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  1. Release date: September 18th, 2020. Source: FFG's Instagram.
  2. Yeah that is the least concerning sig. weakness I can think of. Also, investigator overload! The 5 starters we just received, then the 5 in Barkham this month and the 5 in Innsmouth next month?! Where was this when we were under house arrest quarantine?
  3. Updated from the https://hallofheroeslcg.com/the-rise-of-red-skull/ rulebook photos section! Clint Barton/Hawkeye Hawkeye's Bow Hawkeye's Quiver Mockingbird Sonic Arrow Sonic Arrow Explosive Arrow Explosive Arrow Electric Arrow Electric Arrow Cable Arrow Cable Arrow Vibranium Arrow Vibranium Arrow Expert Marksman Expert Marksman Obligation: Criminal Past Nemesis cards: Crossfire (nemesis) Marked for Death (side scheme) Crossfire's Rifle Sniper Shot Sniper Shot The rest of her deck: Hawkeye [Leadership] Black Knight [Leadership] Goliath [Leadership] U.S. Agent [Leadership] Sky Cycle [Leadership] Sky Cycle [Leadership] Sky Cycle [Leadership] Team Training [Leadership] Team Training [Leadership] Team Training [Leadership] Ready for Action [Leadership] Ready for Action [Leadership] Ready for Action [Leadership] Lead from the Front [Leadership] Lead from the Front [Leadership] The Power of Leadership [Leadership] The Power of Leadership [Leadership] War Machine [Basic] Avenger's Tower [Basic] Earth's Mightiest Heroes [Basic] Earth's Mightiest Heroes [Basic] Earth's Mightiest Heroes [Basic] Energy [Basic] Strength [Basic] Genius [Basic] Jessica Drew/Spider-Woman Captain Marvel Finesse Finesse Jessica Drew's Apartment Venom Blast (Aggression) Venom Blast (Aggression) Pheromones (Leadership) Pheromones (Leadership) Contaminant Immunity (Protection) Contaminant Immunity (Protection) Inconspicuous (Justice) Inconspicuous (Justice) Self-Propelled Glide Self-Propelled Glide Self-Propelled Glide Obligation: Uncertain Loyalties Nemesis cards: The Viper (nemesis) The Viper's Ambition (side scheme) Hydra Regular Hydra Regular Hail Hydra The rest of her deck: Spider-Girl [aggression] Combat Training [aggression] Combat Training [aggression] Tac Team [aggression] Tac Team [aggression] Press the Advantage [aggression] Press the Advantage [aggression] Press the Advantage [aggression] Piercing Strike [aggression] Piercing Strike [aggression] Piercing Strike [aggression] Spider-Man [Justice] Heroic Intuition [Justice] Heroic Intuition [Justice] Skilled Investigator [Justice] Skilled Investigator [Justice] Skilled Investigator [Justice] Interrogation Room [Justice] Interrogation Room [Justice] Clear the Area [Justice] Clear the Area [Justice] Clear the Area [Justice] Strength [Basic] Energy [Basic] Genius [Basic]
  4. So there are 8 campaign only player cards. 2 rewards per scenario (not withstanding the final scenario)? Do you choose 1 each time, or are they both added? Nope! Each player gains 1 of the unique 0 cost upgrades after defeating Crossbones. They have the "Setup" keyword. Defeating Absorbing-Man, scenario #2, unlocks the other 4 the same way. This second set are "permanent," "setup," and double-sided. You can flip them to their "improved" side after scenario #4, Zola. New Keywords: Incite X – When a card with the incite X keyword is revealed, place X threat on the main scheme. Permanent – A card with the permanent keyword cannot leave play Piercing – An attack with the piercing keyword discards any tough status cards from the target before dealing damage. Ranged – An attack with the ranged keyword ignores the retaliate keyword. Setup – A card with the setup keyword begins the game in play. 265 Cards: 92 Player cards 15 Villain cards 168 Encounter cards Looks like EXPERT CAMPAIGN involves not healing at the end of each scenario! Each player may choose to permanently (for the remainder of the campaign) add 1 random card from their obligation set (4 cards that act like weaknesses in Arkham Horror) to their deck fully heal at the start of the next scenario. These cards are player-backed encounter cards that can only be dealt with by the card's owner! You do not replace an obligation when you draw it.
