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  1. I believe it to be correct. They finally gave it a release month. It'll be at least 2 weeks away. I've gotten "shipping soon" notifications last week (Marvel Champions: Red Skull) and the week before (Arkham Horror: Investigator Decks) but not 1 for that, so the 11th, 18th, or 25th. I think it will be smaller than normal. They only did it after their April Fool's Day article blew up. I think they believe, as its cards "aren't compatible" with other products, that it won't sell as well as most things. I believe the opposite, that it will serve as an excuse to get people to start playing and will see the highest sales of any stand-alone-scenario. Perhaps that's wishful thinking on my part.
  2. I'm 98% sure that's what War of the Outer Gods is. Should see it Dec-Feb. Epic-multiplayer scenario where you contend with 3 waring cults. I too believe it to be the right thing to do, just sad as it's 1 more thing taken from normalcy.
  3. And there it is. https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2020/8/24/august-covid-update/
  4. Yeah, but could you go into more detail about them? Holy cow! I don't think I have that many thoughts on even 1 of those cards (before); maybe The Chthonian Stone & Decorated Skull. Both of those cards I include in my test-the-waters decks of Ursula & Leo, the later to pay for the Lightning Gun and copious amounts of allies he runs with.
  5. I mean, they did...☺️ But here's to their next livestream (which I would think would pertain Red Skull first).
  6. https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2020/8/24/strength-of-an-ant/ Ant-Man: I like that his hero actions/responses are dependent upon which hero form he is in. He and the Wasp should offer increased complexity and strategy with greater rewards. Apparently coming with Leadership. You can include his own ally cards in his deck as they are the other men who bore his mantel (Hank Pym & Raz Malhotra): They are doubling down on the ally build with their second Leadership focused release. Ant-Man (Hank Pym) Stinger are going to be a very easy includes, the former costing however many hit points you want (up to 4) and the latter (1-cost) not counting against your limit of heroes. Reinforced Suit makes Inspired more appealing, and along side Honorary Avenger can make a given ally's staying power significant. It also makes the ally Iron Man's ability more impactful, increasing his likeliness to see play. I'm wondering if Moxie isn't something to the effect of, "Hero Response: Exhaust your hero to give each of your allies +1 ATK & +1 DEF until the end of the round." I think Moment of Triumph is, "Hero Response: After you attack and defeat an enemy, heal 1 damage from your hero for each point of excess damage dealt by this attack." It should pair well with Rocket. Not sure why it isn't an interrupt, however, assuming I'm right. I don't mind the 3-sided card, but my cohorts are hoping for promo versions of Ant-Man and Wasp's giant forms so they can just sleeve them without detriment to play.
  7. I always like seeing a signature card that breaks the rules. Not OP, and I can't figure out how to modify its value, but it will definitely lend Hawkeye a different feel for tension purposes. Edit: So I'm operating under the assumption that he'll have 4 pairs of arrows, thus: Clint Barton/Hawkeye Hawkeye's Bow Hawkeye's Quiver Mockingbird Sonic Arrow Sonic Arrow Explosive Arrow Explosive Arrow Electric Arrow Electric Arrow Cable Arrow Cable Arrow Target Practice (translation best guess) Target Practice Jessica Drew/Spider-Woman Captain Marvel Jessica Drew's Apartment Venom Blast (Aggression) Venom Blast (Aggression) Pheromones (Leadership) Pheromones (Leadership) Contaminant Immunity (Protection) Contaminant Immunity (Protection) Inconspicuous (Justice) Inconspicuous (Justice)
  8. Oh I'm definitely going to do a whole campaign with 2+ investigator decks - no extra cards! I gotta know if it's reasonable to hand off some of these so we can remote play.
