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  1. 21 minutes ago, IceHot42 said:

    Can you discard wildcard energy to get rid of the Obligations that require the specific energy types?


    You had to go and ask, didn't you?

    Rules Resource pg. 14:



    Resources are used to pay the cost to play cards and to pay certain ability costs.

    • A player can generate resources to pay a cost by discarding cards from their hand to generate the resource or resources indicated at the bottom-left corner of the card, or by using card abilities that generate resources.
    • There are three types of resources in the game: energy, mental, and physical.  Wild resources can be used as any of these types.
    • To pay the cost of playing a card, a number of resources equal to (or greater than) the card’s cost must be generated. For most cards, any type (or mix of types) of resources can be used to pay this cost.

    See also: Cost, Wild Resource

    Everything seems great so far.  Pg. 19:



    When a player generates a wild resource, they must specify which resource type (energy, mental, or physical) it is being used as.

    • When resources are not being generated for a cost, a wild resource does not have any characteristic other than “wild resource.” In such contexts, wild resources cannot be interpreted as any of the other resource types.

    So, the obligation card Weakened has the text:


    Forced Response: After you use a basic hero power, take 1 damage.

    Alter-Ego Action: Discard a [STRENGTH] resource from your hand -> discard this obligation.

    If we go to pg. 5:



    A card’s resource cost is the numerical value that must be paid to play the card. Some abilities have a cost described in the ability text that must be paid to use the ability.

    • An arrow icon (→) in ability text distinguishes a cost from an effect, in a “pay cost → resolve effect” format.
    • While paying a cost, a player is permitted to generate resources beyond the specified cost.
    • While a player is paying a cost, that player must pay costs with cards and/or game elements they control.
    • If a cost requires a game element that is not in play, the player paying the cost may only use game elements that are in their own out-of-play areas.

    Let's look at Concussive Blasts attachment:


    Attach to the Villain.

    The villain gains retaliate 1.

    Hero Action: Exhaust your hero and spend [ENERGY] [ENERGY] resources -> discard this card.

    TLDR: I believe, that because the obligations' costs are, "discard a [given] resource from your hand," and not ,"spend a [given] resource," that you cannot discard a wild resource in place of a strength or energy or mental resource for these cards.  Thanks for that, now I can't do it anymore either.  😝

  2. 50 minutes ago, Buhallin said:

    Anyone else feel like we're getting to the point where they need to make Taboos mandatory for major events?  I get the whole "It's voluntary" stuff, but we're getting into a large number of pretty degenerate designs and sitting down with one of these at a GenCon or Arkham Nights event sounds like zero fun at all.

    I've never even heard of someone breaking the game (or being particularly OP (without spending 39XP+)) at Arkham Nights.

  3. Quote

    Quick Thinking (Undimensioned and Unseen, 229) (Mutated card ability now reads, “max once per round”): This mutation is primarily meant to prevent Quick Thinking from being used over and over again by Amanda Sharpe to potentially gain an infinite number of actions...

    Holy crap!  I was thinking that Dream Diary would be nuts with Amanda, but a potentially infinite combo with Quick Thinking, wow!  Good change.

    I don't use the Taboo list, but I think I'll enforce this one.

  4. Just remembered I was going to post this after open Arkham Horror 3e: Under Dark Waves.

    Charlie Kane:

    Stamina: 4, Sanity: 8, Lore: 2, Influence: 4, Observation: 3, Strength: 2, Will: 2

    Starting Possessions (choose between A & B):

    • 2$
    • Voice of Authority  [Talent - Innate] "Once per round, when resolving a test using a skill you have focused, you may test INFLUENCE in place of the indicated skill.  (Original modifiers still apply.)"
    • A) Bonnie Walsh  [Ally - Faithful, 2 Stamina/3 Sanity] - "Once per round, before you resolve a test, you may focus one skill of your choice."
    • B) Calling in Favors  [Talent - Retainer] "At the start of your turn, discard all money from this card and test INFLUENCE.  For each success you roll, place $1 on this card.  You may spend money from this card.  (You may not trade it.)"


    • Task force - Action: Spend $2, and an additional $1 for each ally you have, to gain one ally.
    • Leadership - Each time one of your allies is discarded, suffer one direct horror.
    • Your focus limit is equal to the number of allies you have.


    His Primary Roles are listed as Rouge & Seeker.  That said, I still believe he will be a neutral investigator with an ally heavy focus when he debuts in the LCG.