  5. And we're off! https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2020/8/28/available-now-august-28/ All 5 are "Available Now"! (And out of stock!)
  6. I received my "Pre-order In Process" Tuesday from FFG which means it should ship next week.
  7. My FFG shipment should be here tomorrow, but it's UPS and they tend to hand it off to the USPS and that usually eats up a day. 😕
  8. Yeah, I'm really looking forward to the Cursed/Blessed system. Innsmouth is always dripping (see what I did there) with theme, and this run should be fantastic, but it's the player cards I'm most looking forward to. For the first time ever. (Not withstanding the investigator starter decks which are exclusively player cards. 😜)
  9. Mythos Pack I: In Too Deep https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2020/8/27/in-too-deep/ The scenario looks interesting.
  10. Other way around. And it's Red Skull campaign expansion that I'm really excited about!
  11. The investigator decks come out this week! They'll have a few reprints, but are otherwise entirely new player cards (and investigators).
  12. Coming from Arkham, there are so few punishing cards per pack. I'm used to getting racked over the fire and only having 14-20 player cards. These things have been releasing with 55 player cards each! 😝
  13. I believe the gripe was he didn't want triples. More variety of the reprints. Could be wrong.
  14. I believe we're getting cards like White Tiger based on performance during each battle.
  15. Your deckbuilding will be limited, but it doesn't surprise me at all that there are people planning on doing this. I'm a completionist and will therefore be getting everything, but I really just want things to fight against. I like that there are only 4 heroes and not 6 this time.
  16. I hadn't been, then with Thor (I think) I started trying the pre-cons. It's pretty fun. They're usually geared toward a specific idea the character can be used for. Then, I rip them apart and choose which cards to add to my class decks.
  17. Ugh! Fricking Covid! This was supposed to release in July!!!!
  18. It's 1 damage to all minions. Also interesting, Scott Lang has a hand-size of 6, "Tiny" has 5, while "Giant" has 4. After playing Hulk, a hand-size of 4 ratchets up the difficulty to play cost 3 cards - baseline, it's your whole hand. Nadia Van Dyne has 6, 5, & 5.
  19. I'm just realizing how powerful Team-Building Exercise is. I realize you can only use 1 of them per card played, but as every hero to date and most of the allies so far (in Leadership) all have the trait Avenger... I guess it's not that powerful because they're not "reduce the next card..." so they can't be stacked, and no event shares traits with a hero yet, but still. This card is going to be huge in Thor decks where half his cards (including Mjolnir) have Asgard, as do both sides of his hero card. He can use this to drop every one of his non-event signature cards into play, plus Valkyrie, Jarnbjorn, & Heimdall. I mean Mjolnir only costs 1 resource. Odinson & Hammer Throw (from play) already bounce it back into your hand, now this bounces it into play (and you can have 3 of them)!
  20. I agree greater diversity would be nice. I am going to capitalize on it, however. I currently have generic, sub-par decks for each class that I mix-'n'-match with each hero so I can play whomever without any building time. That said, Spider-Woman has been something I'm not looking forward to as she cannot be simply mixed or matched. I will be using the duplicates to create 4 mini class decks that I can choose from just for her - so now that we've seen the same cards repurposed through each class, I'd like to see some others. The 2 cards I'd really like to see again aren't in the core set, but Ms. Marvel's: Downtime & Endurance. I include these in every deck I have, but I only have 3 of them. If I am playing with 4 players, I'd like the option. Plus my Spider-Woman deck will have a very few Basic cards, so I need 2 more of each of them. Yeah, another Mansion, Helicarrier, & Nick would be nice.
  21. And I'm really looking forward to each of them. ☺️
  22. I believe it to be correct. They finally gave it a release month. It'll be at least 2 weeks away. I've gotten "shipping soon" notifications last week (Marvel Champions: Red Skull) and the week before (Arkham Horror: Investigator Decks) but not 1 for that, so the 11th, 18th, or 25th. I think it will be smaller than normal. They only did it after their April Fool's Day article blew up. I think they believe, as its cards "aren't compatible" with other products, that it won't sell as well as most things. I believe the opposite, that it will serve as an excuse to get people to start playing and will see the highest sales of any stand-alone-scenario. Perhaps that's wishful thinking on my part.
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