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  1. I believe it does apply to maintaining the power, as that it is a permanent bonus.
  2. Juanzarabozo said: 1) Does the advantage of added sustenance ( that one where you maintain innate psi powers with one more level than that of your potential) stacks with that introvert psichic matrix where you get the +40 bonus to your potential to cast powers on yourself and the same effect that the advantage? or to they exclude each other. 2) I read somewhere that those free CV you use to increase your potential for maintaining an innate power does not stack with the previous advantage (i assume it is the same with the introvert matrix), is this true? I could not find any such rule or clarification in the core exxet so if you could tell me where to findit, that would be sweet!!! 1) I do not know, as far as I know there is no rule against it, but… 2) There is no rule against it in the book, again as far as I know, however Anima Studios made an official ruling on the official forums more than once stating that they do not stack. As that them not stacking is thus official, it would be easy to argue that Introvert also does not stack.
  3. Blood of the Great Beasts (I believe) gives you 40/80/120DP in Monster Powers which could easily grant this. Blood of the Dragon could grant this (but the powers of that are up to the GM).
  4. Rii Nagaja said: Which brings another possible source of permanent Inhumanity and Zen: Monster Powers. Could be aquired through Elan again, but also through sufficient Gnosis or some permanent transformation spells (e.g. Chimera or Spiritual Existence). Oh good point. I think there is an Advantage in Dominus Exxet that grants Monster Powers as well. So lets see: Advantage, Magic, Ki, Psychic Power, Elan, Gnosis…Is there any way you can't gain Inhumanity/Zen?
  5. Beadle said: I'm sure it's written somewhere (not able to check right now) that the mental stats max out at 13 before Inhumanity, and 15 (I think) before Zen. I know that it does not give a hard cap at 10 ever, and I do not believe there is any mention of any other cap officially. However, in the Monster Creation section, without the Monster Powers 'Superhuman/Supernatural Physical/Spiritual Characteristics', a Monster cannot have more than 13/15 in any stat. That said it is often used for players without Inhuman/Zen for 11/13 in Physical (as is suggested in the first chapter) and 13/15 in Mental (to reflect Monster limits).
  6. #1 has been answered pretty well and I agree, it is a pool they can use each day (as the example pointed out: with 80 Elan they would have 160 Zeon Points to use everyday). The accumulation is a different question, I would say it is innate and does not need to be accumulated, but I do not know for sure. #2 This is generally the point of the spell, and as high of a level spell it is this is not all that ridiculous. #3 No the spells are not visible while being flung through the air. This is expressly stated in the Types of Spells section on page 114. These spells are also, normally, invisible while affecting the target. That is why the 'See Supernatural' Advantage exists. Also the Magic Appraisal skill exists to identify people with The Gift, and see what spells are affecting people/things. It would lose most of its purpose if these spells were clearly visible and obvious.
  7. Unnamed44 said: In the case of a summoner invoking the high priestess shield, role would he defer to for his defense? Defence Ability 160. The Summoner defers to the Defence of The High Priestess, which is always 160. Unless there is something that can improve it in Arcana Exxet.
  8. There are not that many in the main book, so there are a few home made ones floating around. However, now that Those who Walked Amongst Us is out there are a lot more things for Summoners to work with.
  9. Cavilier102 said: Is it just for that action or the round or till your check would change? And where else would that skill be useful? Thanks for any answer you can give. I do not know how long it lasts, I do not believe that the book ever states it. I have it last one minute or until you would need to check again, whichever comes first. I am fairly certain it is supposed to last longer than 1 round, but I do not know. Withstand Pain is only useful to withstand pain. I suppose it could be used when one stubs their toe …but otherwise I can't think of anything.
  10. There is a rumour that this was supposed to be the Final Fantasy RPG, but the licensing got removed. So it is not the Final Fantasy RPG any more, rather it was going to be or not.
  11. Raybras said: He should try a mob if opponents 1-2 levels below you. Something like 15-20 could be a good challenge As long as they use mass combat rules. Without mass combat rules, a well organised team of 15-20 people would take out most PC groups 2 levels higher than them (aka groups of 4-5).
