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    DrainSmith's GM Screens

    Great Work! A question, it's possible to have the same informations on a landscape format?
  2. Lord_Lele

    Qs: Initiative and Story Points

    Sorry, I play with both and I mix them up all the time.
  3. Lord_Lele

    Qs: Initiative and Story Points

    Maybe can be a Triumph used to move a Destiny Point from GM pool to Players pool? I've let this options to my players, however they always come with better use of Triumph (critical, advantage, upgrade) and never used to flip a Destiny Point. Considering that a Triumph can upgrade the next check, is the same base effect of a Destiny Point flipped (but Destiny Point can be used for many other things).
  4. Lord_Lele


    @IndianaWalsh I think that in an superhero settings a good rule that we can steal from Mutants and Masterminds is the Power Level that put a cap on both maximum damage and maximum fortitude (or soak, in our case). For example, you can have Power Level 15: the SUM of character SOAK and his maximum base damage (before success are applied) must be 15 or less. If you have SOAK 5, you can have a weapon or an attack that has max 10 base damage. If you have SOAK 10, then you can have attack that has max 5 damage. Another way to simulate invulnerability that I was thinking about is to change the Durability tree, by removing Soak bonuses (even Armor) and instead add Immunity to damage, like for example: - Immunity to one hand weapon (pistol, knife) - Immunity to two-hand firearms (rifle, shotgun) - Immunity to explosive (any weapon with Blast) - Immunity to terran vehicle weapon In this way, your superhero is still invulnerable to conventional weapon, but his enemies are supervillain with Elemental/Energy/Quantic/Sonic/Thunder/etc... attack that still inflict damage. What do you think?
  5. Lord_Lele


    Hope this can help if someone else play with these rules. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1C1FKQiKIVuHgiDTlPQcgt1tikRg1_rmL Please note that I'm totally unable to use a graphic software, so this is my maximum result.
  6. Lord_Lele


    Well @IndianaWalsh I've no words to thank you for all this hard work. I've played as GM Superheroes RPG like Mutants and Masterminds for years and absolutely want to try a campaign with Genesys. I think that your work is the most advanced, complete and (for what I can understand) even playtested. Just a question: how do you set the XP price for each power? Ther's guideline or something like that (besides using Star Wars Force Powers as a starting point).
  7. Lord_Lele

    Adding encumbrance to Painkillers?

    In my game 10 Painkillers (or other encumbrance 0 items) are equal to 1 encumbrance, starting from 10 and up (so 9 is 0 encumrance, 19 are still 1 encumbrance, 21 is 2 encumbrance and so on, simply). We also have an alchemist in the group that will spend days on potion brewing so I need to put a limit on how many potions they can carry.
  8. My last group started an Imperial Campaign (two Imperial Agents and one Inquisitor in training) right before ANH; I've put they in a intrigue between Vader against the Emperor and they choose to side with Vader and... well... they ended by killing the Emperor by blowing up his secret base on Byss. The canon story was destroyed but has been our best campaign in years.
  9. Lord_Lele

    skills vs tallents

    I've house rules that to raise your first skill to grade 4, you first need at least one tier 4 talent and to raise your first skill to grade 5, you need at least one tier 5 talent.
  10. Lord_Lele

    So Android ??

    I hope that Genesys will receive more attention and more products, because I'm totally in love with this system and having more and more options for playing is fantastic. Right, I can create content by myself, however an "official" settings or supplement always do it better.
  11. Lord_Lele

    Jumping to Genesys!

    Hi @WhiteWeasel and welcome in the Genesys world! I've also played a lot of d20 variant (Star Wars, Saga, Mutants and Masterminds, 13th Age) and with the new Star Wars (that use the same rules of Genesys) and Genesys itself it's really like fresh air. The strengths are many, most important for me is the narrative approach and the streamlined rules. All my players like it very much. The weakness can be the dices (I hate using the app) that must be buyed and, at least for the first couple of sessions, learning how to interpret the dices results like for example: success with threats, failure with advantages, failure with triumph and so on. Players and GM must thinks narratively and use the dices to create the story and this can be difficult in the first sessions. In any case, I think it's one of best RPG system in the world!
  12. Lord_Lele

