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  1. And if I ask a lot of dumb questions I apologize. I just figure if I learn the reasoning behind the advice I receive, I'll be able to make my own judgements later on. And what better way to learn the reasoning than to ask about it?
  2. Pretty much the same reason to go with Yuri over Griever? The latter being another big, slow bruiser (albeit one who can hit a bit more consistently and has some awesome abilities to help him #*&! things up?
  3. The advice so far is really helpful. I hadn't really considered too much replacing Kronen, though the thought is -slightly- upsetting since replacing him will basically mean I bought the starter kit for nothing (not for nothing, I know, it DID get me into the game, but still...) I'll have to think about wether to think about picking up Janus or Lilian to replace him, though I wonder if I shouldn't go for Lilian simply for the fact that she's faster... Janus is much stronger in a stand up fight obviously, and with his upkeep ability he can sit at a cool 6 armor almost the whole game... but he's still slow. Good for sticking with Odin though and forming what I affectionately have dubbed the bruiser squad. Lilian would be very useful for the healing and her ability to seal annoying enemies, on top of being faster, -and- inspiration could make for a devastating turn full of charges. Equipment wise, I'll take the advice here and pick up Supernatural Weapon, since even with 5 extra character points spent on Lilian or Janus, that still leaves 30 to play with. I kind of wonder if it wouldn't be effective to keep Kronen and slap him with supernatural weapons as well though, bring his massive 8 damage to bear a little more often... Tactics wise I try to be careful not to stick Daniella too far when there are particularly fast units on the field. Against 8/12 units, Samiel can usually get in close to support her at about the same time as enemy units are threatening to close in with her. Obviously I've still got some stuff to learn and figure out about putting together an effective army on my own, but we all start somewhere, right?
  4. I'm putting together an Empire party for a league that's starting up at my FLGS. We're starting at 200 points because there are -so- many new people there who are just getting into it and don't have 250 point armies yet. I was hoping for some input on my army choice as it stands so far, since there are probably plenty of more experienced players here than at my game shop. Samiel, the Black Lion of Abel, lvl50 Orb of Power, lvl5Daniella Meris, lvl45 Life Potion, lvl5Kronen Roxxon, lvl40 Greater Life Potion, lvl15Odin Goldsmith, lvl50 Elemental Weapon, lvl5Logistics plot card, lvl5 This gives me a total of 185 spent on characters and 35 points spent on equipment and plots. I know that 35 is a little over what is supposed to be allowed to be spent on equip cards, but I saw an example in the rulebook where points not spent on characters were used for equipment instead. So I assumed that was allowed in the rules. My general tactics with this group is to advance deploy Daniella into some kind of good position, where she has good cover but can also shoot out at any enemies that come into range. Samiel immediately begins to move as quickly as he can into the battle to support Daniella, while on the first turn Kronen and Odin walk to build up four action points, then begin to run so they can get in close. When I get the points I need to move up to 250 matches, however, I can't decide which leader I want to go for. Yuri Olson would be useful for his team buffing abilities, but he can only use them once per game and they only last the round he uses them. He's a decent fighter on his own though. Griever, on the other hand, would nicely complement my bruiser-heavy team on the front line, but he'd be a third unit who is very slow and might have trouble catching up to faster enemies. Also, I would have to replace one of my other units with an Empire agent in order to make room for him in the character points. I'm eager to hear -any- input or suggestions you guys might have.
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