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  1. You make a compelling argument for her as the traveler that is hard to argue against. I might add some of those supernatural capacities come from her long history and her interactions with some of the greatest genesis technicians. Also with her long absences I suspect she spends a lot of time exploring the wake and may have gained some of her strange abilities from that place.
  2. I fell like they are a bit too weak potentially. I would like to see more level scaling based on the pilot, While you can't really scale the LP perhaps some expansion of modules for the pilots might help. For high tier characters these don't have a lot of benefit that I am seeing, I mean they are pretty awesome but maybe just a scale up of area of effect or even just some higher tier examples.
  3. There is a copy paste in the talents section on swift attack and lightening attack which has led to a question, does the cannot be used with unweildy unbalanced weapons apply to swift attack as well?
  4. Well I will say for how to get your psy rating above 10, there are ways published. Buying sorcerer and master sorcerer while already a psyker will get you a extra 2 psy rating, getting lucky on a mutation role and getting wyrlding will get you another one so there is 13 in ascension or 9 pre ascension. With black crusade out it is easier to see how to do that in that book by going to 10 and taking some of the boosting talents.
  5. As I regularly have players play form both dark heresy and rogue trader I may be able to help. For a good ammount of time My parties senchal was posessed by a demon, although far from the same power tier perhaps it may allow for the feel of it without some of the other issues. That is from the radicals handbook if you want to look it up. It worked out really wonderfully with her hiding it from the rest of the party till it eventually came out and the captain decided to keep her anyway it was quite touching.
  6. The group I play in is a group of 4. The group I run for is a group of 9 which can get pretty hectic.
  7. I run what has become a rather combat heavy game and one thing which I have found to be VERY useful in balancing any combat encounter is chaos and psionics. Basically unsanctioned psykers can do a lot of things, sorcerers can do even more, attacks that bypass armor, that attack their mind, the earth around them, force their bodyguards to attack them, all these things and more are there. I am not saying it can fix everything but it can stop your party from waltzing in over everything and give them a moment of pause. For a example the part at one point had about 50 space marines at their disposal for the clearing of a research base, they had killed most of the nasties easy mutants and the like till they hit a room with a psyker one holocaust later and there are 13 less marines. Things went down hill from there. Also if the psyker is getting too bad one bad roll from them can make the psyker go away avoiding tpk. And never forget posession is always a risk,
  8. OH my lets see here 6 Dark eldar cruisers destroyed 10 Ork frigats, 4 ork onslaughts, 4 killa kruzas 28 tau cruisers 1 imperium battleship This has been through the entirty of the game, at first just a frigat for 2 of the dark eldar cruisers and a few of the ork frigats then we got 2 cruisers for the rest of the dark eldar ships and a few of the onlaughts, got another cruiser against the battleship then got the battleship which took on the rest of the ork ships. For the tau we sacked some frigats we had picked up specifically for this by setting their warp drives to explode.
  9. I can only see the most recent pic, is anyone else getting that problem?
  10. I must admit I do come more on the "its a game suspend belief" side of the argument although perhaps because I have done worse. A heavy flamer, a pair of shields, a pair of vanheims, a pair of las pistols, and a pair of power swords and a bolt gun is my standard loadout. Admittedly that charecter is now dead but it had nothing to do with a lack of gun. Really if it is bothering the rest of the players I would step in but if no one else is bothered by it then I don't see the problem.
  11. Sure, Lar'shi (Hero) class spd 4 hull integrity 70 armor 20 shields 2 manuverability 0 detection +10 turret rating 3 prow mount 1: (torpedo) str 6 dmg 1d10 +2 as lance rng 4-8 crit 3 prow mount 2: railgun macrobattery str 4 dmg 1d10+2 rng 9 crit 5 port launch bay starboard launch bay port mount: Ion cannon str 2 dmg 1d10+3 rng 6 crit 3 starboard mount: Ion cannon str 2 dmg 1d10+3 rng 6 crit 3 Note: port and starboard mounts can also fire forward Kir'Quath (Defender) class spd 4 hull integrity 34 armor 16 manuverability +10 detection +10 turrent rating 2 shields 1 prow mount 1: railgun macrobattery str 3 dmg 1d10+2 rng 6 crit 5 prow mount 2:(torpedo) str 2 dmg 1d10+2 as lance rng 4-8 crit 3 honestly as far as the (torpedos) they are gavmetric drivers and I am not sure how they work, I have been working from the partial rules for tau off the website.
  12. Well I have been working on converting the tau ships from battlefield gothic to rogue trader, but only in a adversarial way. I have put some thought to doing components layout for them but it hasn't been pressing.
  13. First may I just say thank you for the work on these conversions, they have been a great help to me. I was wondering however if you would be doing the various xeno ships as well? And if not I was curious how you did the armor and the hull integrity conversions?
  14. In the starting gear of the Arch-Militant it lists one of the options as a hunting rifle but there is no hunting rifle I can find in the weapons section. So umm what happened and where is it? Am I missing it?
  15. should they have any additional modifier for scale? or should getting 100 walks be the same as getting 100 guns of the same rarity? Also has anyone made stats for a baneblade?
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