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  1. Go to cardgamedb.com or arkhamdb.com. They'll both have the back side of investigators (and other cards) there in the same quality as the fronts. That said, some of the original posts (https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2016/9/23/talents-and-talismans/) have better quality images.
  2. Guardian Angle looks way cool, but she has no XP cost, so she must be signature card or story reward.
  3. From the per-order page. Arkham Horror: Wrath of N'Kai There are 4 other books (the first generation) on sale for $3.99USD. Dance of the Damned, The Lies of Solace, The Sign of Glaaki, Ghouls of Miskatonic.
  4. The back (from the pre-order page) has Patrice & Father Mateo on it. Along with Silas, "Ashcan" Pete, Zoey, and Stella we're only missing 2 investigators. 3 of them are even on the cover art!
  5. I know this is a "Rise of the Red Skull" spoiler zone, but I just came upon these from Asmodee's pre-order page:
  6. From its pre-order page: And although we've seen no announcement article, In Too Deep:
  7. As long as their "shipping soon" notifications are going out, we should have a place to discuss them. From their pre-order pages on Asmodee.com (man the art in this series!):
  8. From Asmodee's Barkum Horror page. I love the barcode.
  9. Nah, I'm at work. Sometimes I even do some. 😜
  10. It's still what's on my table!
  11. Huh. I looked at his deckbuilding changes. Currently, there isn't a Fortune or Gambit card in the game he can't take.
  12. That was the reasoning in the stream.
  13. I was able to print them 9 to a page and, without printing the generic backs, was able to get them on 2 sheets.
  14. Heroes: Black Cat Spider-Gwen Villains A Symbiote hive (or whatever) which can individually attach themselves to the hero(s), forcing them to play by different rules until they are removed.
  15. And we're back with another revamped core set character! Download The Cards & The Scenario here or on the main page under Parallel Investigators down below. After Parallel Daisy released, I remember hearing an outcry for updating the less played "Skids" over Daisy. Well, here he is! Try him out in our 3rd visit to The House Always Wins scenario. The pdf has 12 cards (with backs) this time.
  16. I definitely want to see their obligations ASAP. I'd really like to see a modular deck spoiled. Uhg! This was supposed to release in July!!! Coronavirus, must you consume all aspects of agreeable living!?!?
  17. So, the 4th bullet point under Player Decks in the Rules Reference is: Therefore basic cards are not aspect cards. (I'm sure there are other ways to conclude this.) So with Jessica Drew's Apartment, there is a subtle incentive to forego basic cards as it cannot pull them. As it stands, I believe she has 8 cards (1 pair per aspect) of aspect cards in her deck, that leaves 7 (minus the apartment itself) of un-addable cards. Each basic card increases that pool. Intriguing. In my musing, I just realized that she's the first hero to be able to include more than 2 "Power of..." cards. Most intriguing.
  18. I haven't had success with him so far as a solo aggression. I've consistently pulled Shadow of the Past in the first 3 rounds, and every card from his nemesis to his obligation are 3 boost icons. I also insisted on playing with Scorpion (Stun is brutal is solo with insufficient allies), then Electro, then Ronin. I'll try him against Rhino with less hostile modular sets. That said I almost exclusively solo 2-handed, so I won't try too many more times with a lone Hulk aggression deck.
  19. There was also the massive Descent box, although nothing was officially announced about that.
  20. The player count can change the difficulty. The mythos cup is designed to punish the investigators equally regardless of how many are in the game. Are you playing the same investigators each time? Some of them are better than others at certain things. I find the game near impossible without 1 survivor (fighter) or mystic (wizard?) per 1 other investigator.
  21. It would appear my copy has materialized at my abode, having never shipped.
  22. I'm a big fan of Bandolier (2). Carry a Machete, a Survival Knife, and a Lightning Gun. Leo is a murder beast. The leveled bandolier gives him a +1 to will, which makes him formidable, so long as agility doesn't come up (which it always does).
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