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  1. No, because there is a counterpart for playing this card
  2. It´s difficult to answer, but from my point of view: the last damage after applying dragon mage´s ability is NOT an assign damage, and so that pass through Toughness. But we really need a clarification on that question...
  3. and you use your extra money for activate RbT, of course all indirect damage will go to the opponent's capital
  4. an orc player play troll vomit and you have repeater bolt thrower on the table then you play burying the grudge
  5. The action of the ZH is performed during your capital phase, because it´s triggered when he is put into play
  6. So ZH target!! (for the rat I am not completely sure, but that´s my interpretation)
  7. Ok, well. When the ZH is put into play, you can target an unit if the icon on that unit is not the same that the one on the stronghold then , the unit is destroyed. Example: a chaos player put an orc unit, you can destroy the orc unit. if the card has no icon (rat for example, he is destroy ) BE CAREFUL: in the ZH card , the word TARGET is not printed BUT in the FAQ, they have add it
  8. thks, for all your constructive comments. On deck orc control (orc/chaos), that´s work but this is not funny to play and you need to be clever (I give up). For sure, units composing this deck are quite weak, nurgle pestilence = troll vomit just for myself. after Tac, I will bring the moulder Elite and follow a large part of your advices, but I will not play rat/orc mixed. ^^
  9. seriously, that could be improved (find the place put one totem of gork, for ex...)
  10. mountain brigade is less expensive (cost+loyalty), me, I play the 2
  11. it´s during your turn and it´s out of range of Sd, because one time the tactic is payed, the tactic is in play and so no more in the hand of his controller.
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