  12. The poison should stick, what ~30% of the time. Not great chances, but not horrible either.
  13. Squall said: 1. Is it really needed to use an imbalance on you're magic projection ? and how do i know how mutch points i can place there ? and where does the point's come from ? my DP ? an exampel would be me having a character with MP 40 , and i want him to be offence , and i want to put 20 points in balance , so i should have: offence 60 , Defence 20 , and i cant have more than a 30 points differing? 2. what is "innate magic" really used for ? what does it mean ? 1) There is no need to imbalance your Magic Projection, but it can help. The points are from your MP, it does not cost anything to imbalance your Projection, the imbalance is a boon and a penalty. Lets take a more realistic level 1 spending 180pts in Projection, with 8 DEX for 90+10=100 Projection. They can have 100 Projection which works as both offence (shooting fireballs) and defence (magic shields). The imbalance is useful for the same reason an imbalance in a fighters Attack and Defence is useful, lets say you have an imbalance of -15 (Offensive -15, Defence +15) this gives you a 115 to defend, giving you a much better chance of not being hit, but only an 85 to attack, making your chance of hitting much worse (theoretically about 15% better and 15% worse). 2) Innate Magic is as said above, a pool of mana you can use every round to cast and maintain Innate Spells. However there are a few a disadvantages of using these (otherwise this would be all anyone uses); 1} You cannot accumulate it. If you have 60 Innate Zeon Points you can only cast a spell of up to 60Zeon cost, you can never use a stronger spell. 2} It is all the magic you can do that round. You cannot cast a normal spell in the same round as an Innate Spell, nor can you accumulate magic in the same round you cast an innate spell, 3} One spell at a time. While you can maintain an Innate Spell without using any Zeon, you cannot use another innate spell as long as you maintain your first one. Innate magic can be extremely useful for keeping low cost spells with per-round maintenance up nearly forever (such as shields), and at high levels it works for many attacks. Also, you can accumulate and cast normal spells while maintaining an Innate Spell, just not in the round your casting it. 3) MA is how much you accumulate in a round, and the basis for your Zeon Recovery (which I call ZR), but MA does not always equal your ZR. You can buy ZR with DP (costing half of a MA) or you can get the magic Advantage, 'Superior Magic Recovery' which doubles, tripples, or quadruples your ZR (for 1,2 and 3CP respectively, making your ZR = MAx2, MAx3, or MAx4 respectively).
  14. As far as I know, Sidisessinu is correct. There is nothing in the rules to allow this, there is also nothing in the rules for Ki to interact with Psychic Powers or any supernatural ability to work with a different one. At the moment each of the supernatural abilities are completely mutually exclusive, for better or worse. If you want something like this it would require quite a few HOUSERULES, and keeping it balanced would be a nightmare. However, having read the series, you can do anything they did with just Ki and explain it thematically as Kanko, it would have nearly the same in game effect and not need extra rules.
  15. I agree with AlphaWhelp, there is no reason not to allow a character to do this that I can think of. But, in addition, if they are doing this others can notice it, meaning they could be reported to the church (remember, being a Summoner is effectively "illegal"). Further, as far as I know they can only be doing one ritual at a time. Thus if they begin a ritual for a certain Invocation they cannot do any other rituals until it is finished, and as AlphaWhelp stated they have to choose what they are "charging" when they start the ritual, so that is the only invocation they can use. As per a 50 year ritual…I don't see humans doing 50-year rituals unless they are a cult, like AlphaWhelp said, I see that for more of Monster Summoners - if they live forever and do not need to eat, drink, or sleep a 50-year ritual wouldn't be much for them. Finally, I do not believe ritual times are decided beforehand. You start one and charge it as long as you dare. If they start a ritual they plan to spend 50-years on but are about to die and decide to use it after 20-years they gain the bonus they have accumulated so far. Same with the day ritual, if they start it and need it one hour later they can use it with the bonus for a 1-hour ritual.
