to an Unreliable Plasma weapon?Nothing. Nothing happens. Actually, plasmas already have the same failure chance as an unreliable weapon. Overheat happens on a 91+. Cheers, - V.
  10. Whenever the players do something to earn it... MUAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! Seriously, any time the players got to poking around with the warp, they'd earn a d5 or d10 of corruption for their trouble. The one visit they took to Oblivion (the innermost - and most messed up - of the three worlds in the Processional) saw the players all gain double digit increases. That actually seemed to teach a little caution. Cheers, - V.
  11. What Routa-maa said. That's how we've always played it. Cheers, - V.
  12. If I did that, I'd roll tentacles for sure... Know how much you love those.
  13. Actually, when the VoD's radius gets more than the psyker's pay rating, it spirals out of control and explodes. Oh, wait, was that only the Deathwatch version? (Don't have my books handy. Dang multiple versions of the game...) Cheers, - V.
  14. Oh please, when is the last time you saw a Mechanicus character (doesn't matter if it's Dark or orthodox Mars-lover) who wasn't a walking tank? Or a twisted hulk of a mutant freak genetor? But yes, aside from the cogboys, it's generally unwise for a squishy human to go toe-to-toe with an Astartes. Cheers, - V.
  15. Real world example, mate: The now-retired US Space Shuttle pulls about 4 G's on takeoff, and that can make orbit. In theory, all you need is acceleration > planetary gravity. In practice, you need enough extra margin to deal with atmospheric drag and to get yourself upstairs in a reasonable time. In 40K, you're adding things like contragrav and inertial dampers to the mix, so feel free to toss Newton's laws out the airlock. Given that, a Cobra should be able to make orbit. It has the thrust to reach orbit even without high-tech shenanigans. Might irradiate / glass the heck out of a planetary surface, though. IIRC, the old BFG rules mentioned that escorts and transports could make planetfall, so there is fluff precedence... Cheers, -V.
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