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  1. So, you'd need to be able to cast level 4 of something to make something at a 1 go up by more than 1? Seems like it should round up
  2. Well, If your not worried about teams, you could do XII vs Ophiel/genma/sam agent and try out giving XII 2 other figures. Your Odin and Le. A pair of starters especially if you play 2 games and switch between games, will let a person get a feel for the game and not think your just beating up on them with a bad army matchup.
  3. I was only laying out how hard it is to hurt them, attacking back is another issue, all 3 mechs have some form of AOE, particularly legacy. Even with 2 10's back to back, most mechs aren't going to die if you aren't using some big -armor. Its not like the other WS characters don't have some sick damage potential ya know. Of course anyone can die with enough people running at them, the thing is, if your spending so many people attacking grim, then the rest of my team gets to do mean stuff to you. I run a nice charge/heavy WS team currently, no set list really, using drake/cennette some smattering of WS figs, very mean damage there. Simple attacks though? Rolling a 10 with most azure(5a/4d) on basic attacks is going to be ~15/4 or so 12 base to grim, 5 after my armor gets to it. Thats with 10's on base attacks, so, the average amount of damage that your going to do with a base attack is... .5, average roll of a D10 being 5.5, which translates to 10.5(3.5 over) and 4 damage (7.5) so, .5 or 1.5 if they aren't using the tank pilot. (Not sure why they wouldn't, the other pilots are not good for him) Grimorium hitting them is a bonus, if your guys are whacking on him then he gets to try out an AOE burst every other turn or so. It really isnt neccesary, and if he does manage to land a hit, even just meeting their defense, he gets to do 8 damage, 2/3rds of whoevers LP, oh, and if grimorium manages to crit on any of them... Mind, I am talking about just one mech against 3 azure prowlers, 135(120) points of figs vs 60 points of grim. To be honest, last time I fought azure I had goethia, not grim, and just clogged the ground up with Derek and Celia in a choke point while blasting whoever ran out of LP, it was a 200 point game though, so none of us had leaders. So anyway, the three of them, on their best day, rolling 10's on special attacks, would be enough to kill him. Getting 3 crits on command though will kill pretty much anyone though, then again, when lorenzo or rayne charge in, even with a 5 roll on raynes charge, we're talking about an 18/4, which is, even with a decent dodge of 5, going to be ~9 damage, if the die roll is beat by just a little, one shot kill. Lorenzo isn't nearly as accurate, but if he waits for someone to be out of AP for the turn, even rolling a pair of 1's means your stealther are taking at least 6 damage + possible throw, twice. Of course, arkeid could give you one free dodge per turn, it happens. On the tabletop plenty of stuff gets into tricky situations, like him taking a hollow bullet, a nice 8/5/-4armor (20inch) attack that can him very low, very fast. Or Alessa's 9/4/-4 (24inch), both of which, if they tie the new armor post dodge, the leader to half-hp, from 16 to 7, a little luck on the rolls, or he runs out of dodge, and all of a sudden hes dead in a salvo, and me killing your leader quickly is alot more probable than 3 stealth super damage types killing a grim quickly. Truth be told, azure is the team I am least afraid of, a properly run Samael is my biggest worry (only people who can consistently hit me first)
  4. With defense 9 and 5 armor, lets say someone rolls a 10 with a murder attack, Harods 10/9 Thats a 20 hit with 9 damage, so its 11 over and 4 over armor, for 15 total, out of 35 hp on LoS. Would be 17 out of 25 HP on a goethia and 16/35 on a grimorium. Legacy could also have dodged, and keeping the damage in the 10 range. Then, with your azure force in melee contact with a mech, that you didn't kill unless you rolled 2 back to back criticals on a murder attack with 2 different people, you will have an AOE attack causing throw, an AOE attack not causing throw, or a triply target attack coming back at you. Grimorium would take 2 critical murder attacks AND 3 more damage. Goethia, mind, is going to be hard for the azur to get to in the first place as she just needs to be a terrain cheese to never get attacked and just waste time while snipers shoot people. Azur, being very melee, is a pain to use against mechs because, well, even without dodging they still won't die from a nat10 murder attack.
  5. That is our next step, The thing is, multiple people have this issue, so having a figure that requires a pin is a bit messed.
  6. Played Right WS should be able to kill basically anyone, if you had a team thats both snipers, lorenzo and rayne, XII when you get to a 250 game, you can just stomp on people. 4 of your 5 characters get advanced deployment, and you get the process. Its riiiiiidiiiiicuulous. Alternatively, you can go the gear route, 2 Goethia and as many snipers as you can fit, and you just do a bunch of dickish moves by abusing terrain, firing around corners. Its good times. The only mildly annoying team to fight against is Azur, because you can have problems shooting them. Empire dies to snipers. Church and Sammy don't ever seem to do enough to me. Wissen for da ween.
  7. Anyone who is a fan of the WS Mechs can probably tell you of the many times they needed to re-attach a wing after a slight bit of nothing, Any ideas on how to help with this? I love the unit, I'm kind of an ass about sitting around corners and blowing people up, just in time to run away if they get too close and doing it again, but having to reattach it once a week is a pain WS for life, best faction in the game by far. The Process is <3
  8. Generally I take this loadup for agents, in this order, based on remaining points Innate Range Extra Recharge Increased Movement/Open Moment Advanced Deployment (depending on how much terrain is in use) Overall, I've found them exceptionally useful, if nothing else, simply running out a fairly expendable unit to seek is very useful. Simple wait until after a hidden character has moved, run the agent over and seek, they are prowlers for the +1 to find, very nice. A simple Double Sniper, Goethia, Agent team in the 200 point games played locally has served me well.
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