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  1. I'm pulling for Dragon to claim the Seeker of Water. With the Stone of Sorrows, spending fate to rings gets really beneficial because it loses the cost of your opponent gaining those resources. Plus, Seeker of Enlightenment gets scary fast. With Kitsuki Yaruma, "Reaction: When this character enters play, choose an unbroken province – turn that province facedown." having 2 water provinces would be very nice. Both core neutral provinces are powerful, Rally to the Cause "Reaction: After this province is revealed – switch the conflict type. (The conflict retains its element.)" often prevents an opposing victory, and Elemental Fury "Reaction: After this province is revealed – switch the contested ring with an unclaimed ring. (The conflict retains its type.)" upsets their plans. Similarly, our own Restoration of Balance "Reaction: After this province is revealed – your opponent chooses and discards cards from his or her hand until that player has 4 or fewer cards in hand." only gets triggered once per game (if that). Yaruma opens the possibilities to doing any one of them twice.
  2. I don't think I'd waste Let Go on this. Now I'm wondering. Togashi Kazue as an attachment "Action: During a conflict in which attached character is participating, choose another participating character – move 1 fate from that character to the attached character." Does Embrace the Void prevent the fate from reaching Kazue's attached character? It certainly makes Wandering Ronin more affordable. "Action: During a conflict, remove 1 fate from this character – it gets +2M and +2P until the end of the conflict. (Limit twice per conflict.)"
  3. This is an auto-include in my Dragon w/ Phoenix deck. If I have Togashi Kazue (when played as an attachment it gains: "Action: During a conflict in which attached character is participating, choose another participating character – move 1 fate from that character to the attached character.") on a character, this is a near permanent +1 Fate. In addition, most times I put Kazue on a character, he's a beast. They're conflicting Void to remove fate from it. It can also be put on an opposing character before you duel it with Way of the Dragon-Raitsuge for a quick 1 or 2 fate. If you have three out, they're netting you +3 fate that turn at least. I agree with @suburbaknght, this is really powerful in Dragon, but I think it'll be useful for Phoenix to be able to afford bigger spells.
  4. https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/op/world-championships/nov/ which contains the https://images-cdn.fantasyflightgames.com/filer_public/f7/5c/f75ce38c-f89c-4a8c-9fe9-affce29bc1ac/2017b_l5c_schedule.pdf document. I now see your point. Which you made a day before the document came out. Burn the Witch! Of other note. Oh. I'll run Endless Plains, 2 copies of Restoration of Balance and... I don't know...2 Shameful Displays? Crane for the Win!
  5. Of Dathomir, Animorphs, or Manimal? EDIT: (I seriously got excited, "someone new is ready Animorphs!!!" and then logic came in and rained on that parade.)
  6. I'm not going to propose a rules change, but I think tallying strength in a conflict on paper is fine. I get missing things or forgetting what I'm at because I've been deciding for too long on which card to play, when. I resolve conflict strength as per the rules, "All right. I played Banzai!, now what am at? 4 to 4. OK. Attacker wins on ties. Your move." I do this with my opponent (not actually saying what card I played (well, as part of the tally)), calling out, "I added or subtracted X. Now its Y to Z. Your move." And then, "you added X, now it's Y to Z. I'll do..." It's pretty straightforward. Not all of my opponents do that out loud, but I'll do it anyway.
  7. I too am disappointed (and use FFG's clear sleeves). Sadly, this is the way they run all of their card game tournament rules. I suspect it is two fold: Promo cards are often printed in-house and are not guaranteed to be of identical quality as the normal product. You need to ensure that your sleeves are unmarked and consistent. This effectively doubles when you need to do this with sleeves and the cards inside. Primarily it slows down the game (and rounds are already longer than FFG wants them), the other reason is card counting. The latter just feeds into an unfair advantage to whomever can count cards in their head. I'm not seeing that in the TR, am I blind? "...not resistant to accidental modification..." is referring to existing uses for tokens, say fate. If I use dice to mark that I have 2 fate on Hōdan no Ejiki Jones, and I move into attack, it's liable to get changed from that 2 at some point (in the example in my mind, I'm using d10s for reasons I'm not going into here). They want to ensure that there is no confusion or errors in being able to read the table. What you (and by proxy he (she?)) are describing, using dice to count scores, are in addition to the existing game. You are still expected to recite out loud what the difference in strength is through the round. The dice are not replacing actual score keeping (or acting as tokens), they are just a visual way of tracking it. There should be no reason why he (again, she?) couldn't do this. It's honestly the only note taking that should be allowed (and by the blanket statement isn't): conflict tallying. If their opponent does not consent to it, then they would likely not be allowed to use them, but I don't see that as something that can't be done in a Relaxed tournament. Shoot, it might even be allowable in a bigger one. The first day of GenCon tournaments was a debacle. I believe that the matches were originally set at 40 min. They bumped to 50, but due to very few having played the new game before (mostly by proxies if they had), there were still a high number of games that went to time. They have announced* that they intend to make tournament rounds 10 extra minuets for the first 3 months, which brings us to 60. So, get ready to play for keeps. *For the life of me I can't find the source of this. This was my single biggest issue with the first game - that tournament rounds were short and the game was long. I promise the game is noticeably shorter, but it is still a battle against time.
