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  1. This is a very very cool podcast and the first episode was amazing.
  2. After watching the video on YouTube about this where the guy breaks down the license agreement there is absolutely no way I'd use the Foundry as its currently worded. Its a video by the Complex Games Apologist. Apparently if you use this you pretty much lose all rights to your Work.
  3. Will there be any more powers added to the document?
  4. WOIN stands for What's Old is New, which is a rpg system by Russ over at EnWorld. It's also the same dice engine that the new Judge Dredd and the Worlds of 2000 AD rpg uses.
  5. I know it's for a different system but there is a WOIN supplement called Spirits in Manhattan that is pretty much Ghostbusters.
  6. The Melting Plot podcast link isn't working as of this moment.
  7. This is a great episode. Lots of good stuff. Quick question: If you know about the 8 Kinds of Fun, how do you think they work within these chosen archetypes?
  8. I'm still confused as to how to use this.
  9. As far as I can tell it's not possible to get The Wandering Fighter at this time. I checked out the patreon and it's not available right now. Makes me sad.
  10. This is cool. A good start. I can see this format working really well with adapting other supers games into Genesys that have formulated archetypes, like the game AMP Year One, where characters have powers that are specific to what genetic Strain they happen to be.
  11. This is... awesome. Just had to say it. I really want to try this game out. It's so encouraging and inspiring to see things like this, gives me inspiration to be creative and work on something myself. So thank you for sharing. I just wish I could understand the GM Binder thing to use it myself but I don't understand how to use it and there is no tutorial video of it anywhere.
  12. I like this idea. Wonder how players would feel trying it. Have you tried this Initiative yet?
  13. Why not. Javelins are just different kinds of weaponized power armor with flight. There are four types. Heat is a factor to pay attention to while flying (its why they often fly through water). One idea is to start the Javelins as a Heroic Ability like in Terrinoth. All players start with one. As PCs gain xp, they can gain customization points to upgrade their Javelins. This is in addition to other forms of story based advances that can happen. Just an idea. This setting is another setting that could use really good Dynamic Environment rules. And it will need Large monsters to fight, like larger Rancors. I'm excited for this game. Anthem looks good to me.
  14. I am not familiar by Bullet Time initiative. Can you describe it please?
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