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  1. I bought the boxed version and always intended to pick up the PDF...all my purchased v3 pdfs are still available for me to access via drivethru...now as under C7... But v3 pdfs are no longer purchasable, yeah?
  2. Not the books particularly. Well I can only speak for myself, in that it is in part the dispersal of information across not only playing items (cards) but also the highly graphical presentation of information. With visual reinforcement from both sets of symbols, designs and images and colour coding. Its in the kinetic requirement to manipulate the parts physically around the players. The physical representation of piles of tokens and a dice system that is colour and symbol coded, highly tactile (pools) and that keeps things numerically light. The use of multiple symbols to represent numbers. The use of number tracks. So many aspects. Its not something particularly new to gaming as a whole, but pretty rare in RPGs. Afteral it turns out to be $$ It is in what others might consider the overdesign of the whole confluence.
  3. I have not played FFG's SW RPGs. But I understand it presents information in a more traditional approach that appeals to a larger majority of gamers.
  4. Discovering this RPG was like coming home in a way you won't understand unless you have been impacted by dyslexia growing up. In what might appear to the non dyslexic as unnecessary excess of parts & processes, WFRPv3 overcomes issues of short term memory, the need for haptic reinforcement and a broader language of symbols, colours, physical representations that I hit in other systems. Even simple systems like windows file system. As a father who is realising his own history with dyslexia through watching his daughter, I can say the impact ranges from suboptimal participation in life to a deep existential alienation from mainstream culture. After 20 years of slowly parsing rules and rulebooks not built for my learning type, this was the first time an RPG made the effort. This game showed me a lot of things beyond and bigger than just gaming. Im optimistic we can find more strategies and understanding for my daughter's learning than the negative labels and ignorance my generation put up with. Games will play no small part. Thank you FFG and J. Little It takes all types. And it takes all types of games. http://dyslexiaassociation.org.au/how-is-dyslexia-evaluated
  5. Hmmm v2 and v3 are quite different beasts, don't know I could say one is better than the other, not beyond personal opinion. Though this discussion does wet my appetite to try a WFRPv4 just to see where things go next. ****. I guess that means Im hooked.
  6. Yes when it somes to WFRP, history shows, if its worth writing down, its worth writing it down at an independent forum with a good track record
  7. Everyone who sustained a campaign with it needed to develop their own styles of haptic strategies to manage the (literally) moving parts. And if not inclined to, motivation would soon dwindle. I would be surprised to hear anyone disagree with that. This version was a grand experiment. For me its several flavours of awesome but I always appreciate the dismay of others that WFRP was taken on such a detour. Though now it seems FFG's treatment of grognard sensibilities seems mild compared to GW's concluding agenda.
  8. GRAAK buddy, you seem keen for this forum to close, what with the thread title proclaiming a fait accompli a year since what cruel blows did this forum deal to make you proclaim it so?
  9. You know, what I find ironic is, after all the saying "No" to contributions from fans and licensees, all the back and forth writers have had to go through with GW while working for Flame, Hogshead, BL, FFG. After all that energy in approvals, disapprovals, modifications and sign-off to achieve what in terms of the IP? To preserve or maintain what? Would GW have actually done itself a disservice _at all_ if they had said "Yes go for it, make it your own, just remember to say thanks, we retcon everything periodically anyway and the IP boat sailed years ago anyway with the likes of Blizzard" Could it be any more of a limping zomboid RPG legacy than it is now? Great job GW (thumbs up)
  10. Although crazy pants expensive, cumbersome and indulgent, Im glad to have the complete line. I don't intend to lug the collection to anyone elses house again but I might grab a Player & GM vaults Ive been eyeing off as an "away set". There's a lot I love about about v3, and its predecessor was not my mug of Bugmans but I'm glad that there is also v2 (and now retro-clone) to allow that Grim Dark goodness for a range of tastes.. Edition wars don't seem particularly compelling when the IP developer went full tabula rasa anyways. What sucks is players of all stripes being unable to get pdfs of past adventures :-( I wonder what the future holds...I doubt GW will treat the line with must consideration for the game's faithful.
