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  1. 14 hours ago, Jonathan4290 said:

    I see what you're saying but in that example Goliath dies from consequential damage after the second attack, best case scenario after the third attack ūüėß

    Well then you're just not trying hard enough!¬†ūüėú

    I leave him in play (using him for Earth's Mightiest Heroes) until I can use him properly, so I've gotten him up to 7 a few times.  Still haven't gotten him to swing 4 times yet, but it's coming!


  2. 41 minutes ago, IceHot42 said:

    I would believe it is balanced for 2-3 players as well, but you are getting 3x copies of a non-unique new card even if it makes no sense.  For example, Counterintelligence is a max 1 that cant be played on other players (it just happens that the cards is super good)

    Well, Counterintelligence can be used and then you play a second copy on your next turn.

    It's Interrogation Room I find counterintuitive.  Why does it come with 2-3 (core) plus 2-3 (Black Widow) if you can only use 1 copy?  It feels like it's supposed to be a "Play under any player's control. Max 1 per player." like Heroic Intuition.  Doubly because the Justice player isn't usually the take-care-of-minions player.  In fact, I think the card would be all-around better in Aggression.

  3. 1 hour ago, darthweasel2 said:

    heretic. Moon Knight is awesome and easily able to overcome such minor obstacles because....reasons. The real takeaway is we have Moon Knight art and it is, by definition, awesome. Only a heretic of epic proportions could think otherwise. Expect a visit from Ordo Hereticus shortly. And possibly also the Spanish Inquisition

    I want him to have multiple personalities - only able to take certain actions based on whichever persona is operating.  Similar to Lola Hayes (without the deckbuilding) from the Arkham LCG.

    • Guardians: -¬†George Barnaby, Lily Chen, Vincent Lee
    • Mystics:¬† Agatha Crane, Carson Sinclair, (Gloria Goldberg)
    • Rogues:¬† Daniela Reyes, Michael McGlen, Monterey Jack
    • Seekers:¬† Darrell Simmons, Kate Winthrop, (Norman Withers)
    • Survivors:¬†¬†Bob Jenkins,¬†Hank Samson,¬†Wilson Richards
    • Neutral:¬† Charlie Kane

  4. 25 minutes ago, darthweasel2 said:

    twice? Rookie! ūüôā

    Add a Sky Cycle, Inspiring Presence (or 2...or 3). With very little work and proper deck thinning, it is not hard to have Goliath hit, ready with Sky Cycle, hit, ready with inspiring presence 1-3 more times...he can easily pump out 15-20 damage in a turn. Even better, with a couple Expert Marksmans out and the quiver full, not hard for Hawkeye to add 3-9 damage himself.

    Yeah, Iron Man had him deal the first 24 damage to the second stage of Rhino last night.  #hijinks

  5. 4 hours ago, Humantorch101 said:

    Yep, it is fascinating to see where they go with traits such as genius and soldier as this will potentially and probably freshen up and strengthen old heroes such as Spider Man and many others. 

    With sky cycle we now have the beginning of cards strengthening allies with traits as well. 

    The same can be said with villains or minions with traits such as criminal, elite, brute or mercenary, these traits on enemies have not been touched yet but as scenarios are self contained I'm assuming we will eventually see modular sets that strengthen villains and minions with these traits. 

    Red Skull's Hydra Reinforcements side scheme has the text "When Defeated: The player who defeated this scheme discards a non-Elite minion."

    That makes it look like Elite is going to function the same as it does in Arkham, allowing for a protected group of enemies and an vulnerable group.  (I believe all Nemesis minions are Elite.)

    Writing it out is the first time I realized the targeted minion does not need to be engaged with the targeting hero.

  6. 21 hours ago, vmoss said:

    Equally adept as part of a team or striking out on her own, Wasp makes a crucial addition to any player’s collection of cards for Marvel Champions: The Card Game. Look for the Wasp Hero Pack to release this November!


    If this releases in nov.  as per article, we may still get antman  in oct or nov! 

    Pandemics not withstanding, their usual rate of release is one a month for all LCGs.  At the rate Arkham & Marvel products have been releasing, I'd say we're back in full swing.

    From his announcement article:


    Whether he’s infiltrating the villain’s stronghold as an ant-sized interloper or smashing their fortress to bits as a giant, Ant-Man can be the right size for the job. Get ready to change your size, and look for the Ant-Man Hero Pack to release in October!

    (Future releases are guessed at continuing to be the first Friday of the month.)

    • June 5 - Black Widow
    • July 3 - Dr. Strange
    • Aug. 7 - Hulk
    • Sep. 4 - Rise of the Red Skull
    • Oct. 2 - Ant-Man
    • Oct. 2 - The Once and Future Kang
    • Nov. 6 - Wasp
    • Dec. 4 - Quicksilver
    • Jan. 1 - Scarlet¬†Witch
    • Feb. 5 - The Galaxy's Most Wanted

  7. Just now, Derrault said:

    Is my experience totally unique then? I have found Hulk to be devastating in solo; he can practically one-shot any villain from their stage using Hulk Smash; yes you only play one card per turn typically, but they tend to be very strong cards.

