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  1. This is a great episode. Lots of good stuff. Quick question: If you know about the 8 Kinds of Fun, how do you think they work within these chosen archetypes?
  2. Stacie_GmrGrl

    GM Binder and Genesys

    I'm still confused as to how to use this.
  3. This is so good. Thank you.
  4. As far as I can tell it's not possible to get The Wandering Fighter at this time. I checked out the patreon and it's not available right now. Makes me sad.
  5. Stacie_GmrGrl


    This is cool. A good start. I can see this format working really well with adapting other supers games into Genesys that have formulated archetypes, like the game AMP Year One, where characters have powers that are specific to what genetic Strain they happen to be.
  6. Stacie_GmrGrl

    Adventures in Azeroth: Warcraft Genesys 1.3

    This is... awesome. Just had to say it. I really want to try this game out. It's so encouraging and inspiring to see things like this, gives me inspiration to be creative and work on something myself. So thank you for sharing. I just wish I could understand the GM Binder thing to use it myself but I don't understand how to use it and there is no tutorial video of it anywhere.
  7. I like this idea. Wonder how players would feel trying it. Have you tried this Initiative yet?
  8. Stacie_GmrGrl

    Anthem Genesys

    Why not. Javelins are just different kinds of weaponized power armor with flight. There are four types. Heat is a factor to pay attention to while flying (its why they often fly through water). One idea is to start the Javelins as a Heroic Ability like in Terrinoth. All players start with one. As PCs gain xp, they can gain customization points to upgrade their Javelins. This is in addition to other forms of story based advances that can happen. Just an idea. This setting is another setting that could use really good Dynamic Environment rules. And it will need Large monsters to fight, like larger Rancors. I'm excited for this game. Anthem looks good to me.
  9. I am not familiar by Bullet Time initiative. Can you describe it please?
  10. Aiming at wanting to emulate, to an extent, both the back and forth nature of the action and how the characters can have such wildly different chi powers and maneuvers. The narrative aspects of the system could help with providing a cinematic feeling from the action rolls... but I guess it's the powers that have me confused. I haven't checked out The Wandering Fighter fan made document that was mentioned above (don't know where it is). Another thing that is part of it, for me, is wanting to come up with a bit of a system for enhancing the scenery beyond just "being there." Like, being able to turn the scenery the characters find themselves fighting on into a bit of a character itself. A Environment Nemesis, so to speak.
  11. I am stuck on how to pull off settings like these above for Genesys... Genesys being more on the narrative side and games that have been designed in the past to mimic the fighting game genre have tended to be on the crunchy mechanical side of things and I am not all that great at game design so I am asking for ideas and suggestions. How can we use Genesys to play in these worlds of Street Fighter as a World Warrior or travel the dimensions of Mortal Kombat and its Otherrealms (Netherrealms??)? I also put Fireborn in here because it has a solid fighting game combat engine in it us playing reincarnated dragon beings would be a fun mix with the chi powered powers of these other settings.
  12. Stacie_GmrGrl

    MyriadPro's Edge of Tamriel - Second Edition (Name Change!)

    Next update...?
  13. Stacie_GmrGrl

    Opinions on Realms of Terrinoth

    Like I said... This book is a tease. It gives 'just enough' to get by on and enough setting to have a good grasp to get started with but it doesn't add anything to help Genesys Core to expand on the toolkit approach GC was written to be. On making Terrinoth a golden opportunity to make RoT a fantasy setting Toolkit... There is No real adventure or campaign building help here at all. This book is very much written for people who already have a solid foundation for creating their own campaign material. A very traditional rpg setting book.
  14. Stacie_GmrGrl

    Opinions on Realms of Terrinoth

    Lets talk about our opinions about this book. Mine can be summed up as... Realms of Terrinoth is a very beautiful, high quality tease with incredible expansion potential. It has so much art that takes up so much page space that FFG could have easily added in a lot more actual game content but decided to use this book as a display of its many beautiful art pieces. This is especially true of Chapter One and while Chapter Two adds a bit of new game stuff for us... Heroic Abilities, new Races, new Talents, Alchemy and the Runes are all good but... They totally chimped out on expanding on the core Magic Skills rules in the Genesys core book. Like, this could have been so much better. Chapter 3 is incredible. Lots of world fluff (I want more of it) and super cool bestiary with a lot of different flavor. But even here the amount of fluff isn't a whole lot. Just enough to get started, but could easily be expanded into its own 250 page book.