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  1. I am also a fan of K.I.S.S (Keep It Simple, Stupid.  A phrase I tell myself often).  Simple Objectives are a really good idea.  Maybe get in and out while your enemy tries to kill you, or a straight death match seem like good places to start.

    On squadrons, no need to get fancy.  I would think Wave I generics would be best.  Maybe try pairing groups (like a bomber and escort) to hound a specific ship.

    Assigning ships their own goal, such as destroying another ship or ramming a ship (there by disrupting movement) could work.  Even just giving one ship a personal goal could keep it authentic, threatening and more easily guided.

    Back to HotAC, a lot its success and simplicity comes from a lack of opponent upgrades.  They don't become upgraded until later in the missions, by which time you have figured out how to decipher the maneuver systems.  I suspect upgrades weren't added until after some playtesting.

  2. It is.

    Trusted Ally is Neutral skirmish upgrade.

    • Droid only

      Exhaust this card when another friendly figure within 3 spaces is attacking.  It may reroll 1 attack die.

      Exhaust this card during your activation.  An adjacent friendly figure recovers 1Damage or discard 1 Harmful condition.

  3. I am aware that Vader and Hera are not in the same faction, but let's ask this question early.  The way this card reads, it specifically calls out "VPs he would normally gain (rounded down)."swi43-evacuate.png.dc28702a3de6cba03016cb72ac508781.png

    From the official FAQ:


    Q: Does an “Attachment” Skirmish Upgrade card change the deployment cost of the Deployment card to which it is attached?

    A: No. e attachment is simply scored simultaneously when the group to which it is attached is defeated. Any e ects that refer
    to a group’s deployment cost do not take the cost of an attached Skirmish Upgrade into account.

    Which would result with Hater-Vader being: 18 points of Vader, minus the 5 points from Driven by Hatred, becoming 6VPs.    (18 - 5) / 2 = 6.5 rounded down.

    If the all-wise creators are not cognizant of their wording, cases like this could become:  18 points rounded down (9), minus 5 points rounded down (2) becoming 7VPs.  All depending on when the truncation occurs.


    Q: Does an “Attachment” Skirmish Upgrade card change the deployment cost of the Deployment card to which it is attached?

    A: No. e attachment is simply scored simultaneously when the group to which it is attached is defeated. Any e ects that refer
    to a group’s deployment cost do not take the cost of an attached Skirmish Upgrade into account. 

    This means that for any trigger that references Hater-Vader before he is defeated, he is valued at 18.


  4. Looking at cycles like Magic the Gathering, player exploitations in the meta are limited, in their case it's usually 2 years.  Miniature games have much longer cycles.  Warhammers Fantasy & 40k have a core rules cycle of 3-10 years while faction cycles may change 3-15 years (and they won't change at the same time).  Warmachine/Hordes has a cycle of maybe 5 years.  Then they release a new version of the core rules and faction packs.  Both of these require the purchase of 75$ or 50$ core rule books and codexes of 50$ or 30$ respectively.  Then, additional materials (character cards (like ship cards) for Warmachine/Hordes) on a per faction basis.  In the Warhammer games, factions have been nerfed for 5+ years at a time.  Fantasy Flight has used errata to balance the game with mild tweeks (yes, affecting one card to reduce a build's propensity is mild).  This is much more responsive than most miniature game companies.  At other times, if they thought the meta wasn't too powerful but people were complaining and having a hard time dealing with it, they wrote articles to explain how to defeat it (e.g. Swarms).  The meta in a game should change, but other games use it as an excuse to push new product on us and allow for power-creep.  X-Wing is very balanced, and part of that is the ongoing efforts they put into it after the fact.  My disappointment is I have no idea what I'll be flying against in my next tournament.

  5. You mean something like this page over on BGG's play by forum?


    Sort of?  


    They're using micro badges for symbols while http://imperial-assault.wikia.com/wiki/Imperial_Assault_Wikiause uploaded images to insert the same information into sentences.  A font would have the same effect without being images.  This allows for them to be inserted into documents as though they were special symbols, for example ¶, ¢, ≈, ∞, or £.

  6. I am wondering if anyone has made a font for the symbols of Imperial Assault (Strain, Surge, Damage, Neutral cards, etc.).  I like to log information in a Numbers file (Mac's Excel equivalent) and I like having the symbols when I do so.  For example, here a few other such font files:


    X-Wing:  https://github.com/geordanr/xwing-miniatures-font/tree/master/dist


    X-Wing ships:  https://github.com/geordanr/xwing-miniatures-font/tree/master/dist


    Armada:  https://boardgamegeek.com/filepage/116568/armada-icon-fonts


    Edge of the Empire:  https://github.com/Morgul/rpgkeeper-eote/tree/master/client/fonts


    Arkham Horror: LCG:  https://drive.google.com/file/d/0By2hzReltYWDYnZfSVhGVVliNzg/view

  7. I'd like to see an entire arc exploring Miskatonic University and its buildings - library, museum, science building, etc.  It'd be a great point to add Amanda Sharpe, the student.  I like the way The Gathering is only in one location.  It feels much more contained, small, and human to me.  Very personal.  Unlike Eldritch Horror or even Arkham Horror (the board game (as we must now call it)) in which players are traveling on great scale.  I like the way Mansions of Madness has pulled everything into one location - either a building or a city block - and only opened up to multiple locations for a single story (to date).