  8. Worlds starts next week, which role do you think each clan will/should take?
  9. I assume you mean Fire Role. And I agree that could get very messy. As is, assuming even alternation, we can use a given (what should we call it, Role Function?) K/S every other year. A given element we'd only be able to use every half-decade.
  10. A Clan's specific Role Card only matters for organized play. You can play with any or none at all in casual play. There may even be local events that allow you to use any role card (if you push for it and it's known beforehand).
  11. I think there will also be cards that tie to "...a ring matching your role card..." keying off the elemental type.
  12. CMoN has come a long way. Doubly since they pulled Eric Lang from FFG. I doubt this will feel much like risk. 1+ hours is a bit shorter than a typical Risk game. This is the same price point Android: Mainframe (https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/products/android-mainframe/) which is a really enjoyable game. I'm hoping it'll be like that - by which I mean a really good product which is set in an existing IP, but there is no required knowledge of the original IP to play or enjoy it. And, if I never play the Game of Thrones board game again, it'll be too soon. That game drags on (my whole group knows how to play it), and people get locked into corners of the map and can't really do anything about it.
  13. Someone else knows what a hork-bajir is! And, yeah: very apt description. I'd say "young adults." I got into it in 5th grade. Loved it. Who got blood lust? How do I not remember that? Was it Rachel? Plus, as far as logistics and the short end of sticks, we have to talk about my favorite character, Tobias. The tech has a two-hour window of operation (@Absol197 correct me when I screw up here). If you're not back to your original form after the cutoff point, you're trapped. One of the characters did this (what, book one, two?), and remained in the body of a red-tailed hawk for the rest of the franchise. Everyone else had a home-life they had to dodge when they went out to fight aliens...except for the one that was an alien, he was free to do whatever. Tobias lived in a mother-freaking field eating small vertebrates raw. Marco had to dodge his bereaved (am I seriously remembering this right?!) father when he skipped out to fight. Only to find out his recently dead mother was one of the head (pun intended) aliens. Yeah, heavy moralizing and questioning of how far is too far. Hunger Games could take a page or two from Animorphs. Holy crap this would be a cool RPG system! Aside from the fact that nobody remembers it and it's not a major IP and that it's a "kid's book," why has no one made a freaking RPG out of this? It's Invasion of the Body Snatchers (only worse, because you're killing the actual abductees) meets Beast Wars plays the Hunger Games!!!
  14. Each arc is 6 packs. They also release deluxe box. Normally, each arc takes 6 months to release, and then they release a deluxe box (which is twice the cards @ twice the price) and then that takes up 2 months. Normally. When the first pack of the 9th arc releases, then they phase out the first 2 arcs. Without deluxe boxes, that's a maximum of 4 years (with the packs that come out later being out less time, as much as a year) that a pack is out. Deluxe boxes add time to that equation, and I'm not sure that they are phased out - and if so, when. I believe, that L5R is a typical LCG format game. I think they're just rushing the first six packs (well, 2nd-6th packs) to be out early for Tournaments. I expect that we'll then wait six months before any further releases. I could be wrong.
  15. I don't know where else to ask this. Two weeks ago, I was able to attach cards to a post. Now, if I download the cards I attached, they are too large to attach in a new post. Any reason for this reduction in attachable size (down to 10.24kb)?
  16. I got mine by viewing the avatar images in the FFG profile page.
  17. Nothing definitive, just a really good guess. They said early November. I expect them the first full week of November, who's Thursday is the 9th. I'll hedge and say plus-or-minus 1 week, but I think it's pretty solid. The weekend prior to that is Worlds 2017 - of which 4 days are L5R tournaments. Now, they could start releasing stuff before that (they won't) but it wouldn't be legal until after Worlds. This means they may release it the Thursday of Worlds (which I don't expect). I feel they'll start showing up the following week.
