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  1. Definitely a point in what I think is the right direction, don't know if anyone else really cares but since I brought it up: "Some spells or abilities, such as Chimera or Overcome Death, are able to alter the essence of people along with their Gnosis. In such cases, when transcending to a different existential state, they will retain the same importance they had before, but cannot keep using their Natura advantages." So, basically, sort of like what Lia was saying earlier (my apologies), once Gnosis reaches 20+ Natura no longer applies because they have reached a state of being so different from their base race.
  2. Sorry, a bit more to say, One, I appreciate the info., and from looking around you really do know the game so don't mean to be a newb stepping on toes, where is the spell Chimera? I'd really just rather not pick through the books until I find it. Two, to add to what I said about game-breakers, Kisidan is said to have been given the rank Godkiller, so that's why the issue of "god-like" or divine abilities just doesn't seem to me to be the issue in Anima that it is in most games. Again, thanks.
  3. To reply to both of your posts, it really seems to me that Natura and Gnosis are one and the same thing essentially. The statement "These unique subjects have a Gnosis higher than the rest of their species, a Natura greater than their base race" on p. 295 of Gaia seems to use the two terms interchangeably. The table on that same page states that a human's Natura is 0, so to say that a Natura+20 is the highest that can be attained seems to limit a human's Gnosis to 20. I agree that divine magic could be a game-breaker and I appreciate your thoughts, I guess my point is let's not pretend that game-breakers don't have a place in Anima. Not trying to pick an argument or anything, it just seems to me that there is clearly a little bit of confusion within the rules on this issue.
  4. On p. 295 of Gaia, the rules state that Natura+20 is the maximum degree by which a person can exceed his base racial Natura. Using the table on that same page, in which human/Nephilim Natura is listed as 0, that seems to suggest that basically any PC or NPC is limited to a Gnosis of 20. This really doesn't seem to work for a couple of reasons. 1st, it renders all the spells above level 80 useless, since one has to have a Gnosis of at least 25 to cast high magic and 40 to cast divine magic. Obviously, only exceptionally high level characters should be capable of that sort of magic, but it seems to me that the basic premise and a lot of the fun of Anima is that they are capable of it. 2nd, for instance, while maybe Eljared isn't human, using the table I mentioned before it doesn't seem as though there is any way that she would have a Gnosis that makes sense of the power that she is portrayed as having. 20 just doesn't seem to work considering the way in which she is described as interacting with a lot of other characters, organizations, and powers. I'm really considering starting up a game as GM, and I've spent a good bit of time working up some characters of various power levels just to get a feel for the interaction of the setting and the mechanics of the game, and this problem reflects a larger trend of the rules and fluff not quite working out to me. I know I could homerule a couple of things, but I hate to start out by immediately changing things around. Not necessarily looking for advice, but would love to hear thoughts and how everyone has worked it out in their own games. Thanks!
  5. Has anyone else actually tried using the DW rules for Grey Knights? It seems to me that it actually doesn't work as well as you would hope. A lot of the new talents don't work with the DW system, particularly the rules for psykers, which leaves me thinking that I just bought a book for DH that really includes more useful crunch for a Space Marine campaign except that the crunch is about half-done. Specifically, it would be fine if the majority of talents that make the Grey Knights unique didn't translate, if not for the fact that to play certain specialties (librarian, apothecary, tech-marine) you have to use DW. (And I know, other than apothecary Grey Knights don't really make use of those specialities but 1) FFG mentions them in the book and 2) that's why I bought a RPG.) Don't get me wrong, I love the fluff about the Calixian Malleus, and I think Daemon creation rules are definitely a nice touch and useful as well, but I was underwhelmed by the Daemon Hunter careers (which seemed fairly limited) and the armoury (which other than a few pieces, was bested by about everything in Ascension), and given that those 4 chapters and the Grey Knights chapter are the only ones in the book, I would have like the mechanics to have been a little smoother. Sorry this turned into a rambling put-down of the book, but I've bought every book in the DH line other than Creatures Anathema and the adventure books, as well as Rogue Trader, Deathwatch, and Rites of Battle, and this is in my opinion the weakest offering I've seen yet.
  6. Check out the Inquisitor's Handbook, has info on Force Weapons. Lesson in life, always read all posts to avoid repeating info.
  7. Gotcha, clearly a case of over-thinking the issue
  8. So, just finished looking through Battlefleet Koronus, can battlecruisers and grand cruisers use cruiser components, or are they limited to only those components listed for them? I ask because if so you're really limited to what sort of components you can use for those hulls.
  9. Does the battle sister career in blood of martyrs only have access to a skill called "secret tongue (sororitas war cant)"? Or is it "ciphers (sororitas war cant)", or do they have access to both?
  10. Thanks Cheezy, that was exactly what I was looking for.
  11. I'm considering an NPC involved with an Imperial Guard Regiment from Sepheris Secundus. I know in the novels the adjective form of the world is Secundan, as in the Secundan 3rd Regiment. To me though, that seems as though all you're saying is the 2nd 3rd regiment. Anyone seen anything different? Specifically, anything involving Sepheris? Or if you've not seen anything, any ideas?
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