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  1. 2020-05-ark-wrath-of-nkai-book-banner-1.

    Alright, help me out: am I clueless, or is FFG?  This released on the 1st of September (some 24 days ago).


    From Amazon (336 pages):


    The first in a new range of novels of eldritch adventure from the wildly popular Arkham Horror; an international thief of esoteric artifacts stumbles onto a nightmarish cult in 1920s New England.
    Countess Alessandra Zorzi, international adventurer and thief, arrives in  Arkham pursuing an ancient body freshly exhumed from a  mound in Oklahoma, of curious provenance and peculiar characteristics. But before she can steal it, another party beats her to it. During the resulting gunfight at the Miskatonic Museum, the countess makes eye contact with the petrified corpse and begins an adventure of discovery outside her wildest experiences. Now, caught between her mysterious client, the police, and a society of necrophagic connoisseurs, she finds herself on the trail of a resurrected mummy as well as the star-born terror gestating within it.

    2 pages of the prologue are missing, but you can read the entire first chapter on the Amazon page by clicking "Look Inside".

    Due out November 3rd 2020 (352 pages):



    A mad surrealist’s art threatens to rip open the fabric of reality, in this twisted tale of eldritch horror and conspiracy, from the wildy popular world of Arkham Horror.
    Aspiring painter Alden Oakes is invited to join a mysterious art commune in Arkham: the New Colony. When celebrated Spanish surrealist Juan Hugo Balthazarr visits the colony, Alden and the other artists quickly fall under his charismatic spell. Balthazarr throws a string of decadent parties for Arkham’s social elite, conjuring arcane illusions which blur the boundaries between nightmare and reality. Only slowly does Alden come to suspect that Balthazarr’s mock rituals are intended to break through those walls and free what lies beyond. Alden must act, but it might already be too late to save himself, let alone Arkham.

    January 5th, 2021 (336 pages):



    A stunning return to Arkham Horror when a movie director shoots his silent horror masterpiece in eerie Arkham, capturing crawling nightmares instead of moving pictures, in this chilling novel of creeping dread.
    Hollywood make-up artist and costumier, Jeany Lin, travels to Arkham to work on the new “nightmare movie” by enigmatic director Sydney Fitzmaurice. The star is her sister, Renee Love, Sydney’s collaborator and lover. Desperate to outdo the thrills and terror of Lon Chaney’s popular pictures, Sydney prepares occult-infused dream sequences for Love and her co-stars to perform. But there’s more than mere imagery at play as the cast suffer recurring nightmares, accidents, and impossible waking visions. When events take a sinister turn and people start dying on set, it’s up to Jeany to unmask the monsters before Sydney’s obsessions doom them all.

    Who's not communicating with us?!?!

  2. 16 hours ago, Steeljaw said:

    After the Team Covenant fiasco I put an order in for Barkham Horror at Amazon and setup a in-stock alert for miniaturemarket.com. I got a message saying the Amazon order couldn't be fulfilled but as soon as I got a notice from miniaturemarket I was able to place an order there and get my set. I see they are out of stock now as well so that stock lasted only a couple of days.

    I plan to stick with Team Covenant because it really is nice not to have to worry about when anything comes out and order it. It just shows up at the house. Luckily, this is the first time this has happened to me using them and I know it wasn't their fault (they turned in their numbers months ago but still got less than they asked for). Hopefully this doesn't happen again in the future.

    Hope everyone that wanted it got it. I have a feeling this set might not get a reprint anytime soon.

    I blame Covid-19.  I think everyone realized they need to occupy themselves with fewer cohorts, and for board gamers it requires solo/cooperative play.  This has ravaged Arkham & Marvel products.

    They put in their orders something like 6 months in advance and FFG delayed their release schedule by 2 months during the stay-at-home order.  No one saw this coming eight months ago.  Hopefully, we see them increase future orders and I expect them to already have been slamming the REPRINT button on the affected product lines.

  3. 48 minutes ago, Derrault said:

    The FFG Live post now says 4:30c, so 6 is presumably the old time?

