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  1. I thought I pieced together that you were up there!
  2. If this is what it's like to make pact with a Great Old One, I'm starting to see the appeal. Delivered 09/04/2020 - 5:27 P.M. FERGUS FALLS, MN, US Past Event Out for Delivery 09/04/2020 - 9:03 A.M. Fergus Falls, MN, United States Past Event Shipped 09/04/2020 - 12:51 A.M. Eagan, MN, United States Past Event Label Created 09/03/2020 - 2:53 P.M. United States It shipped at 12:51AM and arrived 16 hours and 36 minutes later. I. Am. Incredulous.
  3. These Livestreams are going to the dogs! (On the 12th) https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2020/9/4/ffg-live-in-september-1/
  4. It'd have to include A Mess of Things (Scorpion) and Power Drain (Electro) in a Green Goblin scenario. Since we're limited, I'd say Running Interference (Tomestone) gets the promotion. I like this idea! I'm on board! (Apart from theme) I wouldn't want to use the sets of the heroes being used. If you use multiple modular sets, it will slow down the cycling of the encounter deck which I've found makes the scenarios easier.
  5. I just finished Jaws last weekend so I would be clear for Red Skull (which hasn't left the warehouse yet!!). I really like it. Yeah, couldn't be easier to learn. I took the Red Guard and the Voidwarden all the way through. Voidwarden reached lvl 9 on the final mission. I then played every side/branching mission (except for the Demolitionist & Hatchet specific). Red Guard reached 9 at the end of all of them. Voidwarden has half the HP of Red & can be hard to keep alive at first, but she becomes ridiculously effective. I think that the Demolitionist & Hatchet would be easier, but I really liked the pair I played. --- I desperation, I've printed off the Red Skull cards from cardgamedb.com and started them last night. Didn't grab the weapon modular set, so I just skipped to the other set I pilfered (Evil Metomorpho Absorbing Man). He's really interesting and I really like the Expert Campaign. I can't see me not playing with that whenever I don't play these as stand-alone-scenarios.
  6. Same. This has been true for me for the other 2 characters/novellas I've read (Norman & Roland) too.
  7. My shipping notification came an hour-and-a-half ago. Hasn't left the Asmodee yet. I printed off the cards for the first 2 scenarios this morning. I won't play the full experience until I get the box, but I've been waiting for this too long not to waste toner.
  8. "November" 🤞 I love her art. All 3 pieces are great, but hers is dripping with theme and authenticity.
  9. https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2020/9/3/dark-revelations/
  10. I just got my "shipping soon" notification from Asmodee NA. It should therefore release on Sep. 18th 2020.
  11. Just got my Shipping Soon notification for Barkham & Under Dark Waves (the first big-box expansion for AH3). (My Red Skull (release date of tomorrow) still hasn't been shipped. If it doesn't come in time for some of the holiday weekend, I will be particularly putout.)
  12. Hey, I got my Shipping notification! Well, shipping soon. It's actually for Arkham Horror stuff. 🤬
  13. If I didn't live 3 hours away I definitely would, too.
  14. I can't promise, but they have yet to announce that it's releasing here (?) I think.
  15. I got my shipping soon notification last week. Still waiting for tracking information update. Pulling my hair out. It releases on Firday.
  16. Has anybody run Doomed with Patrice? Does she make it more than 2 scenarios?
  17. cardgamedb.com, not arkhamdb.com. They'll follow suit now that they're up on the former.
  18. The investigator decks are up on www.cardgamedb.com
  19. (The internet really failed me on this one. Took ages and stilling couldn't find a man facing away from the camera, rending the shirt from his back yelling, "No!" Ah, Arkham Horror LCG, you have spoiled me.)
  20. It's been sold out on Asmodee NA for a while. I hope they swing bigger on April Fool's Day from now on! This was a silly little thing, let's aim for the moon, Man! A steam punk robot invasion in Arkham Horror 3e! The coop defense of Rex against a single invasion force destroying planets and races as they go through Twilight Imperium 4e! The blitzkrieg-ing panzers of the Afrika Korps led by Rommel through Descent: Journeys in the Dark! A faction of 2D stick-figure people armed with lightsabers for Keyforge! Let's go big or go home on April 1st!!!
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