  11. You could try http://ffgvirtualrpg.prediger.at/ Or https://www.fantasygrounds.com/forums/forum.php Or http://forum.strike-to-stun.net/ Good luck!
  12. You could try the free online excel tool from microsoft?
  13. When Im playing, its totes bullet time carnage. In my head. When I roll four hammers. Against snotlings.
  14. I think the rulebooks in v3 often refer to the adventurers as 'heroes' much like the antagonists of many of the GW novels. If that is your players expectations or the mood that suits a particular adventure then the henchmen rules help deliver that. But if the adventurers are 'investigstors' or in an urban intrigue scenario then bullet time carnage is probably out of place. Either way the players need to know which mode they are facing so they can respond to the appropriate conceit.
  15. A rage quit?? Ah so there's a name for it is there? Yes, we did unfortunately. And as much as we all enjoyed the barber surgeons participation that was the last we saw of him Probably for the best all in all. It's a group game at the end of the day Yeah, it really seemed like the player didn't understand how Warhammer as a universe works. Your patience with him was commendable, however. The Grim Dark is not for everyone, I think in game reality most Old Worlders who fancy themselves heroes rooting out chaos would skip town once the tables were turned and throats were getting cut. It takes a particular type that stick around long enough to grow a tail
  16. Woah, you didn't have a rage-quit at the end did you? I was diggin the good Doc!
  17. Sharing vino on the noble's front lawn under the corrupting rays of the evil moon, that's just what adventurers do on their nights off in WFRP. Clearly the Ogre is still off working his way through that herd of sheep. I actually liked the change of pace, 2 players are perfect number for a low key stake out.
  18. Great. I need this fix. Its been too long.
  19. GMing WFRPv3 has a new champion. All hail the box management of the UberGM
  20. Whatever method you carry the gear, I recomend being frugal on how much you carry to each game, try to take only what you need for the session, as the more you take the more you need to unpack, pack and tidy.
  21. Yep, very glad to have this unique game in the collection. The kinetic immediacy of tokens and cards realy speaks to the visual learner/player such as myself. But it has come at a price - and a logisitcal limit as to what can actually be lugged to the table. I don't know if I could have justified investing in many more expansions. What i would LOVE is a big selectable text pdf of ALL the cards. Then I could rebuild the game for myself in a much more playable browser format for tablet.
  22. And anyways it's about demo games, inherently static sessions with transient players. It's hard to get people invested in that, so why not reward those who do?. I mean they are playing in a room with walls lined with product...but let's not sully the spirit by making that too blatant... I'd have to laugh in the face of anyone who felt so politicised by game demos that they would demonstratively go play and buy a game they didn't like to make a contrary point. (Actually I wouldn't, I'm not that way inclined, I'd grudgingly admire that stance while still thinking "what a knob") ..Twodogs are you for real? Steve have you actually had anyone react poorly, or is everyone like "...sure, whatever"
  23. Or a Pimp? At least make it official and just apply to work for them. Heavy. I think the OP light hearted tone suggests his agenda is to add another level of fun and interest to his -demo- gamesWell, I can see the issue if this was a home game but it sounds to me like this gamification(?) of related purchases is for a very specific environment - a mate's store. I don't think this is about pimping ffg, it's about keeping a venue for those players to go to afloat. I am not clear on what the spirit of roleplay really is, nor whether it should or shouldnt be monetized. But people rocking up to a shop weekly for a few hours hosted entertainment and never giving back sounds contrary to spirit of running a business.
  24. Well until then, v3 is actually the easiest Rpg FFG can support, as career pods etc are pretty easy to get done and get out the door vs tradiditonal format. Either way I'm happy, though I agree that it could be worth FFG try a new (old) tack to appeal to new (old) players
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