    Run-able Adventures

    I've just started two campaigns on Realms of Terrinoth, however my adventures are in Italian so of little use for sharing.
  13. Lord_Lele

    Magical Basic questions

    Yeah you fail, nevertheless you still gain a huge advantage thanks to the triumph (the same in case you succeed with a despair). For example, in case of attack checks failed with triumph, you miss with your attack but you can have some benefit (taken from core rulebook): - Upgrade the difficulty of the targeted character’s next check. - Upgrade the ability of any allied character’s next check, including that of the current active character. - Do something vital, such as shooting the controls to the nearby blast doors to seal them shut. The most funny things are where you have a triumph AND a despair in the same result (they didn't cancel each other) and you have to play both. Some players call this the success (or failure) of Schrödinger
  14. Lord_Lele

    Magical Basic questions

    Yes, you need to add effects and increment difficulty and then get at least 2 advantages on the check to trigger the effect, like a normal attack check.
  15. What about this rule? You can spend XP only into skills that you have used from the last advancement. When playing and using a skill for the first time, you put a mark next to skill name. When it's time to spend XP, you can spend only on skill with mark and then remove the mark. Opinions? It's too unbalanced? What do you think?
  16. One useful thing, for a future version, can be split the social skills in their own box, like Genesys?
  17. Lord_Lele

    Very basic table-based character sheet for use in Word

    @Jasper the Wasp really thanks for this!
  18. Lord_Lele

    Conjure spells - summoning of creatures

    In my game, outside of structured encounter, I let my player to try to conjure what they want that make sense and help push the story forward. Before starting I've worked with the player to make a list of creatures of Silhouette 0, 1 and 3 that he can summon along with their stats, that make sense for his background (where the druid come from and what he know). We use the stats from RoT manual (like Lava Elemental or similar creatures). RAW there no use for Knowledge (Lore), but I can use a check on Lore to see if the character know what he want to conjure or, with a +1 difficulty, he can summon a creature with a Wound Threshold more high (1 Wound for each point in Knowledge (Lore).
  19. Lord_Lele

    A few magical questions.

    Regarding rune shards, they have no price so besides the lesser rune all the others rune shards can be inside a deep dungeon, in a treasure or otherwise as reward for difficult quest. Maybe a couple of enemy nemesis-level use this rune shards against the PC.
  20. Lord_Lele

    What other settings books do you expect to see?

    No matter the settings, I hope for a superhero book with rules for creating superpowers Genesys-style. My group of players really want to try a superhero game in the next few months; for now the only way was to create superpowers by myself, but without playtesting is hard to balance.
  21. Lord_Lele

    Italian Character Sheet

    Please let me know if there is any error. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1CDVR62FdfYaZpilMz6joONsMykpA6-gd/view @SkyJedi can you please kindly add this to GM Resource List topic? Thanks.
  22. Lord_Lele

    Italian Character Sheet

    Updated version: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1BcPqlMgnuTXmu4GK7G_mkRQWNWO6PETX @Rontules ecco fatto, ho corretto l'errore.
  23. Lord_Lele

    Realms of Terrinoth Shipping!!!!

    Right, I'm from Italy and we have the same problem. Except for a couple of beautiful product (like Shintiara RPG) all RPG came from North America...
  24. Lord_Lele

    How are your campaigns going so far?

    I came from a three days of demo at Modena Play (Italy), for Star Wars and Genesys. Every single game group had a great time and no one had difficulty with the dice symbols; after a couple of shots they had already figured out which symbols cancel each other and how to use them to boost the story. Moreover, I'm GM of two year long campaign (one EotE, one AoR+FaD). What I can say is that me and my players are absolutely in love with this system. It's narrative and light, but the combat is deep enough and there are several tactical decisions that make each encounter satisfactory. I'm waiting for Realms of Terrinoth to switch my other group from 13th Age to Genesys (they play in a fantasy settings). What I like? All. What I dislike? Nothing.
  25. Lord_Lele

    Italian Character Sheet

    It's already a thread... That's a Despair in a Perception skill check