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  1. In general, if there is any serious hacking to be done ( vehicle machine spirit, data engine ) then direct MIU acces is required for our DM. Which in the paranoid times I find reasonable. All machine level brains that are below that are generally 'wireless'.
  2. For our years-long (still running) RT campaign our DM took a lot of inspiration from Pathfinder Kingmaker, which includes various adventures and flashpoints that sees all players together, but also had a whole system for all of them ruling their separate realms \ kingdoms. Could be worth considering? For our own part we have adventures as a party, but downtime that sees one or more of us taking ships for personal and dynastic projects. This is all downtime, tho - most playing time is spent as a group.
  3. Yeah, I also still use it for random exploring, or fleshing out bits for curious players.
  4. In our campaign we treat the monitor as system ships, albeit with weapons on par with a heavily armed warship. Monitor vessels generally carry one category larger weapons then their size normally allows. Often carrying salvaged or surplus capital grade turrets they keep systems safe on a budget - not needing a warp engine frees a lot of space and power in a conventional warship in game terms, and significantly reduces how much crew you need and how much specialist support ( No navigator necessary, often not even an Astropath, a lot less Ad Mech reps to keep everything running ). This fits nicely with the history of actual monitor ships which would defend coastal regions, specific ports or do regional / river warfare on a budget. Often armed with weapon systems salvaged from older ships. Our Dynasty has quite a few, building mostly medium ( light cruiser size ) and heavy ( cruiser size ) planetary defense ships, in order to defend our colonies. We also have a squad on loan from the Imperial Navy for services rendered. Ownership will probably vary from system to system, tho I agree that the Imperial Navy would own them by default.
  5. Still alive, and still playing it. Keeping an eye on Wrath and Glory, but for the moment it does not seem to include an RT option from the start so we'll be kicking it around in the Koronus Expanse for a long while to come. Also, trying to infiltrate Iniquity poses a few unique problems for high level RT characters with 'Legend of the Expanse'. Love this game.
  6. Gave it a look, but it is not my thing. I agree that the Warhammer and 40k universe feel more then a bit dated in certain assumptions and roles, but it is also egalitarian in the way that everybody is screwed and has equal chances of being eaten by the 'Nids. I have always found the '200% Man-Sauce Marines' a bit odd, but I generally enjoy the lore and books - in particular Imperial Armour, Execution Hour, Galaxy in Flames, Know No Fear, Eisenhorn and pretty much everything else by Dan Abnett. Even with the dated elements the Most Holy Ecclesiarcy et alia has never cared who you love, sleep with or identify as, as long as you do it adoring the God-Emperor while purging Xenos. For all the many reasons I'd never want to live in that universe, that is not one of them. I think your opinions come from a good place but I generally hold the media I prefer to high standards in regards to sourcing, research and good reporting. This video feels more then a bit hasty in drawing conclusions from assumptions-without-context. Still, I am intrigued by the idea of viewing our current day and age through the lense of the 40k universe, so if at some point you take a look at those I will be sure to have a gander.
  7. Sna

    End of the Line

    Good question. I will definatively give this board a good read for ship templates, character ideas and plot points for future campaigns before the dead line passes. Come what may, I have really enjoyed the Warhammer 40k RPGs from FFG - mostly Rogue Trader but other settings were regularly mixed in either as stand-alone games or as mini-crossovers. And I will cherish Battlefleet Koronus especially for the quality I have come to appriciate and the participation of Andy Chambers who was pretty much the father of Battlefleet Gothic. So thanks, FFG - for really breathing life into the universe while always respecting the IP and producing quality gamelines within it.