  18. Well, if we can't get away from the planet of Pandora, I'd rather go to the one from Borderlands. Aaaaand if we're complaining about wait times, I'm still waiting for the 2nd, 3rd and 4th DLC to the Pre-Sequel promised by the Season Pass. On Dathomir, is their even that much mention of the Zabrak? Darth Maul & Savage Opress are also from Dathomir. They both (by witch I mean Zabrak and Night Sisters, not the murder brothers) come from that world and have unique takes on the force. If we're mentioning Rebels, are there any Bendu anywhere if FaD? There's another (species? race?) group that interact with the force differently.
  19. This is my issue too. If you've made decisions based on his (I'm presuming gender) misrepresented board state, then I'd say 'nope'. Also, that resolution is in Fate Phase (IV), then you go through Regroup (V), Dynasty (I) and now you're in the Draw (II) Phase. The previous round has ended and you've started again. I accept that both are responsible to remember forced abilities, but I feel that at this stage the forced ability should be enforced or non-enforced based upon whom missed it and whom it benefits. If it was missed by the person whom it benefits, then (at this distance from the event) I say they don't get it. If it would instead harm them, I would say the do get it. Now, this point can be used to sit quietly and be a prick – which I neither endorse nor encourage. As a reductio-ad-absurdum counter example, if it were instead three rounds later and someone remembered that, would you allow it then?
  20. *Quietly pulling hair out* The reason I got excited about this book (over a year ago) was that I wanted rules for running/playing Night Sisters and Dathamir(ians?). The Night Sisters, which we heavy in Clone Wars (even without Ventress), have shown up in Rebels as well. My understanding was that Disney's Star Wars Cannon (at the real world timeline when the Force Awakens released) was limited to the 6 movies, I think both Clone Wars (but definitely the second) and Rebels. Night Sisters, which were exterminated by A New Hope, were & are part of cannon. And assuming that The Phantom Menace is part of cannon, so are Dathamir(ians), ala Maul. There are several races & sects which use the force in ways other than light and dark in the cannon. I'm disappointed that, after waiting since last October, we don't get FaD rules for running one of them.
  21. Loyal to Dragon, then to Phoenix. Dragon is what I played years ago, when I was fumbling my way through the mess of the game, and it's still the Clan with whom I most identify. I have clan loyalty. However, that does not mean that I will singularly play this clan. I'll play them at World's, but I'm playing other factions before and after. I think the LCG format allows for easy access to all the clans (by virtue of having all the cards), and I think that FFG's done a great job making each clan feel and play distinctly. The did this without making any of the clans feel particularly betrayed or unrecognizable. I am loyal to Dragon, but I do not hold them atop a pedestal. I look forward to their triumphs and anguishes, both in story and gameplay. I am familiar with the woes of those who played NBN in Netrunner, and so I say to those of you now entering, "Get attached, but accept change. Be like water, and flow in new directions when a path is closed to you."
  22. This distinction between decks is from the Netrunner LCG. In Netrunner, each player is required to bring 1 Corp deck and 1 Runner deck. Those can be in the same sleeve type because you only play with 1 deck per game, either Corp or Runner, while your opponent plays their copy of the other. I cannot reasonably imagine that FFG will allow us to use a single sleeve type for both Dynasty and Conflict decks (and I wouldn't want to play with both in the same style either). My real curiosity is if they'll mandate that our provinces be sleeved in a third opaque sleeve. Keep in mind, that this tournament resource is specifically regarding Store, Regional, National and World level tournaments. Traditional tournaments at your local game store shouldn't be required to have opaque sleeves.
  23. Whilst looking for other information, I noticed the in-house code for the playmats. They are numbered L5S08 - L5S14. The card products are numbered L5C01, L5C02, and so on. I speculate that card sleeves will be numbered L5S01 - L5S07. We all assume that we need different sleeves (mostly because the RR says so) for the Dynasty and Conflict decks, and there are only enough numbered slots for one per clan. Thus, I do conclude that there will be 2 sets of sleeves in these packs, each having 50 sleeves. From knowledge of how each Star Wars sleeve pack contains 50 sleeves at a cost of 5$, I further conclude that the going price for this product will be 10$ each. That reasoning is further bolstered by the Dragon Shield sleeves (owned by FFG) is 100 sleeves at a 10$ cost.
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