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  1. Well at this point I figure I can easily throw 2:1 number of orks at them and still have players come out alive, a lot due to player ingenuity and not merely stats. They are lacking in firepower but tend to use it very well, collapsing bridges, pushing orks off rooftops, calling for mortar support , laying traps etc. Funny but I hadn't thought of orks actually charging to fire their guns at close range.
  2. That would be more in the vein of blood axes, which I suppose fits considering my ork antagonists have plenty of blood axes among them. Still not sure how bad moons could be made viable but I could always up the amounts of support weapons and meks.
  3. That helps some. Not that orks are particularly sneaky either. But I could have one group doing suppressive fire while another closes to short range for the kill.
  4. That runs into the problem of having too many damage sponges. Orks are already ridiculously tough as they are. Besides wouldn't massed orks be better off just charging and bludgeoning their enemies with their shootas? On a 1 to 1 basis is it even possible to make 1 shoota boy be anywhere close to effectiveness of 1 slugga boy or even a guardsman?
  5. So im in the midst of a campaign wherein Orks are among the primary antagonists. As we all know they do great in close combat but what about primarily ranged orks such as the bad moons klan? They can't aim due to inaccurate weapon quality and I don't see Orks squeezing off single shots very often. It's all about being as loud as possible. In the tabletop this is all reflected in their abysmal BS score. Here though you have bad BS on top of the penalties for full auto. Is there any way to make them scary again beyond upping BS or firing point blank without losing the whole 'orky' character of warfare? I could up their damage but then I end up with the whole all or nothing where either players survive unscathed or are completely pulverized.
  6. Your idea for them finding Trask by being psychically pulled to him works well. I have already made it quite clear (as is also clear in the original campaign but never elaborated upon.) that there is some kind of psychic pull that makes them want to posess the dread pearl. Im not entirely decided who made this happen but I imagine it is the Inquisitor who set all this into motion. That or the Witches of Footfall. (Who are controlled by one of the saner parts of the broken hivemind that is The Many.) He was the one who lured Trask to seek the pearl in the first place. Trask has undergone a limited transcendence. His mind is disconnected from his body but he is still trapped on the sphere. He has been able to reach out through the webway to communicate with others though but only for a short time. I like the idea with his mind wandering. He was a bit crazy even before. I was thinking of giving them a ship but as they have already came into posession of their long lost flagship of the dynasty it feels a bit underwhelming no matter how powerful. Not to mention it diminishes their earlier accomplishment.. (Their second ship being Sarvus Trasks old ship that was lost in the Processional along, now renamed The Vintage since newly rebuilt ships keeping names of lost ships is in my campaign considered an ill omen) The way I have portrayed the sphere is it is insanely advanced. It has nanobots that literally eat other ships or boarders, fractal robots, disassembling walls. Things like the concepts for the X-Com FPS would fit well. Im thinking there might be separate individual consciousnesses within the sphere with different agendas that download themselves into robot bodies when needed. Their decisions will likely be important for the future of the imperium but I just cannot figure out what the choices should be. I prefer if their choices limit themselves to the future of the koronus expanse and calixis rather than the whole imperium. (Though I was thinking of a follow up campaign in searching for the two lost space marine legions). They should have large long term consequences but not make the players themselves super powerful. (Of course they will also get rewards but those are separate) The inquisitor wants to create the hydra, essentially a warp god built up of a human hive mind. This is dangerous and possibly a plot by Tzeentch. If done the right way it might work though. The Many wants to repair itself but even if this works a revived Yu'Vath empire would not be very nice. They originally attempted to transcend so they could overpower the chaos gods and the oncoming Tyranids they had witnessed in a vision. They brought billions into the processional and forcibly separated