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  1. My cousin (Leo Anderson) had a bandolier in his hand and couldn't figure out why he'd use it. Then the blob ate his hand, and the lightning gun he'd finally gotten into play fell to the discard pile. Our group limped on to the collective finish after that. My Hulk pack still hasn't shipped!
  2. Just like the other "Return tos", so far. Really looking forward to some of the player cards. The weaknesses are interesting, including the one from 2018 Arkham Nights. It should mean we see Ikiaq all the sooner.
  3. I'm 3 hours from Roseville. I got my RttFA on Saturday, but am still waiting for Hulk to leave the warehouse. 😕
  4. Available Now it claims. This shipped yesterday for me. Hope to see it Saturday. Hulk is in process for shipping today. We'll see if I see it before Tuesday.
  5. Looks like I got my shipping notification from FFG on RttFA. No notice on Hulk yet (which was processed the same day). I expect to see that before 1PM. Got the Hulk notification when I hit post.
  6. It is updated erratically at best. This is actually pretty normal. 😑
  7. The name was a spur of the moment thing. What I'm interested in is Patrice running 2 copies of Déjà Vu. She's going to be a Time Lord.
  8. They published it like they do for Arkham Nights events. It's print-n-playable in beta.
  9. They said on the livestream that they're starting with the MCU, in part, because it's free advertising. They also said X-Men are coming, and Boggs is really excited about it as they're the comics that got him into Marvel.
  10. I'm more looking forward to Patrice burning a second copy of Pete. Wait, can she exile 1 of Miss Doyle's brood? I realize it doesn't do any effect - they have no value - but can she? It'd be an expensive way to get Moonstone into play, 5 resources and no clues, but if you feel that strongly about it...
  11. The community create-a-card Burn After Reading is available for download under Support >> Player Resources. (It's too big to image post here). Survivor 2 Cost 1 Wild Icon Event Trait: Insight. Discard or exile a non-weakness card in your hand or play area. Discover clues at your location equal to half that card's level (rounded up). If you exiled that card and its level was 2 or higher, also remove 1 doom from the current agenda.
  12. On the livestream, they showed off the new expansion (Under Dark Waves), but also added new print-and-play versions of existing investigators (Dexter Drake, Minh Thi Phan, Rex Murphy, Wendy Adams). Replacement Investigators - Investigator Sheets Replacement Investigators - Character Cards Replacement Investigators - Rules Their stats stay the same but their ability(s) and starting cards are different. They were an idea for GenCon to give alternate options for 4 of the core set investigators. They are available for download on the AH3 main page under Support >> Player Resources.
  13. I believe they release next week. I feel like they've been charging my account a week earlier since they reopened.
  14. At this point, if we're going to question whether they're implying proceeds are going to the charity then what good is quote anyway? Couldn't they just say they will donate and not do it? I feel integrity is deeper than this and that it's independent of what is written.
  15. I only two-hand, if solo! So, there's no hero I'm more irritated with than Spider-Woman. But only because of her deckbuilding. I have prebuilt class decks that I pick up and play with whichever heroes I want. They're left more generic, so they're not optimized, but they're perfect for pick-up-and-play in Standard difficulty. I'm thinking I'll use the duplicates from other hero packs to create 4 class mixer options for Jessica Drew. Won't know for sure until I have her, but that's how I'm leaning now. Darn you, Matt Newman with your shake-it-up shenanigans!
  16. It was asked in the stream. There really isn't a way, other than to sleeve it until he/she goes giant. I've been scratching my head trying to figure out if it can be done by cutting 2 sleeves (and will definitely try), but I'm not seeing how it would work in both regular and large form. They said it was a different material which is more resilient to the bending.
  17. I was wrong. Ant-Man & Wasp will not have separate cards, they will have 3-sided cards. If you're familiar with the modern Transformers TCG, Ant-Man & Wasp will have a front & back, then unfold to be twice the size with their giant forms on the "3rd side".
  18. Three products! The Unboxing will be the Twilight Imperium IV: Prophecy of Kings expansion. The Gameplay will be X-Men: Mutant Insurrection There is also some unknown massive-box Descent product. Descent: Legends of the Dark. No real news pertaining to the Arkham Files. They announced the 6 mythos packs (which we knew) with their covers. They also addressed War of the Outer Gods. It's their epic-multiplayer expansion, intended to be used at GenCon & Arkham Nights. (Normal release is "later this year.") It's an infinite player count against 3 waring cult factions. 2 vehicle cards for Innsmouth were shown @ 24:40. 2 new non-investigator books from Aconyte (25:38). The Last Ritual by S.A. Sidor, and Wrat... of N'K... by Josh R... There are also covers for L5R, Keyforge, Descent. They didn't address it, but remember there will be a Community Create-a-Card for AH:LCG @4:00PM CDT on Sunday the 2nd of August via Twitch. (I am not enthused by how many interruptions there were to the livestream last night.) If you're a Marvel: Champions fan, lots of big news! After all the (3) known expansions coming out (Hulk, Red Skull, Kang), we found out the release schedule for the foreseeable future (@ 32:00): Ant-Man Wasp Quicksilver Scarlet Witch The Galaxy's Most Wanted (campaign expansion) with Groot & Rocket (playable) Each of the 3 above pairs (Ant-Man & Wasp, Quicksilver & Scarlet Witch, Groot & Rocket) synergize when played together. Also, Ant-Man & Wasp have extra large cards for when they take giant form. Plenty more info - SW: Armada goes Clone Wars, X-Wing gets new ships for all factions except Scum, Keyforge: Dark Tidings (4th set), LotRL Journeys in Middle Earth gets another small-box expansion, L5R's next cycle plus the RPG is getting another adventure & source book. Plus the 2 of 3 big announcements: TI4 gains 7 factions & and 8th player, along with numerous new mechanics. The $55 USD X-Men game is a 1-6 player coop game where you choose your team from 15+ X-Men characters, work out of the Xavier Mansion, & use fly to various parts of the world to combat supervillains in dice-throwing combat. (Looks like 12 dice, 4 red, 4 blue, 4 yellow.)
  19. Confirmed. https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2019/12/2/barkham-horror/ It's your game, you do you! I intend to playthrough at least 1 campaign with Barkham characters. We don't know yet (it's, as yet, unreleased) but I doubt it will be too OP. It's not intended to be used in OP events. (Stupid OP having more than one meaning.) I believe, as long as the people you're playing with (i.e. the other people at your table) don't mind then there's nothing stopping you. I expect, whenever there is another Arkham Nights (big Arkham event at their HQ in Roseville, MN just before Halloween) there will be a few groups of them playing as Barkham investigators. I might even be one of them. ☺️ Original April Fool's Day post: https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2019/4/1/the-dogwich-legacy/
  20. Sunday the 2nd has a Community Create-A-Card event (@ 4PM CDT via Twitch). I take this as another nail in the coffin for Arkham Nights 2020.
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