    I mean who even looks there?  I still think the normal time would be better, but how are we supposed to know that it's 4:30 when I've been staring at the image/pamphlet/thingy  since it was announced.  Oh good, I just got a Twitch notification and it is indeed going to be a 4:30 stream.

  4. 14 hours ago, cubiclelord said:

    I've really been enjoying pre-ordering from Fantasy Flight for all new products, but there doesn't seem to be a link to pre-order on this one. Does anyone know if FFG has changed their policy on this? The line at the end of the article reads: 'You can pre-order your own copy of Devil Reef (AHC54) at your local retailer today.'

    I'll bet it has to do with Asmodee NA not getting their page up in time.  It's been that way with the last 2 Marvel packs as well as at least 1 Arkham pack.  It should be up within a day.  It could be because they (Asmodee (NA & abroad)) have had problems with publishing pages before announcements in the past.

    So, Blood Pact & Keen Eye are getting 0XP cards...  They came out together in Dunwich-Mythos 4: Blood on the Alter.  They are part of a 5-piece set (Keen EyeHigh EducationStreetwise, Blood Pact, Scrapper) of 3XP permanent cards.  It looks like we're getting the last 2 here, as the other 3 were in their respective class decks!



    Dang but that art is amazing!

    Well, they said during the initial stream that Seekers wanted Curse tokens in the bag. 😜

  5. 1 hour ago, Eeyogre said:

    Can't give a date, but in the past, one "Return To..." release (what I think you are referring to) is put out between every new cycle. So the next Return will arrive after the Innsmouth cycle is complete, and the one following that after whatever the next cycle is.

    That's been the trend.  The Circle Undone should get its "Return to..." box after Innsmouth finishes.  The month before or after that we should receive War of the Outer Gods (if not sooner), the stand-alone that would have been at this year's GenCon & Arkham Nights.

  6. 14 hours ago, Jonathan4290 said:

    I see what you're saying but in that example Goliath dies from consequential damage after the second attack, best case scenario after the third attack 😧

    Well then you're just not trying hard enough! 😜

    I leave him in play (using him for Earth's Mightiest Heroes) until I can use him properly, so I've gotten him up to 7 a few times.  Still haven't gotten him to swing 4 times yet, but it's coming!


  7. On 9/9/2020 at 2:43 PM, Duciris said:

    It's going to give me a reason to run Get Over Here! with him.


    So it looks like he's keeping his cape from being visible to the people walking beneath him, but he doesn't need to: if these people can't see a boulder sized pure white object in a jungle, they're blind.

  8. 41 minutes ago, IceHot42 said:

    I would believe it is balanced for 2-3 players as well, but you are getting 3x copies of a non-unique new card even if it makes no sense.  For example, Counterintelligence is a max 1 that cant be played on other players (it just happens that the cards is super good)

    Well, Counterintelligence can be used and then you play a second copy on your next turn.

    It's Interrogation Room I find counterintuitive.  Why does it come with 2-3 (core) plus 2-3 (Black Widow) if you can only use 1 copy?  It feels like it's supposed to be a "Play under any player's control. Max 1 per player." like Heroic Intuition.  Doubly because the Justice player isn't usually the take-care-of-minions player.  In fact, I think the card would be all-around better in Aggression.

  9. 1 hour ago, darthweasel2 said:

    heretic. Moon Knight is awesome and easily able to overcome such minor obstacles because....reasons. The real takeaway is we have Moon Knight art and it is, by definition, awesome. Only a heretic of epic proportions could think otherwise. Expect a visit from Ordo Hereticus shortly. And possibly also the Spanish Inquisition

    I want him to have multiple personalities - only able to take certain actions based on whichever persona is operating.  Similar to Lola Hayes (without the deckbuilding) from the Arkham LCG.

    • Guardians: - George Barnaby, Lily Chen, Vincent Lee
    • Mystics:  Agatha Crane, Carson Sinclair, (Gloria Goldberg)
    • Rogues:  Daniela Reyes, Michael McGlen, Monterey Jack
    • Seekers:  Darrell Simmons, Kate Winthrop, (Norman Withers)
    • Survivors:  Bob Jenkins, Hank Samson, Wilson Richards
    • Neutral:  Charlie Kane
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