their minds from their bodies and made them become part of their hivemind. Then they sent the empty bodies to battle with warp constructs controlling them. To humans this looked genocide and horribl using undead but to the Yu'Vath they were doing them a favor. The souls were after all still alive and now part of a larger, better whole. Hmm perhaps the players could make someone take control of the Yu'Vath to use them as weapons against the oncoming Tyranids, awakening Necrons and forces of Chaos? Djanko Scourge is dead, his son Varnmed Scourge wanted to avenge his father and thus allied with The Many but then the players threw him into a hellpit and he ended up swalloved by a demon of The Many so he now acts as The Many's spokesperson with only parts of his old self left. The Dread Pearl itself is loathe to involve itself in the affairs of mortals. There are some parts of it that are curious however. Like children playing with ants. Perhaps the larger consciousnesses of the Dread Pearl are long since gone and all that is left are the stupid (by it's standards, superhuman by ours) defence systems and maintenance systems? The defence forces might be able to speak and communicate and to humans appear as an alien race of robots or aliens but to the larger consciousnesses of the Dread Pearl this is just like an immune system. It is an idea at least. I am not sure what Trasks ultimate goal is. He probably wants to reunite with his body. Admiral Bastille just wants the Pearl for himself, probably as a weapon. Which wont work at all, the sphere just wont comply. The Eldar wants to use it to further their own goals, possibly to quicken the birth of the unborn Eldar god; Ynnead. They have been in this game for a long time. They made the players astropath have her soul merge with that of an eldar soul in order to use the soulbond to create a psyker powerful enough to activate a path to the Pearl. (Without her knowledge and before the campaign began. This is only a small faction as most Eldar would consider such a thing a hideous abomination and probably want the Farseer in charge punished severely.) Feckward wants to backstab the Eldar he has allied with and keep the Pearl for himself. Blitz? He doesn't think that much, it's a marvellous gem to add to his collection. It's also a really cool thing for picking up guys and girls so that's a pro as well. Lady Sun Lee is greedy above all else but loves adventure too. Charlabelle wants to revive her dynasty but she is willing to cooperate with others. In the end she might sacrifice herself for the good of the imperium. AMGEV Prometheus wants the technology within the Pearl, they might even come to worship it as a manifestation of the machine god. The tech that could be gleaned could be an enormous treasure. Somehow I want them to make a choice of what path to take. Like in the Deus Ex games but my imagination is lacking here. Ork ships crashing into the sphere im definitely gonna use, I want it chaotic but also scary. Seeing orks literally devoured by black clouds down a hallway for example. Im definitely gonna have some gun emplacement blow up an enemy ship as well, possibly saving the explorers vessel in the process. There are countless npcs with the players as well. The rogue trader Eleanor Trask's mother; Isador Trask (A very demanding, passive aggressive woman), Sarvus Trasks closest friend and lover; Wrath Umbold. (The RT does not know of this but her mother does. Wrath and Isador Trask do not like each other AT ALL) , Asira Stormcaller (Who was Sarvus former Astropath who were driven insane in the processional and left behind on Dross) got killed in a crash and was ressurected by their insane Adeptus Mechanicus Genetor and is seeking a new purpose in life as her psychic abilies has been robbed of her. (She claims her old self is dead.) Theres their crazy, overemotional and enthusiastic Adeptus Mechanicus Genetor; Jeanette Ironfang who keeps wanting to "Improve" everyone on the ship Then theres the players I haven't mentioned. The crazy AM Techpriest Ezekiel. (Who is now paranoid about the Eldar, keeps putting up lights everywhere after meeting an Umbra, thinks Orks are gonna pop out of the woodwork and keeps screaming over the voxlink for no reason.) Their controlling, Stalin inspired seneschal: Jarrion Rautamäki who has created his own security forces called the nightwatch and is essentially controlling most of their ship by now. The insane Astropath Lucretcia who acts a bit like Max from Sam & Max but in her more lucid moments is a brilliant strategist. Then theres the one sane woman aboard the ship. The Rogue Trader Eleanor Trask who has been driven into alcoholism by her collegues.
