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  1. Thanks Zilla thats what I was looking for - I figure you can't go wrong using the actual Inquistion but it would be nice to read the 40k take on a Inquistion trial.
  2. I was wondering if anyone had info on any formal trials where the inquisition was involved. Either background cannon material or GM inspired court room dramas - I'm looking to incorporate a trail in my upcoming Rogue Trader game and this seemed a better place to ask. Thanks in advance.
  3. I was wondering if anyone new how an Imperial temple should be set up - that is what are the holy things, places, and ceremonies called? Specifically what replaces the cross in this setup (for those that haven't been in a catholic church the cross occupies the central focus above or behind the altar) - I would think its the Imperial "I" with the skull in sun symbol occupying that space. If the above "holy I standard" is true would it be out of line to have this and other symbol jewel and gem encrusted? I ask as I have an adventure scene set in an abandoned church/cathedral/monastery and I am woefully unfamiliar with the 40k canon. Thanks in advance.
  4. As the 40k universe seems to have a 'Dark Ages in Space' as a major theme I'm thinking that any medieval merchant structure could be adopted as a model. for example the concept of a RT Dynasty being a Guild with a rigid hierarchy and a chartered set of rules - a ruling council that directs and/or passes judgment on the Rogue Trader - perhaps being a RT it is an elected position with different faction vying for rulership. if the rulers have organized into faction it makes sense that craftsmen unions would also form and add another level of politics to the Rogue Trader's Ship(s) A Viking/Norse style of rulership with an elected captain and officers - with the press ganging of serfs being mentioned maybe only the command crew - 'nobility' get to vote - maybe the voting occurs at designated times but until then the crew is obliged to obey the Rogue Trader, at least until the next election...or maybe a vote or duel can be called at any point (much like a Caribbean pirate)...profit is shared amongst the voting crew equally or according to a schedule or contract. I wish I knew more about medieval Asian cultures but I'm betting the concept of family and loyalty with a strong sense of duty could be adopted by the playing group - Samurai in Space - just going on movies here :-) but Traids and the Yakuza are much more than clones of the Mafioso. To me it makes sense that the all of these and some other social organizations would be in use - which asks how would these groups interact together - to steal from the 'Mafioso' concept how does a Triad and the Italian Mob get together on cooperative deals? A Venetian Style RT deal with Guild styled Rogue Trader? Profit would be the motivator but expectations would differ leading to some possibly interesting adventure possibilities...'What do you mean you have to present our proposal to the Honorable Sweepers and Solid Refuse Union?!?! - they want mechanical brooms or the deal is off?!?!'
  5. I see the RT Dynasty as a combination of Family and Corporations - much like the Italian trading concerns of the renaissance. Family members held positions of trust (Captaincies, Section Heads, Proctors, ect) while talented 'outsiders' would be promoted to positions of power (Seneschals, Buyer, Banker, ect). An especially trusted 'outsider' could be adopted or married into the family - while a unskilled family member might be moved to a less prestigious position. The difference I'm thinking would be in the treatment of the individuals family - an employee would take a salary and need to pay for the educations and upkeep of his family - while a member of the Rogue Trader's 'Family' would have those costs assumed by the dynasty. Any betrayal of the Family would be met with loss of account access, prestige at the family dinner table, and maybe threats to the children (either physical or more effectively disowning the disloyal family members mate and children), while an employee would be fired. Of course in both case the ultimate punishment would be death. There would be stock markets, lawyers, contracts, and stock holders only without the SEC regulating the Rogue Traders (and other corporations) and while galaxy wide stock exchanges seems farfetched in the 40k universe sector and planetary ones seem possible and necessary.
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