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  1. Hargon

    'Tis the Season

    Will you be having a holiday sale for 2013?
  2. I have the same problem with carriage returns not working, so it's not just you.
  3. What I was hoping for was something like a fancy neoprene pad, like a jumbo mousepad. It would stick to a table, be fairly forgiving to table bumps and be easy to transport. Is there already something like that available? I have been waiting to see what FFG was going to do, but am now thinking I should find my own solution. I could try cloth of some sort, but it seems like it would wrinkle and slide around too much. Hmmm… could you glue a GF9 map to a yoga mat?
  4. My initial thought was "no good" at first too, but I may give this some consideration. The boards look like the same type and quality as they used in Tide of Iron. They are very solid and I have never had any warping issues with my ToI boards. Where using these might start to become nice is if there are more boards released. You could easily mix-and-match between sets to create all sorts of interesting layouts. I do agree $40 seems a bit rich, but that means you should be able to pick it up for $30ish from an online retailer. Still not a great price for this but closer to where I will think about it.
  5. I am excited, but also a little worried about what this means for the line. I really like how ToI plays now and don't want it to become a heavy wargame that needs a binder and index for rules. I am also concerned that the quality of the bits will be maintained. The game has its problems, but it is pretty darn fun for me as is. With that said… I am much less worried with Bill Jaffe and Dana Lombardy being the ones to take this on. Good luck to you both. I will be buying anything you guys release if you stay true to the system. I am a completionist with my games and already have 2 copies of all the ToI releases (and a whole lot of WTM/Pocket Army upgrades). The Land of the Rising Sun should not be far away… I didn't know that Bill was a software engineer… any chance this means we get an updated sceario editor too?
  6. I am not sure how it would work out, but I would totally buy into anything Battletech that had the quality of an FFG product. An LCG would be an interesting concept… your cards could consist of Mechs and Pilots. To battle you have to play a combo of the two. Add-on packs could contain a new battle/planet with some new Mechs and pilot cards. Sign me up!
  7. Hargon

    Dear FFG

    Yula is now on the Upcoming page. Reprint finally in the works, yah! Says February, so that means we probably see her late summer?
  8. Awesome work Brummbar! I agree that it probably makes the most sense to break it down by expansion (even though I have them all). I really like the look of these. I use the card supplement for Tannhauser and they make life easier by only having the stats for the things you are using out. Less confusion, especially when teaching the game to someone new. Appreciate the work and dont forget to post here when they are ready for purchase!
  9. I seriously doubt they would replace everything. The amount of damage you describe sounds very "odd". If I were them, the only way I would replace that much stuff is if you sent in the damaged components first. Thats how a lot of RMA's work. But as already mentioned, this doesnt sound like FFG's problem. This is an issue for the shipping company (it was insured right?) and for the place it was purchased. Good Luck
  10. Hargon

    TOI Reprint

    As far as I know, no one has seen a reprint yet to find out what (if anything) is changed from the original run. In fact... I just checked the upcoming section and I don't see ToI listed any more. What's that about? I don't think reprints are already in stores are they?
  11. kaufschtick said: Why go metal, I was thinking of just painted the plastic we already have. I think I am going to try this... but I've never painted minis before. My guess is they will not turn out that great. I plan on practicing on all the vehicles that I have already replaced first. That way if they look horrible I'll leave the brits alone
  12. Thats what they did with Tannhauser when they released the revised edition of the rules. It was a stand alone rule book for a reasonable amount of money. But I don't think ToI needs that drastic of a revamp on the rules. Just add in errata and reflected FAQ answers and its good to go.
  13. Do you think there will be a way for us to find out ahead of time what, if anything, has been updated in the reprint? Or will we have to wait for one of us to buy it and report back here? You know someones willpower wont hold up too long. I had been thinking of getting a second copy anyway. The only thing holding me back from doing it so far was the thought have having to purchase even more WTM and Can.Do models to upgrade the vehicles. By the way... anyone know a place to get comparable DotF Brit vehicles? Do I need to go metal and try painting them myself? I feel bad that the U.S, Germans and even Russians have upgrades, but there is no love for the Brits. Poor guys.
  14. I hope you are right that they take this as an opportunity to fix some of the previous issues like the soldier pegs, boards etc. I will definitely buy a new base game if this is the case!
  15. I know I am resurrecting an old thread here, but I thought it worth giving this post a bump in the hope that someone at FFG does read things here. As can be seen by most of the replies, we would love to have small packages of updated (read as DotF style pegs) infantry for our American and German Armys. I introduced 3 new players to the game last night and 2 of the three had major problems trying to build their units and got very frustrated. They were afraid of pushing too hard and breaking pegs, popping soldiers out when trying to get another one in etc. They nearly quit before we even got started. I offered to do it for them, but I think their machoism got the best of them and they refused the help. They did have a lot of fun once we got going. After the game I showed them the British figures and had them try those... they had no problems at all. This is a big enough problem to my players that I would even buy a new base game if I new that it had updated units. I hate having to make custom, permanent modifications to my bits in case I screw something up while doing it. With that said... drilling out the bases or trying magnets is looking better and better. If it is an issue of being afraid of people buying the game piecemiel instead of the whole base game, I would even go for mailing in all my figures for a straight 1-1 swap to get the new pegs. This would earn you guys (FFG) major kudos from your customer base. Thanks for reading.
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