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  1. My group and I played this set of encounters just last week. We managed to save one of the guests during encounter one which gave the advantage to Eliza for encounter two. We managed to Stun her on turn one and used Tomble's heroic feat to get ahead of her. Then it was a crazy race. Unfortunate die rolls on the Heroes part resulted in an OL victory but we had a good kick at winning the quest.
  2. Are you sure about the +4 range to and from? Seems to me that being +4 range from a creature from their POV is the same thing as being +4 range to attack them. The ranges would overlap rather than double. The soar text is only speaking about a singular creature with Soar. When looking at 2 creatures with Soar they are at: A x x x x B and they are both +4 range to and from one another are they not?
  3. You have to add a person as a friend and then you can PM them from your friends list on your profile page.
  4. Veritech said: Although I have an interesting question... can the OL play trap cards on the villagers? Just took a look at half a dozen trap cards to make sure but the general trigger conditions on trap cards are based on Hero actions. When a hero does this then trap! Since villagers are certainly not heroes it would seem you cannot directly trap them as their actions will not meet the trigger conditions.
  5. Yes, the OL must always spend the Conquest if he wants to upgrade his monsters. The campaign level simply determines how many he can upgrade to which level. At copper he can only have one set of monsters at silver. All others will remain at copper. At silver he may only have one set of monsters at gold. All others may be upgraded to silver. At gold he may only have one set of monsters at diamond(?). All others may be upgraded to gold. Hope that helps.
  6. It comes down to friendly figures. If you are under dark charm you benefit from the command of friendly figures. As you are attacking the heroes they are not friendly hence any other hero's command ability does not affect you, however the now friendly command bonuses from the OL's forces do. In terms of the hero in question having command, you are always friendly to yourself. You will always benefit from your own command.
  7. Just my two cents...does the adjacency ruling for soaring and Aura, Shadowcloak, and Grapple have any weight as part of this argument? Most specifically the second part of the answer that does not seem to be specific to being adjacent to figures. Here it is: Q: How does Soar interact with abilities such as Aura, Shadowcloak, and Grapple that refer to adjacency? A: A creature that is Soaring is adjacent to no other creatures. A creature that swoops becomes adjacent, as normal. If a creature swoops and becomes grappled, it remains at “ground level” until it is no longer grappled. In order to be adjacent, a figure must be at range 1. Range penalties from elevated terrain are ignored for these purposes.
  8. Also a quick point about Tahlia's ability. I believe that you may use her movement either before or after her attack but not both before and after.
  9. Just a quick thought, if I remember correctly in Trial by Fire the runelocked doors OPEN when the master for that area is killed. Something that your heroes may overlook the first time through the dungeon that may be used to your advantage. Additionally, under RAW I believe that named monsters can open runelocked doors as long as the areas are revealed. As all areas in an RTL Dungeon are considered revealed this can lead to some mischief as well. Having a Master Dragon and a Master Demon in the second area could prove to be a bit much for the heroes as well.
  10. steveg700 said: OK, I'm going to ride on the back of the OP's general question. I own RtL and I have a lot of issues with it. The players get there hands on skills like Spiritwalker, TK, Bear Tattoo, and a number of others and basically break every combat they're in. So, the OL decides to forget about every aspect of the campaign other than forming a lieutenant train to siege Tamalir. Things get tedious quickly. I don't own SoB, but looking through the rules, I see that the more broken skills are yanked out and there is no city-sieging. My two main beefs (both as a plyaer and OL) are addressed. So, what balance issues upset SoB enough that I want to go back to the siege-train? Quick note concerning the skills mentioned from RTL If you read the FAQ you'll notice that Spiritwalker has been nerfed to 5 spaces rather than the 10 spaces in the original ability and that the skills Telekinesis and Bear Tattoo have been removed from RTL in order to add some balance to the game.
  11. go to www.fantasyflightgames.com choose Catalog at the top of the page. Go down to Board Games Scroll down the page and choose Descent: Journeys in the Dark. It should lead you here. Choose the Support link and voila, you have successfully navigated the fantasy flight game site to your destination.
  12. Shatteredragon said: Well, I was playing something wrong, Undying changed for RtL... I didn't notice that little alteration, I've been playing it the "Vanilla" way, might make a difference in some ways. Nice to have it be a powerful ability for RtL. Did you also notice that the swarm ability changed as well? It allows for 'boosts' as opposed to just an extra black die. Small change but in certain situations can make a big difference. Only mention it cause you had said you had a bunch of Kobolds around Nanok as one point in time.
  13. One thing that struck me in reading one of your last three posts is that you said " They save all their guard orders for only reds or those who are any risk, letting little whites hit them with nibbles of damage" If they are wounded and haven't used the Guard order you know that it is lost right? Guard A guard order stays with a hero until removed by one of the following events: 1) the hero takes one or more wounds, 2) the beginning of the hero’s next turn, or 3) the hero uses the order to make an interrupt attack. I also am at a loss to explain how your heroes can progress through three levels of a dungeon without a single loss while also advancing somewhat slowly and healing. These things take time and allow you to accumulate threat and cards making you more and more dangerous. Time is by far the best weapon that the Overlord has. Every turn that the heroes 'waste' in a particular level gives you more options while using up their limited resources. So you don't kill them in the first level, spawn once when they are getting ready to leave and see if you can sucker them into staying for an extra turn or two to clean up the monsters. Watch them plan out their movement and when they overextend or need every last movement point to achieve a goal throw a pit trap or crushing block in their way to make them take another turn to do what they had planned. Thorn enters the space he lands on so hitting him there is a valid target. Use guerilla tactics with your high move/range creatures like skeletons. Wear them down so that you can hit time harder later.
  14. arjov said: 1)when a players opens a door, do i reveal the entire area? also monsters out of his sight? or do i reveal them only when they can be seen? When a new area is open it is revealed in its entirety. All monsters, obstacles, props are there for everyone to see even if their figures do not have line of site to all of it as of yet. arjov said: 2)when do i have to discard OL cards, before or after drawing? i.e., if i have a hand of 8, do i draw 2 and than choose what to discard, or do i simply discard the 2 cards INSTEAD of drawing them? You draw your cards and discard down to your maximum hand size. arjov said: 3)are hero orders visible to the OL ? i mean, does the overlord know what order the hero is reading? it would be better if he doesn't know, but i don't understand it from the manual. Hero orders are visible to the overlord, the tokens go face up on the board by that Hero's figure for all to see.
  15. Very nice. This will be a very convenient application. Only other thing I can think of would be some customizable options such as being able to choose single tap or press and hold vs. the default double tap for things like the bestiary or the kill button. While you didn't mention it I quite like the check boxes on the lists which allow you to grab several different monsters at the same time. Makes it much faster
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