  8. We play an Empire Building style of Rogue Trader game, and operate one with a second one on loan. The Severine is configured as a massive invasion ship - she can transport a massive army and after orbital superiority has been assured she can quickly transport them down (or use the drop pod bays but those do not have the capacity to unload all soldiers). Once there the Severine operates as a command and control center, orbital hospital and interdiction ship. She is not fast and requires a dedicated escort, but has been earning a nice penny for the Dynasty the last 20 years as it was on loan to the Margin Crusade. Recently returned to the Dynasty as the lease expired she is being refitted into a more cargo-focussed role and will ply the route between our capital system (Rain) and the nearby Forge World so that we can start to ramp up production and construction at our growing orbital yards. The Deadalus is on loan from the Adeptus Mechanicus for 'services rendered' and functions as Fleet Tender and Fleet Support. Configured with massive deployable piers, plenty of energy reserves and massive supply vaults she does not move fast but tails our primary explorer fleet or battle fleet - there she deploys like as a mobile station in relative safety, exploits the local system with minor mining expeditions and repairs / resupplies whatever Dynasty ships we have floating about - she is escorted heavily at all times. Currently she is supporting an allied Dynasty and the Imperial Navy in cleansing a star system of Orks. After she is done there she will support our planned offensive on Iniquity. As a Dynasty Flagship Mass Conveyors would be rather rubbish, but supporting a growing series of Dynasty colonies, or as a ship to extend the reach of your fleet(s), accept no substitute.
  9. A democratic government, maybe if there are clear rules regarding the Imperial Tithe. Secular thinking, absolutely not. The Ecclesiarchy is not particulary known for allowing worlds to remain forsaken of the Emperor's Light - if initial Missionaries would be rebuffed the next wave would come with more pursuasive (and concussive) arguments.
  10. Not really the Interex, but a similar planet. Equivalent of an Imperial World, with a massive stash of Archeotech. No working STC, unfortunately, but still a solid base. The system has been isolated by one of the peripheral warp storms, having only been safe due to an effect similar to the Cadian Gate. Our Dynasty found them, realized that they would be declared heretics by any nearby Imperials with their ideas of 'democracy' and 'secular thinking' - so the Dynasty carefully eased them back into Imperial Baseline. We kept 'em in their own system with stories of a massive plague loose in the wider galaxy, and their planet was a pristine pearl in an otherwise nasty universe (true in a fashion). Made a tidy profit importing "stringently checked goods", ofc. Imperialization process is still going on, but recently they wized up to the fact that there are other functioning Imperial Worlds out there, so they now want warp drives to explore the wider universe on their own. Let the good times roll...
  11. I would say a modified Emperor (likely) or Oberon (less likely). Mainly because of the illustration in the book: http://digital-art-gallery.com/oid/0/2800x2000_13_Wreck_of_the_Light_of_Terra_2d_sci_fi_spaceship_space_picture_image_digital_art.jpg That is the port side, and it has two massive launch bay components, one macrocannon broadside component and the hint of large turrets or turret bases on the dorsal slot - no idea what used to be housed there. It would be one of the "easier" modifications to replace the standard dorsal macrocannons with dorsal lances. Tho that modification is relative - An average Cobra-class destroyers can likely be built faster then an Emperor modified to carry battleship caliber lances.
  12. We play a Kingmaker-esque Rogue Trader game, and do trade. We have three primary fleets: exploration (which includes the Rogue Trader flagship), defense (maintaining assets, includes the dynasty flagship) and trade. We discover trade routes and broker the deals, but the actual trading gets done by the trade fleet. We also use the colony system with some homebrew to thoroughly chart the tides of the dynasty, and have learned to prepare years ahead as the Exploration fleet with us as its primary crew can be away from the core of the Dynasty realm for upwards of two years realspace time. A LOT of trading, building and politicking gets done, but most of the time mainly as an influence game by Astropathy
  13. Autoloaders could potentially have the following effects, depending on their interpretation: - Reduce the space necessary by a point or so. - Reduce crew needs. - Increase the crit or damage a bit because you get to squeeze more Macrocannons in the same space and/or better use of your gunnery crews . - Possible fringe benefits could include less crew loss with decompression (since it is automated) or less vulnerable to criticals due to the process being highly structured. All the pluses should only be a point here or there - possibly a bit more if the component requires more power due to its automation. The rest could just be roleplaying, with a greater presence of the Mechanicum on the gundecks (possibly leading to grumbling amongst the insular gun clans), a description of how orderly the system works or how the cavernous gunvaults are loaded from a massive upper deck reinforced silo in a relatively ponderous but safe manner - no more gunshells the size of habblocks being manhandeld by 500-strong loading crews.
  14. I think you are on the right track with the Dark Heresy systems, especially at the bits about Radicals and Istvanians. Though Black Crusade might be spared a glance, too.
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