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  1. Adepticon has 2 tournaments. Thursday and Sunda gencon will have the North American championships.
  2. He had 3 cards ( I played him twice, beat him once in swiss). he bought like 3 or 4 scion boxes
  3. He is not, because he has to be a responsible adult. I will be making the trek from Indiana to represent our neck of the woods though
  4. type rune wars into the search field, go down to the "R" tab. It's in there
  5. It is part of the Gencon event list on the Gencon website
  6. I would imagine he will come with a rules sheet that explains it
  7. Been a bit since I updated my progress. I got a tray of archers done and knocked out another tray of reanimates. The archers take a bit more to paint than the reanimates, but I like my scheme and they look good as they rain down blight on my foes!
  8. Well, I cracked down and knocked out Ardus Friday night/ Saturday morning in time for my store's release event. I need to finish the edges of the base and put on some rust but I'm pretty happy with him. Time to paint up some blight archers!
  9. Thank you all for the kind words. I said that I would paint up the archers next, but decided to finish the carrion lancer first. This was a fun model to paint once I got my scheme down, but did battle my resolve to finish it. I added some goo to the holes on the body and also to the ground under his mouth. I also used Army Painter Warpaints Dry Rust effect to add some rust to my Reanimates. I like the look of it and it adds some character to the nameless dead. I am working on Ardus and will hopefully finishing him up tomorrow night in preparation for my store's launch event on Saturday!
  10. Once your line is engaged, archers give out consistent blight that your opponent will find hard to get rid of especially if you are striking at 4 and he is going for the power hit at 7. I mainly use the blight for the mortal wounds for my flanking carrion lancers and Ardus. If I can remove a blight to reduce my opponent's attack it is just gravy
  11. Nice, the bronze will be awesome. You are braver than me as I can only batch paint about 4 at a time.
  12. I played two 200 point games Saturday with a 4x3 block of Reanimates with a worm and it was awesome. Threat 4 with a couple of rerolls hits like a truck. In both games I took a charge from a 2x2 unit of cavalry and decimated it in the return swing. I'm planning on playing my next few games with two 3x2 blocks with worms and see how it goes.
  13. For these models I used the Citadel Texture paint Valhallan Blizzard. It is not a paint, but some kind of compound that I put on the bases in whatever kind of thickness I wanted and it looks great. I did not use a brush, but a sculpting tool and it is real easy to apply.
  14. I started this thread to showcase my simple work and keep me motivated on this path I have started. When my buddy and I got our core sets at Adepticon (FFG rocks!), he took all the humans while I took all the undead. I have always loved playing regenerating armies so it was the obvious choice for me. My painting style is simple as I just block paint then use lots of wash to make it look tabletop quality. I have been painting this way for 10 years or so. I love washes and sing their praises to anyone who is in earshot whenever painting comes up at the local game store. I now present my first completed tray of Reanimates. This is the first time I did winter basing and I cannot say enough how awesome Citadel's valhallan blizzard is for making snow bases. I used a sculpting tool to apply it to the tray and bases and it went on very smooth. My next tray to paint will be a tray of archers. I plan to have them done by Wednesday. I also started to paint a carrion lancer, but that is a big model to paint and will work on it as I paint the infantry models.
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