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  1. OK. I PM'd you so we can coordinate future efforts.
  2. Great to hear, W1ndst0rm! What time works best for you? Will you be available tomorrow, 24 October?
  3. I see there are games going on during the week at the FFGEC. Used to play on Saturdays with a regular group. Weekdays still don't work with my schedule. Anyone play on Saturdays or willing to start? Finally received my core set and looking to try out some decks with the new cards. Thanks!
  4. Is there a market for this? I was once heavy into the game and bought everything up to the final cycle. I have all the cards up to that point, minus promos and such. I live in the Twin Cities, MN area and would prefer a potential sale to someone in the area if possible. Please pm me if there is any interest and what you would be willing to pay for this massive collection. Thanks! Edit: Forgot to mention - also have all the premium expansions, with 3x of Kings of the Sea and Princes of the Sun and 2x of Queen of Dragons. Rest are all 1x.
  5. LFenix said: I made some more research after reading the first posts. You might be right there are some wins, but I don´t think there are that many. And looking at the top 5 or top 8 of the regionals I´ve seen, Martell´s are quite marginal tbh. About thematic, I agree Martell should not be strong in Naval. But something… Targa has no ships in the books. They had a few transports once, just like Martell´s merchants, but have none. Stark is suppossed to, but we haven´t seen them show up, so noone can assure anything on that end. And Lannisters have weak fleets now, just as Baratheon. So your statement that Martell is the only house with no naval armys is a bit off. My point is… no enhacemets at all? really? Stark is not a house that takes too much interests in intrigues, but that does not mean they have 0 intrigue. They are just "relatively" weak. And honestly, in this last cycle (is it 4 or 5 chapters already?), I think there is 1 Martell card that might (just might) see game. Maybe 2 if you are starting in the game and don´t have the old cycles. This, no matter how you put it, makes Martell lovers (like myself) start thinking twice about getting the new chapters. Because even though I like to play other houses every now and then, my main house is Martell and so, there is no excitement in getting that new card that looks good enought to give it a try. Martell is simply stuck since the last update. Lots of restricteds, very few decent new cards. Those are my thoughts at least, and I think they are quite understandable and accurate. I thought there would be more people a bit frustrated with the new cycle but maybe it´s just me… It's not just you, LFenix. I won't go into detail (I've talked about it before and want to leave the dead equine resting in its relative peace), but this was the first cycle since I started playing the game that did not (and still does not) excite me. I am however looking somewhat forward to the next cycle after reading Nate's article on it. A return to existing themes and mechanics sounds good to me.
  6. I agree with much of what Twn2dn says. In fact, I lost competitive interest in the game even before world's last year. I attended the event, but not because I was looking forward to the event, but mostly just to say goodbye to folks I had gotten to know over the last few years of competitive play. At heart, I'm just not into the competitive scene. I got into it in the beginning because of a desire to just play the game, and it was so hard to find people to play with back then. I joined my first tournament by accident. By this, I mean I showed up to the store hoping to find someone to play with and was told, "hey, there's a tournament today for AGoT. Wanna join?" I replied that if it let me play the game, I was in. So I paid my money and jumped in. The rest is history. I used to give demos and taught the game to new people all the time, trying to build the player base. It was always a labor of love though, and I don't regret that. Over the years, my interest has waned. There have always been fluctuations in the past, but new deluxe expansions and CP cycles would always stoke those fires of interest again. However, the upcoming cycle was the first one announced since I started playing that did nothing for me. This is no slight to Damon or anyone else on the design team. I'm sure they are doing their best to make the game fun and interesting. It's just not working for me. I have zero interest in the new naval mechanic or anything else in the cycle that's been previewed so far, and this is the first time I can say this about any AGoT card game product since I started playing the game in the 2004/2005 time frame. As for new LCG's to transition to…not sure what to recommend. I tried both NR and SW and was not impressed by either. Again, no slights intended to anyone involved in their development - they just did not grab me the way AGoT once did. They were just "OK" for me. In fact, I have a copy of SW that I received as part of my pre-reg for worlds that I'm looking to sell. I think we're kinda in the same boat, Twn2dn. I'd love to see FFG get hold of the Marvel and/or DC license and make a new superhero LCG. I think I could really get into that (used to love the VS. system). Otherwise, I'm not aware of anything currently on the market that captures my interest enough to recommend to anyone else. A bit off topic, but I'll just throw out there that my new hobby of choice is actually heroclix. It's not a LCG, but I find it entertaining and enjoy playing it a lot, whenever I can. Perhaps as someone else said, maybe we just need to step away from the game for a while and see if we are drawn back to it in time. I could say a lot more, but think I'll stop here.
