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  1. Sadly there seems to be no more SWRPG Web Assistant ? When i go to https://dice.skyjedi.com there only is the new genesys assistant. Am I doing sth. wrong? I am really sad b/c your tool was the perfect fit for my gaming group and tomorrow was supposed to be our first session. Also I already edited in some characters and text for our first session that now is gone. I hope you will be able to provide the SW one to us again!
  2. Good morning from Germany, First of all a huge thanks for your fantastic work! Me and my friends wanted to start playing the SW RPG online tomorrow. Today, as I wanted to paste in my player's characters, I was totally dismayed to see that you switched out the dice symbols for genesys dice. My players are still struggling to learn the system and won't cope with the new graphics and will not be able to mentally transfer the new dice result symbols (genesys) to the old ones (SW). Now, no one of us is espescially tech savy and the discord chat and the use of your bot is not compatible with our low tech literacy. Your old design was simply perfect for us and the start of our online rpg group is severely hampered by the change. Now my question: Would you be able to add an option to your web app, possibly some small and unobstructive button, to switch between the new genesys dice result symbols and the star wars ones? Or is there some possibility to still access the old version of the web app? It would also solve some problems for the Star Wars crowd and enhance the compatibility with the published SW productd if you could add the dice roll results as text below the roll, e.g. "1 succes, 2 threats, 1 triumph". I would really appreciate it! Thanks so much in advance!
  3. Hornesch

    TB vs Penetration

    Toughness bonus is never reduced by Penetration, while armour is. In your example the incoming damage would still be reduced by 3.
  4. Hornesch

    Ascension skill/talent question

    I think the most plausible explanation, as ItsUncertainWho and Brother Praetus pointed out, is that it was written the way it is to make sure that a Judge, no matter from what career he hails or which alternate ranks he took, has access to the Peer (Adeptus Arbites) influence talent b/c in my opinion it is quite important, especially for such a high Arbites rank as the Judge, to have a good standing with your peers.
  5. Hornesch

    Ascension skill/talent question

    Brother Praetus said: Justicar said: Given that it is stated that an Ascended character retains access to all previous career ranks to purchase advances from; and also gains access to the path(s) not chosen As my military psyker character's ascension draws near, can you please tell me where i can find that rule? I thought the access to previously untrodden paths was only possible for ascension characters build from scratch, not for those advancing from acolythes to throne agents. I could save a bunch of xp by not having to buy psy rating 6 (and the entailing powers) in the primaris psyker ranks. Thanks for any helpful clarification!
  6. Hornesch

    Sisters of Battle ascension?

    The solution for everybody's sister-of-battle-ascension problems is hereby presented (thanks FFG!): http://www.fantasyflightgames.com/edge_news.asp?eidn=1888 I really appreciate that at least some companies listen to the problems which are discussed in their forums!
  7. Hornesch

    Deathwatch in other languages

    The title "Dark Heresy" was not translated at all into German; instead of "Dunkle Häresie" (rather awkward) the German publisher named it "Schattenjäger" ("Shadowhunter"), which has no connection whatsoever to the original name. "Rogue Trader" is named "Freihändler" in German, which basically is confusable with the in-game term "free trader" and keeps nothing of the deeper meaning of the word "rogue". All other titles published in German so far are translated directly word-for-word.
  8. Hornesch

    Deathwatch in other languages

    Sorry for having to contradict you ak-73, but I would rather translate into German by using "Todeswacht" / "Todeswache" , making the distinction between death and dead (as e.g. Harry Potter 7 "Deathly Hallows" is translated into "Heiligtümer des Todes", not into "[...] der Toten"). It makes absolutely no sense in German this way (though I have to admit that it does sound classy), but for the sake of correctness I had to add this