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  1. 1 hour ago, Dr Dee said:

    I also got my Games Lore notification...they're arriving tomorrow! Need to set aside some time for sleeving them all before I can give them a spin.

    My FFG shipment should be here tomorrow, but it's UPS and they tend to hand it off to the USPS and that usually eats up a day.¬†ūüėē

  2. 7 minutes ago, OC Architect said:

    Lots of cards previewed - that site map looks crazy! I am wondering if there is an act and or agenda for this scenario as that is a lot of sites to go through. Cards are looking fun so far. Really looking forward to this set.



    Yeah, I'm really looking forward to the Cursed/Blessed system.¬† Innsmouth is always dripping (see what I did there) with theme, and this run should be fantastic, but it's the player cards I'm most looking forward to.¬† For the first time ever.¬† (Not withstanding the investigator starter decks which are exclusively player cards.¬†ūüėú)

  3. 14 hours ago, Mimi61 said:

    Yup, mine too. I have been waiting for these to play RttFA. Stella for sure. Or maybe Winnie. Hmmm... maybe Daniel can deliver a one-two punch to snakes, but then Jaqueline has so many cool new spells. Harvey could read dusty tomes and bore enemies to death, I suppose. 

    Are you super excited about Ant Man? 
    I wonder if the cards will be tinyūüėČ

    Other way around.


    And  it's Red Skull campaign expansion that I'm really excited about!

  4. 11 hours ago, Jonathan4290 said:

    Probably in the minority. Just to be clear, your gripe is that there's a tiny handful of cards in each pack you don't want doubles of? Honestly, this seems like a very inconsequential thing to be concerned about.

    They design a bunch of new cards for a hero deck, add in some existing cards that fit with that hero, then they throw in 2-3 filler cards to get the hero deck up to 40 cards. They also ensure there is a completely new playset of cards for each aspect. Makes sense to me.

    I believe the gripe was he didn't want triples.  More variety of the reprints.  Could be wrong.

  5. 11 hours ago, James Ravenwood said:

    Agreed. I am also hoping it will give a way to link the core villains together as a campaign as well. I have played around with different ways to play Rhino/Klaw/Ultron as a unified Campaign and it works ok (although it breaks if you play as Iron Man or Black Panther due to keeping updates in play from scenario to scenario) but I'd like to see a definitive version from FFG which probably takes elements of Arkham. I just can't work out how to improve the heroes like you can investigators which FFG is hinting at for both Rise of the Red Skull and Galaxy's Most Wanted. Roll on next week.

    I believe we're getting cards like White Tiger based on performance during each battle.

  6. 3 minutes ago, maul said:
    Even so, I am not going to buy more heroes, I have 10 more heroes, the two that will come in the next expansion are 12

    Your deckbuilding will be limited, but it doesn't surprise me at all that there are people planning on doing this.  I'm a completionist and will therefore be getting everything, but I really just want things to fight against.  I like that there are only 4 heroes and not 6 this time.

  7. 10 hours ago, AlterEgos said:

    The real question is what % of the player base is engaging with the pre-con. They have felt rather hit and miss in this first cycle and most players I know personally are long term LCG players that just rip the decks apart for key cards. I can't complain too much about reprints as we get a new way to play the game each time with a new hero set. My concern for reprints is actually them feeling locked into the 3 x double resources for far too long rather than designing or providing a close alternative to work with certain heroes  so to vary those 3 card slots. 


    1 hour ago, AlterEgos said:

    I agree with you entirely, my personal experience is the same as yours. I hear the casual market statement all the time but never see any marketing or push towards that other than anecdotal, Have you heard  of  any other things that are been done to ensure the product is reaching said casual market? It is nice to think this game is going to be largely successful thanks to pre-cons and low barrier to entry! 

    I hadn't been, then with Thor (I think) I started trying the pre-cons.  It's pretty fun.  They're usually geared toward a specific idea the character can be used for.  Then, I rip them apart and choose which cards to add to my class decks.

  8. 1 hour ago, Abyss said:

    In the Core, they valued 'Deal 1 damage to all enemies' at 2' and 'Deal 8 damage' at 3. Now, they're valuing 'Deal 1 damage to all enemies, plus an extra 7 damage with a very minor requirement' at 3. It's more directly comparable to Spinning Web Kick, but the power difference is more pronounced compared to Ground Stomp.

    It's 1 damage to all minions.

    Also interesting, Scott Lang has a hand-size of 6, "Tiny" has 5, while "Giant" has 4.  After playing Hulk, a hand-size of 4 ratchets up the difficulty to play cost 3 cards - baseline, it's your whole hand.

    Nadia Van Dyne has 6, 5, & 5.

  9. I'm just realizing how powerful Team-Building Exercise is.  I realize you can only use 1 of them per card played, but as every hero to date and most of the allies so far (in Leadership) all have the trait Avenger...

    I guess it's not that powerful because they're not "reduce the next card..." so they can't be stacked, and no event shares traits with a hero yet, but still.

    This card is going to be huge in Thor decks where half his cards (including Mjolnir) have Asgard, as do both sides of his hero card.  He can use this to drop every one of his non-event signature cards into play, plus Valkyrie, Jarnbjorn, & Heimdall.  I mean Mjolnir only costs 1 resource.  Odinson & Hammer Throw (from play) already bounce it back into your hand, now this bounces it into play (and you can have 3 of them)!