  7. I must say some awesome feedback I got there, gears are really spinning in my head. Sorry for being a bit slow on the reply. Brace for wall of text. Feel free to steal any ideas , im happy if I can be of assistance to any other gms out there. The main thing to gain is probably knowledge of some sort, perhaps even a functioning STC though that might make the players way too rich for any follow up campaigns. I think im going with that distress call and the RT being pinned down. As the PCs have a few allies in among their rivals, some of which they've grown very fond of. In particular Madam Charlabelle (who is a close ally along with her gargantuan ex astartes bodyguard Master Beard who somehow got kicked out of the Storm Lords as a scout) , the gentleman adventurer Jeremiah Blitz. (Rogue and Trader, the Rogue Trader player has been hitting on him) and they have had some loose affiliations with Lady Sun Lee. Most want the Sphere to themselves but some fight without actual physical confronation, by hindering the others plan nonlethally or economically. It is a good opportunity to have them make an agonising choice about which one to save first. Perhaps they can save several but at great cost in resources and time. The webway portal fits good as an escape device as I've been pondering having the PCs use the webway portal on the Key (called Dread Pearl in the original campaign) to get in. (The outer shell needs a fleet to breach but the portal can get them in without as much problems, but with little backup.) I can definitely see the Golden men collecting creatures and it is suitably creepy and weird for such a place. One thing in particular might interest the players. Along the path to the Dread Pearl they have been following in the tracks of the lost Rogue Trader Sarvus Trask, the player RTs father. What has happened is that he managed to reach the Dread Pearl but had lost most of his subordinates and allies on the way. Eventually he made a mistake and had his body separated from his mind. Now his mind and soul roams the webway where he has been able to psychically communicate with the players on occasion. He is slightly mad due to the confinement and he was unhinged even before going to the pearl but the experience has also transformed him and made him wise beyond many mortals. He could see things that weren't there even before his entrapment on the sphere. (some of which actually were there, in the Processional he saw the players when they visited the same ship 20 years later. Of course none of the sane members of his party could see them.) Then again perhaps he fits better as a kind of mythological creature, they might be able to save him from his entrapment on the Sphere but not return him to his body. Or he is simply too changed from the experience to return to the dynasty again. Additionally a (heretech) Adeptus Mechanicus ship that had been previously studied the Sphere, AMGEV Prometheus had one of their former crewmembers hostage when it disappeared near the sphere. It had been sending legions of servitors and slaves to try to breach it but it's defences kept literally eating them. Prometheus crew consisted of servitors and the uploaded mind of one single man that had then been copied to hundreds of techpriests.. (The False men mentioned in one dark heresy source book) It might have been eaten by the sphere or it's crew taken for studying. One final point worth noting is what they might eventually accomplish, the sphere had the knowledge to enable the Yu'vath to ascend to become beings of the warp. (Though they failed and instead became a fractured completely insane warp god called The Many) and now an Inquisitor travelling with the players wants to use the Sphere to make humanity ascend in the same way. He believes that by directly using the Sphere he might accomplish what the Yu'vath failed in doing. Unfortunately he might be manipulated by outside events. The Many has pointed out that he is ”Touched by the Crow”. Perhaps doing something like the Deus Ex games where the players can choose the fate of the expanse or even the calixis sector? The campaign has been quite epic so it is not beyond it's scope even though I also try to focus on the players personal stories as well and the fate of the dynasty.
  8. Jarrion, Lucretcia, Eleanor and Ezekiel, if you are reading this stop. Because major spoilers. So im running what started out as the Lure of the Expanse campaign. The players are going towards the endgame of the campaign. A vast sphere in the void created by the Iron Men and Golden Men before the birth of the imperium. (Thus the name Dread Pearl, the world in the original adventure is just the key to gaining access to it.) The sphere is a matrioshka brain constructed around a shard made by the ancients. This shard was created to serve as sort of a safehouse for their knowledge after the war against the necrons went bad. Then the Iron Men and Golden Men from before the imperium found it and created a giant construct around it. Eventually the Iron Men rebelled and got cast out after a war inside the sphere. Eventually they became the Yu'Vath. Then many years later the Yu'Vath tried to achieve transcendence, to be pure beings living within the warp in the same vein as the Old Ones and Eldar gods had. This failed because the Eldar made the Imperium intevene a few centuries ago during the crusade that founded the Calixis sector. So now im in the need for ideas for encounters When the players arrive the orks will be attacking the outside of the sphere and be busy being eaten by nanoswarms and their ships cut in two by the weapons of the sphere. Meanwhile Eldar will be chasing after the players in an attempt to kill them. As will the rest of the rivals from the Lure of the Expanse. Lastly there is the spheres own defence systems. Normally it would instantly kill them but by this time the players have deactivated most of the defence systems to gain entry. Still lots of very very weird high tech, warp tech etc will be there and attack them. Constructs of the Yu'Vath will also be attacking alongside the orks. Lastly what kind of reward should I give my players? It's gotta be epic something like a functioning STC. An idea of what happened to the lost space marine legions etc.
