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  1. Asoral said: BangBangTequila: FFG has given answer to the whole "which one of the rules is right and which is wrongly written?" in here and as such, if you are using two weapons and what to do a lightning attack with both your weapons and it counts as a single half action. So as part of a single half action you can do two lightning attacks at -10 modifier, unless you aim this barrage of attacks. In light of this ruling, its pretty strange that the Slaanesh psychic power "The Six Blades of Prosepheron" on page 51 of Tome of Fate book states that while this power is in effect "he must make two Lightning Attacks on each turn (thus spending both of his Half Actions)" and "Note normally making two lightning attacks would be impossible, but here is permissible." Seems that this is another case of the right(or writing) hand not know what the left(answering) hand is doing. In my opinion, the whole "You can do two lightning attacks as a single half action and aim these attacks and each attack can do a maximum of hits equal to your WS bonus" is way too powerful. I have ruled it so that you can make one lightning/swift attack and one standard attack as a single half action. This way you are still getting lots of attacks, but not way too many. And most likely you are also getting atleast one hit through your enemies reaction-barricade. Has anyone put this question to FFP yet ? Whether the wording for that psychic power is wrong or if its meant as a correction of how dualwielding / lightning attack works.
  2. Or if you use 2 x balanced weapons, have two weapon wielder, ambidextrous and blade dancer we are down to a total of -10 (because lightning attacks give -10).
  3. So now you see why Im looking for some solid house rules to stop this madness. Im thinking make each lightning attack a half action on its own, so if you want to lightning attack with both arms its 2 x half action. If you have extra arms then you get 1 attack that cant be lightning or swift per arm. Im just not sure if thats even enough. Kobalts idea was good too though, not sure if there is a way to combine them.
  4. A lot of people are a unhappy with the insane amounts of attacks a character/npc can unleash while using Lightning Attack and wielding 2 weapons all for the low low cost of 1 half action. Im wondering what you guys have done about this (if you did anything). I know there are other stupid things in the game (force storm for instance) but you have to start somewhere.
  5. So the cloak tells us that certain bonuses are gained when a player is stationary. What exactly constitutes stationary ? Is it if you havent done a move action during your turn or does it mean that you cant have made a dodge test during your round (seems hard to do as stationary) and does it mean you cant be involved in melee combat and still be stationary ?
  6. vogue69 said: Amaimon said: Probably even bigger then half.action dual lightning attacks. How do people usually play this ? It does seem silly the way it works.
  7. So lets see if I have understood this correctly. "When resisting an Opposed Focus Power Test, a psyker may select a Power Level for any Willpower Tests to resist a power, adding his Psy Rating as normal to the Test." Does that mean he gets to choose from Fettered, Unfettered and Push and if it does, can he cause Perils of the Warp by resisting ?
  8. The Laughing God said: Hiding CSM in boxes? You gotta be kidding me When I first started reading about the Warhammer 40,000 universe and the legions of Chaos I never considered these CSM hding themselves in boxes Let's face it, this is a typical RPG solution which fluff-wise just doesn't work. @reverent Mort: so if high level human heretics have obvious mutations -> this does not solve the problem but just makes it worse. So now you don't just need to hide CSM but also the tentacled cultists In Dark Heresy the cultists are often underground, sneaky cells hiding where they can ... I've always assumed BC allows you to play such cultists but this whole Screaming Vortex thing moves the backdrop premise of the game and the setting from hidden cults to Chaos excursions. This is fine ofcourse, but then the setting makes me think more of Deathwatch (open war) than Dark Heresy (investigation). And the obvious BC would NOT incorporate a group made up of characters worshipping Khorne and Slaanesh together. However thats what the BC creators envisioned and that means you dont have to go 100% canon on everything else. My CSM would have no problem with hiding in the cargo hold if thats what it took to get off world, he knows he can not fight his way into space. His destiny isnt to die in a futile firefight against 100 Imperial Guards when he could get offworld and gather a warband to punish this world. I do agree that a mixed group leads to problems but its up to the players and GM together to try to overcome the problems (or avoid them altogether) the best way possible and not make it impossible for each other.
  9. Would it be possible to hide the CSM's in some big boxes or something ? Trying to infiltrate as a CSM will require thinking outside the box, but so will many other situations in this game.
  10. You play a Psyker in 40K, yes you are OP. FF and even GW hasnt tried to hide it or anything, Psykers are just better than regular folk. Now that might cause problems if people all want to at the same power level but its really up to the GM to make sure things flow nicely here, add some more enemies that are resistant to psychic powers and ignore the buffs they give.
  11. Cifer said: @DJSunhammer RAW, Contempt is a Tier 3 talent. Apart from counting as a Khorne advancement, it has nothing to do with being aligned to the Blood God. Thats why he said "Stop trying to munchkin". If I was the GM I wouldnt allow a psyker to take that talent.
  12. Larkin said: Page 175 under Power Armour (starts on 174). It lists all the benefits and negatives. On pg 49 under Black Carapace: "Although a Space Marine in power armour has the Size (Hulking) Trait, his enemies gain no bonus to hit him thanks to the Black Carapace." That's all it negates, is that bonus to hit, not the stealth penalty or anything else. Thats quite debatable since pg. 175 simply says it ignores penalties and doesnt say that its only for to-hit. I agree though that its probably supposed to be only to-hit bonus that it ignores. I wouldnt find it unfair to impose a -30 penalty to stealth checks like a power armor has in the other systems.
  13. Lecram said: Where does it list the penalties for power armour. I've read in a few places that PA gives a -30 to stealth checks, but Hulking, according to the book only gives a -10. Its a bit unclear atm, especially since CSM has the "Black Carapce" rule which means they dont count as hulking even when wearing power armor. So if you read it as written they have no penalties (the -30 to stealth isnt even in BC I dont believe) which is kinda silly. I think a lot of people are using the Hulking rule for all purposes except the bonus enemies get to hit you.
  14. Warptime is definately one of the powers the beggens to be nerfed the most, especially once you start using the rules for sacrificing people and using glyphs so the psyker can place the power on everyone in the group. Shattertime is not as bad but its still a bit of a mess.
  15. Cifer said: 2. I would rule that in order to cast Protean Form, you cannot be sustaining a psychic power Why is that? I think he means that if you want to cast a power that you are already sustaining, you stop sustaining it before you cast it again. Has no backup from the rules (as far as I can tell) but its not a crazy houserule to impose.
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