    I just have difficulty with him reliably removing threat he needs to, as well as sometimes being swallowed by minions.

  8. The age-old quandary: who do we have left and where are they going?

    1. Agatha Crane - the Parapsychologist
    2. Bob Jenkins - the Salesman
    3. Carson Sinclair - the Buttler
    4. Charlie Kane - the Politician
    5. Daniela Reyes - the Mechanic
    6. Darrell Simmons - the Photographer
    7. George Barnaby - the Lawyer
    8. Gloria Goldberg - the Author
    9. Hank Samson - the Farmhand
    10. Kate Winthrop - the Scientist
    11. Lily Chen - the Martial Artist
    12. Michael McGlen - the Gangster
    13. Monterey Jack - the Archeologist
    14. Norman Withers - the Astronomer
    15. Vincent Lee - the Doctor
    16. Wilson Richards - the Handyman

    Arriving in Innsmouth: Sister Mary, Amanda Sharpe, Dexter Drake, Trish Scarborough (Fair) & Silas Marsh.

    (Correct me as needed.)

  9. Just now, maniakmedic said:

    I never occurred to me to use Earth's Mightiest Heroes with Goliath to pump out 10+ damage in a single turn! Now I really want to try a leadership deck geared toward making that happen...

    I often get 12 and sometimes 18 with Inspired, Skycycle, Team Training, and Honorary Avenger!  I think Leadership has gotten the most cards so far and the next pack (Ant-Man) is another Leadership deck.


  10. 3 hours ago, jonboyjon1990 said:

    I took the images from Hall of Heroes. Resized in Word. 63mm x 41mm. FFG mini American sleeves, with a spare mini card in there for rigidity.



    Nice!  I think I might do something similar, but leave their original card (regular/tiny versions) in a single sleeve, then create a second card for their giant form, rather than open/closing it every time.

    I like the idea and experimentation of using 3-sided cards, but I won't be using them as is.

  11. 1 hour ago, jonboyjon1990 said:

    Now I'm even more confused, since your initial conclusion was "[I am] baffled by how broken he is solo"

    I believe @mike8104 is using the term broken as "bad" not "OP".

    On 8/19/2020 at 8:42 AM, IceHot42 said:


    It seems they need to make some aggro cards that have cost based on hand size.

    I just cant bring myself to run Hulk as Justice or Leadership.  I might try protection or just relegate him to multi-player.

    I think he's a multiplayer character for the time being.

    I like the idea of Aggression cards that are based on your hand size.  Specifically your hand size, not the number of cards in hand (although that could be interesting too).

  12. 18 hours ago, KBlumhardt said:

    I still haven't gotten my Investigator packs from my FLGS (or, unsurprisingly, RoRS).  Apparently their Asmodee rep told them most of the print run was damaged or something, hence the delay. 

    I am incredulous.

    15 hours ago, Mimi61 said:

    I am soooo sorry. Do you think that is why they were suddenly all out of stock on FFG?

    Amazon only has Harvey and Nathaniel available. Harvey is in stock and Nathaniel isn’t in stock until Oct 5. I have no idea if that is helpful information or not. 

    I did an Amazon pre-order (early last week) for Red Skull b/c I was nervous about it arriving on time.  They informed me yesterday (the day it was supposed to arrive) that it was delayed and gave me the option to cancel the order.  I did so, but I learned my lesson about pre-ordering FFG through Amazon.

  13. 4 hours ago, jonboyjon1990 said:

    My guess is:

    Hero Action (attack): Deal 3 damage to an enemy and exhaust any number of characters you control. Deal 1 additional damage for each character exhausted in this way. 

    That's what I'm thinking too.  Exhausting an ally to do any more than one damage is better than many blue allies can muster on their own, and it doesn't wound them to do it.  Deal 1 per exhausted ally makes the most sense to me.  Pretty powerful.

    As a side note, 3 Earth's Mightiest Heroes is really powerful in a Justice deck.  It won't be near as universal once we start getting non-Avengers characters (Galaxy's Most Wanted).  It makes it easy to maximize Goliath's +4 ATK though, and I can't wait to see what it does in a Doctor Strange deck.  Here's to playing all 5 of his Invocation cards in a single turn!


  14. 39 minutes ago, KBlumhardt said:

    I still haven't gotten my Investigator packs from my FLGS (or, unsurprisingly, RoRS).  Apparently their Asmodee rep told them most of the print run was damaged or something, hence the delay. 

    I am incredulous.


  15. My card was just charged for Barkham & AH3: Under Dark Waves by FFG.

    (I've played twice through the Red Skull campaign, but am only partway through testing Spider-Woman, and haven't even started Hawkeye yet.  So much to do, so much to come!)

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