  9. Sorry accidentally posted in wrong forum. Could this be moved to gamemasters?
  10. Sorry didn't notice I accidentally posted in wrong forum. Could this be moved to gamemasters?
  11. In my continuing exploration of the Processional of the Damned the players have come upon the remains of a stryxis owned ship who was in a mutual fight to the death with an eldar craft. The ship is filled with dead slaves, stryxis fleshconstructs and the remains of eldar who perished there. Some of them aren't quite dead though as the Processional reanimates some of the dead in the same way the hollow men are kept alive. Im trying to think up strange dangers and encounters that might be found on a stryxis ship but it's harder than combat encounters as they aren't described that much. They are traders though so there might be other strange things loose on the ship than just Eldar and Stryxis. The time distortion of the processional also present some dangers. The goal of the players is to get a hold of the Stryxis vessels warp core to repair their own (xenotech equipped) vessel.
  12. Right now my players are entering the processional of the damned and I had thought it cool to have a short old school dungeon crawl on a tyranid infested space hulk. Im trying to find good maps to use as guidelines and get some ideas for encounters. So far no luck when it comes to maps. Using some fantasy dungeon crawl might be an idea but I don't know where to start looking for something that might be converted into the wh40k setting. One advantage is that as it's a space hulk I can throw pretty much anything at the players. The time distortion and seemingly undead denizens of the processional of the damned also bring some nice opportunities for nastiness. As does the survivors of Wrath Umbolds expedition. What kind of rewards might the players find?
  13. I was thinking of them seeing their own flagship. I also figured the Processional might have something to do with the Yu'vath. I had an idea that they might not have followed any of the big four gods of chaos at all. But something different entirely. Haven't really pinned down what exactly the nature of this minor god might be. Perhaps bring back Malal? Since the Processional seems linked with void and oblivion. If you remember some scraps of it just help me brainstorm here.
  14. So im continuing through the processional and because I thought the standard adventure was kinda boring I had the nexus shut off due to a freak "blowout" that tore out several systems from the players vessel and made the nexus shut down. These occur at regular intervals so the players have to move from hulk to hulk so as not to be hit. Now they need to create an artifact to jumpstart the nexus, one part they already have. A spirit stone from an eldar craft (that was torn apart by a malevolent force that had been kept in check by the few last remaining waystones in the ships core). There were a few attacks by Warp spiders and Dire Avengers , dead and hollow just like the hollow men but on a different mission, they tried to kill all intruders. Now im at the next part, the players need to scavenger for repairs on a space hulk and find the warp core of a stryxis vessel. Problem is I don't know what to do with these two to make it memorable. Im trying to make it short but include something interesting in each hulk they visit. After those there are some ships in the inner cloud of space hulks; A tyranid bioship (dead, mostly), and one of the hulks that has a history with one of the players. (Her own homeship , that somehow got transported to the processional after an eldar attack. She has some special connection with the Eldar.) In addition their nemesis , Feckward is there with an allied ship and im trying to make it a cat and mouse chase to stay out of Feckwards way. In the end I hope to create an enemy mine situation where they have to cooperate against the carrion or possibly another rogue trader come to blockade the exit to the webway nexus. So where do I go from here? How do I expand the ideas I have?
  15. One question I keep asking is; What exactly is the processional of the damned? Why does it exist and why does it do the things it does? Why do the Hollow Men scavenge the vessels and how do they even exist? The eldar described it as a sinkhole in reality. There are hints that there might be a malevolent intelligence in the center of it. The description of a star of dark matter makes me think of a similar description of the Yu'vath fortress and the Terror Star. Is it possible the Processional is the god that the Yu'Vath worshipped? Some sort of god of time or destruction? Though that seems a lot like nurgle, who is ultimately a god of entropy. Any theories?
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