    For expansions of the LCG, I imagine they will use PODs to give one-shots akin to the hopes of the OP.


    I'm not sure, but it feels like Curse of the Rougarou was longer than any POD of this format I've seen (there were also MoM PODs).  That said, I'd like a bigger POD that has 3 linked scenarios in it with no superfluous player cards.  In that way, it wouldn't be much more to see Saga expansions.

    As for additional theme, I have no interest in Dreamlands or locations outside of the states.  I think this has more ability to grow Arkham, Dunwich, Innsmouth and Kingsport into living, breathing towns than any previous Lovecraft game.


    When I first got into board games, I picked up Arkham Horror (the board game).  It, Eldritch Horror and even Mansions of Madness never captured the feeling I was hoping for.  This game does.  It hits it so squarely on the nose that I feel like I must have requested it and then they made it for me.  It gives choices, it feels personal, the locations are explorable, the things that go bump in the night feel like they should be there, and actions have consequences.  I feel that telling a big story - let's go fight an unknowable eldritch god - won't feel plausible.  Maybe with a big enough build toward it, but otherwise I'd prefer keeping the story and locations small (relatively) rather than global and cosmic.  I'm along for the ride, but I'd rather explore 1920s' Boston over 1920s' Cairo.  Akin to an early Batman pursuing hoodlums and mobsters, rather than the Justice League fighting Darksied.  I like the feeling that this is happening just behind the shadows, and normal life is going on with most people unawares.


    Not to undercut my own points, but what I really want are more scenarios and cards right the heck now. :P


    I want a dreamlands deluxe expansion with new rules and "Dreamer" investigators. (and more cats!)


    A Hastur campaign: stuff like: Go see a weird art exibit, try not to end up in an insane asylum.


    Investigators with interesting deck building options: like, can use any class cards up to level 2 but none of 3-5.


    Investigators that are related to ghouls (Pickman) or deep one hybrids.


    Expansions that let you re-use locations from the base game.

    They do Dreamlands in every one of their Arkham games, so this is a safe bet.


    Hastur would be cool, not sure how they would do fighting the Old Ones but I trust it will be epic and hard


    Investigators with the options you wanted are coming out next month in the Dunwitch expansion. All of them are mono color, except they can use up to 5 cards from any classes up to level 2.


    Possibly related to creatures, though I feel that they have so many right now they can do that might not happen.


    They did that with LOTR. The ease of the system makes it so they don't need to always have new stuff, they can have missions use older card packs so this will also happen


    Actually, they only use 5 cards up to level 0.

  9. This is what I was scouring the forums to find before starting the post myself.


    If you can use Clue tokens or "once per round" actions to change dice results, it is far more satisfying and tense if you don't know the possible outcomes.  Were it just a matter of dice, then knowing either way would be fine.  It's the spend it/save it element that makes it more thematically satisfying.

  10. Agreed!


    Further on this, in the Pandemic app, you can Undo up to 4 actions.  This is incase of accidental button pressing (or changing of actions during one turn).  I advanced the game twice by accident – possibly as a result of the OP – and it furthered story but was not intended.

  11. Sorry, but our memories of her being a BA are somewhat inaccurate. 

    I'm more remembering her using a blaster in A New Hope.

    Primarily, my concern and interest in the sculpt is in the context of the game (which I love). Irrevelivent of which side of the table I sit on, I love how dynamic the figures make the game feel. It's a turn based combat that feels much more live action because of the great mechanics, detailed tiles and dynamic sculpts. Ultimately, I will play the game regardless of sculpt quality (Descent 1st Ed. as proof) but with Han, Luke and Vader physically posed toward serious combat, I want Leia to be equally dynamic as it makes the game more immersive.

    Thanks to everyone for joining the discussion.

  12. I love that we're already seeing Leia. The art on the card looks amazing and fits her perfectly.

    However, what is with the sculpt? It looks like she's on a catwalk, hand on her out-thrust hip, sporting the latest in the Rebel Thermal Line. Her accessories include her purse conviently shaped like a blaster, which she holds over her shoulder haphazardly. I love the card art, it looks like she alwasy did holding a blast: uneasy, ready to recieve fire as she braces the oversized piece against her shoulder. Disagree? Look at Han's sculpt: dynamic, being shot at yet trying to fire off a cheap shot before he gets hit. Perfect. Leia's? "I'm a solider-boy, hmph." I have a lot of FFG games, and this the most misogynistic piece I've seen. She is the most widely recognized and powerful female character from the late 70s and early 80s. What gives?

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