  16. rickayelm said: Oh, I'm not thinking of haveing no attack score. I was just considering reducing my points in combat abilities. I was thinking 240 at first level so I could buy six ki accumulation, then 40 per level +1 accumulation, +10ki. At low levels this will work very well. If you get to high levels the difference will be very notable At high levels you will not really be all that effective (and by high levels I mean 9+, as you would then have 35 less attack and defence than max), but as that most campaigns do not get that far it shouldn't be a problem.
  17. Alesandra said: But the psychic projection gets expensive. Anyway to make it cheaper? or rise it faster? Maybe without arcana exxect? Short answer: nope. Attack and Defence is also expensive. People who buy Attack and Defence (Dodge or Block) spend about 50% of their DP on it (normally) whereas a Wizard or Mentalist only have to spend 30% on Projection, and they get more than the Attack and Defence (Albeit with class bonuses they equal each other at level 10, the math is not needed to be explained here). The ability to attack and defend yourself effectively is expensive in this game .
  18. For a Warrior Mentalist, yup. A normal Mentalist just buys Projection.
  19. Alesandra said: Let see, say if I get a Potential of 180 I get a psychic shield of 1000 LP. Do I use psychic projection for defense and then we remove the damage taken from those points? is this right? And if so. Let say I don´t purchase psychic projection. Just dodge or parry. then what would happen? You use the 180 potential to defend against attacks. It works the same way as Dodge or Block except the shield takes damage if it blocks the attack completely. If you don't have projection and use Dodge or Block it works like anyone else using Dodge or Block, you cannot use a psychic shield with Dodge or Block unless you have the Attack and Defence as Psychic Projection module.
  20. Rii Nagaja said: But I don't think the total projection module for psychics is meant that way. I think it actually still seperates attack and defense scores, but for some reason you can only purchase both at once. Maybe someone with a rulebook at hand can confirm or disprove that, otherwise I will look it up later. You are correct. But that only applies to Warrior Mentalists (or others that take the module). People who get actual projection don't get the option. A bit weird.
  21. Rii Nagaja said: Lia Valenth said: …The same is true of Magic Projection (albeit with that it can have an offensive or defensive lean to it)… //Edit: Oh, and there is the possibility to choose an imbalance between offense and defense projection for any spellcaster too (don't know about psionics..), so it applies yet more often. (the angel in the basics book had that for example) I did note that there can be an imbalance (though I forgot what to call it) to Magic Projection, the same is not true of Psychic Projection. Further while the Attack and Defence Magic Projection modules must be bought seperately for 75DP each, the Attack and Defence as Psychic Projection is bought only once for 100DP. So for psychics there is no "Defensive Psychic Projection", they just use one value for both, while there can be a, "Defensive Magic Projection". I do not know why.
  22. Alesandra said: And how about psychokinetic shield? is it automatic like a limited form of damage reduction? Or do we need defensive psychic projection? There is no, "Defensive" Psychic Projection because Psychic Projection is used for both offence and defence. The same is true of Magic Projection (albeit with that it can have an offensive or defensive lean to it). So no, it is not any form of Damage Reduction, it uses the Psychic Projection of the Mentalist to defend in much the same way as a Block does (but does not take many of the penalties).
  23. Sakara said: Ah ha! That's what I thought the book meant, but I was a bit unsure. A poster above mentioned 6 point disadvantages. I take it those are available from one of the supplemental books, not the main rule book? No, no disadvantage is worth more than 2 points. I didn't want to go into a lot of detail, but they are correct above, you start with 3CP and can get 3 Disadvantages. As that disadvantages can be worth up to 2CP each, three 2-point disadvantages would be worth a total of 6CP giving the maximum CP a character can start with of 9.
  24. Raybras said: Ambivalence oly works if its different powers, not the same I do not know if you are allowed to use multiple of the same power in one round (although I believe that you can). If you can then splitting it amount the same power would make Ambivalence trigger as far as how I read the rules, if you cannot then the point is moor. Still you could split it in much the same way amount many different powers for the same result without the minimum of +10 Potential in a power.
  25. ThePhlapBadhu said: just want to clarify the rules for the above. Does a player start with 3 points to spend on advantages or do they have to aquire these points by getting disadvantages first? Start with 3, Disadvantages can give more (up to 9 [3Base+6Disad] I believe).
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