  10. I agree greater diversity would be nice.

    I am going to capitalize on it, however.  I currently have generic, sub-par decks for each class that I mix-'n'-match with each hero so I can play whomever without any building time.  That said, Spider-Woman has been something I'm not looking forward to as she cannot be simply mixed or matched.  I will be using the duplicates to create 4 mini class decks that I can choose from just for her - so now that we've seen the same cards repurposed through each class, I'd like to see some others.  The 2 cards I'd really like to see again aren't in the core set, but Ms. Marvel's: Downtime & Endurance.  I include these in every deck I have, but I only have 3 of them.  If I am playing with 4 players, I'd like the option.  Plus my Spider-Woman deck will have a very few Basic cards, so I need 2 more of each of them.  Yeah, another Mansion, Helicarrier, & Nick would be nice.

  11. 1 hour ago, maya200 said:

    The upcoming page has barkham horror listed as a september release and 'last update' as august 28 was this an error or does this point to use getting news in a couple of days. I don't usually pay attention to such things so I'm not sure. Apologies if posted, I did search but didn't find anything recent

    I believe it to be correct.  They finally gave it a release month.

    It'll be at least 2 weeks away.  I've gotten "shipping soon" notifications last week (Marvel Champions: Red Skull) and the week before (Arkham Horror: Investigator Decks) but not 1 for that, so the 11th, 18th, or 25th.

    1 hour ago, MGlas1 said:

    It is listed as out of stock or sold out on FFG's store, which is interesting for something that hasn't even shipped yet.  I wonder if this is going to have a smaller-than-normal initial print? Glad I preordered it when I did!

    I think it will be smaller than normal.  They only did it after their April Fool's Day article blew up.  I think they believe, as its cards "aren't compatible" with other products, that it won't sell as well as most things.  I believe the opposite, that it will serve as an excuse to get people to start playing and will see the highest sales of any stand-alone-scenario.  Perhaps that's wishful thinking on my part.

  12. 58 minutes ago, Steeljaw said:

    Not surprised and I think it's the right call but I am still really sad about it being cancelled. Wonder if there will be a stand alone scenario released that we would have gotten at the Arkham Nights event.

    I'm 98% sure that's what War of the Outer Gods is.  Should see it Dec-Feb.  Epic-multiplayer scenario where you contend with 3 waring cults.

    I too believe it to be the right thing to do, just sad as it's 1 more thing taken from normalcy.

  13. And there it is.



    Events on hiatus:

    These events are not being planned for the foreseeable future. Our current intention is to bring these events back once we feel it is safe and responsible to do so. We will notify players once these events are brought back.

    • Prime Championships
    • Continental Championships
    • World Championships
    • System Opens
    • Vault Tours
    • Kotei Series
    • Arkham Nights
    • Fellowship Event

  14. On 8/21/2020 at 8:17 PM, Allonym said:

    So I want to discuss the player cards first.


    Yeah, but could you go into more detail about them?

    Holy cow!  I don't think I have that many thoughts on even 1 of those cards (before); maybe The Chthonian Stone & Decorated Skull.  Both of those cards I include in my test-the-waters decks of Ursula & Leo, the later to pay for the Lightning Gun and copious amounts of allies he runs with.

  15. https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2020/8/24/strength-of-an-ant/





    I like that his hero actions/responses are dependent upon which hero form he is in.  He and the Wasp should offer increased complexity and strategy with greater rewards.

    Apparently coming with Leadership.  You can include his own ally cards in his deck as they are the other men who bore his mantel (Hank Pym & Raz Malhotra):


    They are doubling down on the ally build with their second Leadership focused release.  Ant-Man (Hank Pym) Stinger are going to be a very easy includes, the former costing however many hit points you want (up to 4) and the latter (1-cost) not counting against your limit of heroes.

    Reinforced Suit makes Inspired more appealing, and along side Honorary Avenger can make a given ally's staying power significant.  It also makes the ally Iron Man's ability more impactful, increasing his likeliness to see play.


    I'm wondering if Moxie isn't something to the effect of, "Hero Response: Exhaust your hero to give each of your allies +1 ATK & +1 DEF until the end of the round."

    I think Moment of Triumph is, "Hero Response: After you attack and defeat an enemy, heal 1 damage from your hero for each point of excess damage dealt by this attack."  It should pair well with Rocket.  Not sure why it isn't an interrupt, however, assuming I'm right.

    I don't mind the 3-sided card, but my cohorts are hoping for promo versions of Ant-Man and Wasp's giant forms so they can just sleeve them without detriment to play.

  16. I always like seeing a signature card that breaks the rules.  Not OP, and I can't figure out how to modify its value, but it will definitely lend Hawkeye a different feel for tension purposes.


    So I'm operating under the assumption that he'll have 4 pairs of arrows, thus:

    Clint Barton/Hawkeye

    1. Hawkeye's Bow
    2. Hawkeye's Quiver
    3. Mockingbird
    4. Sonic Arrow
    5. Sonic Arrow
    6. Explosive Arrow
    7. Explosive Arrow
    8. Electric Arrow
    9. Electric Arrow
    10. Cable Arrow
    11. Cable Arrow
    14. Target Practice (translation best guess)
    15. Target Practice

    Jessica Drew/Spider-Woman

    1. Captain Marvel
    4. Jessica Drew's Apartment
    5. Venom Blast (Aggression)
    6. Venom Blast (Aggression)
    7. Pheromones (Leadership)
    8. Pheromones (Leadership)
    9. Contaminant Immunity (Protection)
    10. Contaminant Immunity (Protection)
    11. Inconspicuous (Justice)
    12. Inconspicuous (Justice)

  17. 20 minutes ago, Soakman said:

    A Tetsuo Mori or two might be useful too. I haven't decided if I'm going to stick with the pre-made deck, or switch it up a bit.

    Oh I'm definitely going to do a whole campaign with 2+ investigator decks - no extra cards!  I gotta know if it's reasonable to hand off some of these so we can remote play.

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