  9. I'm guessing that theirs gets discarded. But yeah, unclear so far.
  10. Yeah, I suppose if he had 2 Mockingbirds you'd be able to choose which one was trapped by his Nemesis Side Scheme. So, if she's trapped, can someone else play her basic form? Edit: Whoop, gotta learn to read below the fold:
  11. I doubt Hawkeye will have more fetches than we've already seen - his alter-ego action searches for his bow and his quiver searches the top 5 cards for an arrow event. Hey, on the subject of Mockingbird, he can still take the basic form of her, correct? It's like Hulk drawing himself as an aggression card, the table can only have 1 copy of a card by title in play, yes?
  12. I'll go so far as to say Hulk-Aggression. At least Thor & She-Hulk have ways to augment their heroic hand size - Thor's ability (Response: After you engage a minion, draw 2 cards. (Limit once per phase.)) and Asgard (You get +1 hand size.) & She-Hulk's 2x Focused Rage (Hero Action: Exhaust Focused Rage and take 1 damage → draw 1 card.) go a long way to making their hands more playable than the Hulk's.
  13. I was thinking the same thing about poor Harvey! I think it's supposed to be comparable to a full cycle's worth of player cards all at once. That said, no cycle has enough level 0 cards throughout to make 5 complete starter decks! Can't wait. Overload.
  14. So keep him around until you can make sure using him will discard him before the end of the phase. I mean, 2 swings will do it, then use rapid response to get him back on the table and repeat next round. This is going to be a hoot!
  15. I doubt it. If they produced reduced quantities of them, then they probably thought it wouldn't appeal to whole community, "only certain people want those!" I think it'll be a significant success and will even bring a few new faces to the table. Maybe they'll have to release a cat one after this as an intro product.
  16. I can't answer that, but surely if you're going to read them, listen to him narrate them instead: https://www.audible.com/search?keywords=stephen+fry&ref=a_hp_t1_header_search (I knew he read other books for Audible so I looked it up.)
  17. That's about how often and quickly SotP came out for me while playing solo. I had a really hard time against multiple targets with the man...thing...person?
  18. Yeah, I'd watch a movie about Winnie.
  19. Is she actually bonded to Venom, or is she just wearing a black Spider-Man themed costume?
  20. No. Shipping soon notification from FFG last week. I won't see anything until sometime next week for shipping.
  21. Upcoming page updated. (I know, right?!) Release date of 08/28/2020! Coming in September!!!
  22. Interesting. I like that the response doesn't work with Make the Call. Are there a lot on non Nemesis minions you want confused and stunned? She reminds me of Black Cat somehow. (Maybe the 2-cost, 2-health.) She's on the weak side for Aggression, but she's cheap and has a useful ability in addition to a quick hit or thwart before chump-blocking. I just spent a weekend playing Hulk with every other hero in the game (two-handed), and I can say she'd see a lot more play than She-Hulk did!
  23. I have yet to solo Hulk to a win. Two-hand solo, I have a comfortable win streak with him. My favorite wins have been with Thor against Ultron, with Ms. Marvel against the Wrecking Crew, and with Dr. Strange against the Wrecking Crew. The first win against the Crew was over too fast for Hulk to go through his deck. With Strange, I went in reverse order of kills (Wrecker > Thunderball > Bulldozer > Piledriver) as I always target the reverse. They had 3 acceleration tokens and removed my best upgrade/supports on the regular (in addition to making my fly through my deck via milling). Protection Hulk never left hero mode and Leadership Strange only changed to offset Confusion tokens he placed on the villains. I think I had 11 threat on the main scheme a one point. Really enjoyed it. (Now I have to try start Gloomhaven: Jaws of the Lion.) I'm not sure true solo Hulk is viable for a greater than 50:50 with the card pool. Maybe a tailored Justice Hulk, but I'm not holding my breath. He's just too hard to get set up with a hand size of 4 and being unwilling to revert to Banner for scheming. Sub-Orbital Leap is amazing when you pull it off, but there are only 2 in his deck and it takes 10 rounds (baseline) to go through your 40 card deck, playing only 1 or 2 cards each turn. Fantastic in high player counts though.
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