  7. I'm not in favor of introducing yet another mechanic to the game. I think there's plenty to keep track of as is. This will increase the complexity for new players as well, which will make entry more challenging for some. I'd rather the team fleshed out existing mechanics rather than add more new ones. There's more than enough to keep track of already. Don't need yet another variable. Ugh.
  8. Ratatoskr said: ASoIaFfan said: What was the issue with Valar/Maester of the Sun/Darkstar that has now been resolved? Wasn't aware there was an issue with it, and didn't read anything about it in the new FAQ. Did I miss something? The problem was this: You have Maester of the Sun in play and Darkstar in hand. Valar is flipped. The effect initiates in step 1 of the Action window. In step 2, saves happen; Maester of the Sun saves himself, pays the cost with Darstar, and Darkstar enters play. In step 3, Valar's effect resolves. Now, what happens with Darkstar? He's around when Valar resolves, but he wasn't when it initiated. People were unsure if he'd die. The same thing happens when you use Bloodrider to cancel a save during Valar. Ah..so I'm assuming you are referring to 3.39 on page 11 then? From reading that, it would appear that Darkstar would indeed die in that case.
  9. Ratatoskr said: Glad about Killer of the Wounded and the clarification on when to choose Melee titles. OK with TftE. Sorrowful Man and Shield Islands Dromon was kinda expected. I fear that Sorrowful Man might be too strong now. I'm glad they fixed Castle Battlements, but am disappointed they did nothing about Griff's Response (which doesn't work as written) and Before the Black Walls (which doesn't work as was most likely intended). Also disappointing that they fixed the typo on Free Man, but not the ones on CS Jhogo and Snakeskin Veil. I personally could live without the restricting of S&D. People had begun to adapt to it; I was starting to use it less anyway. Don't feel strongly about it though. I'm really, really glad the Valar/Maester of the Sun/Darkstar issue has been resolved. The Maester h8ers will claim that restricting TMP isn't enough. What was the issue with Valar/Maester of the Sun/Darkstar that has now been resolved? Wasn't aware there was an issue with it, and didn't read anything about it in the new FAQ. Did I miss something?
  10. Stag Lord said: ASOIAFfan expressed my thoughts very succinctly. All i can add is that I don't really think the LCG Joust game has ever been really balanced - even last year at this time. Lannisters were dominant, Wildlings were dominant, Martell was dominant…and some popular themes like Beric Dondarrion and siege had their day in the sun. Netdecking has amplified the "problem" and only a few builds are going to be really good at top tier tournaments. i just accept this as fact and have made my peace with it. rotation doesn't really appeal to me and i don't think it would help anyway - the restricted List is a better option for dealing with problem or over represented cards. Ummm…What thoughts did I express that captured yours so succinctly? Color me confused.
  11. Congratulations to you, Nick. I'm glad you did so well at Days this year. Way to represent the local meta! Considering your choice of house though, shouldn't this thread be titled "Drinking Support" or something similar?
  12. Rules inconsistencies and unclear wordings are my biggest concerns about the game as well. I like the game a lot and have played it for years, but if there's one thing I find frustrating enough to cause me not to want to play anymore, it's these two things. Case in point - just learned at Days of Ice and Fire that Meera Reed can blank The Red Viper, even though he is immune to character abilities. It was explained that Meera's ability isn't a character ability, and instead is a card effect. Not intuitive at all, and I know many people are probably playing this wrong. I know we all were in the MN FFG Event Center meta. I'd prefer if things were cleaner and simpler. If it's written on a character card, it's a character ability. If it's written on a location, it's a location ability, etc.
  13. I might be there, but I am one of the local MN players, so that doesn't really answer your question about who's traveling.
  14. I'm planning to be at the EC this Saturday and next from 13:00 to 17:00. My schedule will be a bit limited for the next two weeks. Starting on the 17th, I should be back to my normal schedule and will be able to stay later.
  15. Just checking...does anyone check this post anymore? Did everyone migrate over to FB or some other social media?
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