  5. 6 hours ago, HamHamJ2 said:

    I'm not clear on why you would use Black Cat for this. Spider Woman can basically run the best version of one ally voltron by being able to run both Leadership and Protection by herself, and having literally the best ally in the game for this purpose (Captain Marvel).

    Actually drawing your target ally isn't a huge deal. Even if you run no card draw, you can still be guaranteed to go through your entire deck in 4 turns if you push for it.

    Black Cat because she doesn't take damage for attacking.  Otherwise she's the worst at attacking with a stat of 1.

    And yes, I play Dragon.

  6. No, this is not the thread where I request Black Cat as a playable character (which I desperately want).  We're talking about Spider-Man's signature ally.

    Yesterday I finally played Spider-Man with Leadership (outside of the core set).  With just the attached, I got her reliably dealing 4+ damage each turn.  Honorary Avenger isn't need (yet) but allow her to play nice with the Avenger's Tower, but it will become necessary after Ant-Man releases.

    01002.png01074.png04015.jpg03025.pngTeam Training04022.jpg

    See, Ant-Man is coming with:

    • Reinforced Suit [Protection, $1, "Attach to an ally.  Max 1 per ally.  Attached ally gets +2 hit points."]
    • Power Glove [Protection, $1, "Attach to an AVENGER ally.  Max 1 per ally.  Response: After attached ally attacks or thwarts, deal 1 damage to an enemy."]

    The Reinforced Suit is only needed as a security blanket for her but Power Glove, oh heck yes!  It jumps her to 3 damage per activation (1 of which can be at a separate target or target with Retaliate) and she'll have 2 or more activations per turn.  That's 6 damage, each turn, without spending cards or resources!

    She's making me think I might start running Get Ready [Basic, $0, "Action: Ready an ally."] again.

  7. 1 hour ago, maniakmedic said:

    And then there's the fact that some of his obligations can nerf your deck hardcore (looking at you, Stolen Memories and Depowered).

    And a fair few of the cards have 2 or 3 boost icons or special boost actions.

    I feel like this is the second longest scenario (timewise) next to the Wrecking Crew.

  8. FFG has created a hashtag with which to share our board game experiences.  Share on Twitter & Facebook and they will unlock print-n-play (later OP) promos!  More in the link:



    To take part in the campaign, anyone who wants to share an FFG experience can upload a story, some photos, or a video (if they so choose) to their Facebook or Twitter account and include #FFGPlayAndShare in their post.

    That’s it! Well, there are some additional guidelines (which we’ve listed below), but it’s all pretty straightforward:

    • Each post should include an anecdote, one or more photos, or a short video of the experience—you have to have something to share, after all.
    • Each post should also include the name of the game being played, including what expansion/set is being used (if applicable)—FFG has a massive catalog, and not everyone knows every game by heart. If you have a game you love, tell people about it!
    • The language and contents of each post should be relatively family-friendly—keep it PG, everyone!
    • The shared experiences should involve Fantasy Flight Games or one of its products—remember, this is the FFG Play-and-Share Campaign.
    • There is no limit to how many times you can share, so long as each post is about a different memory.


  9. On 10/10/2020 at 4:30 AM, FearLord said:

    Yeah I found Iron Man was particularly slow in this game (due to losing 8 cards to the obligation), but he breezed through the second stage as Iron Lad’s retaliate was just a liability vs all my Energy Barriers...

    Kang I is always where the trouble starts.  Having played it a dozen times or so, we spend the most amount of time on Kang I and if we beat him then we win the game.

  10. 19 minutes ago, Dr Dee said:

    Do we know when this might get released? I do hope that there is enough allocated to retailers, even if FFG have sold out.

    12 minutes ago, Soakman said:

    I think it was confirmed for November some time.

    Yeah, planned release in November.  From the article:


    … Read a new story of the Arkham Horror Files mythos in Dark Revelations by Amanda Downum, planned for release this November!

  11. 4 minutes ago, mike8104 said:

    This expansion is fantastic.  Love it.  My only issue is that it came out too soon...I haven't finished getting my fill of the Red Skull set yet.

    Well savor it, The Galaxy's Most Wanted won't be out before February.


    Man this game's scenarios have been diverse.  I freaking love it!

  12. 17 hours ago, Janaka said:

    And it's here!!!!!! All the way from St. Louis, America. My copy of Rise of Red Skull arrived today. 

    My first experience of ordering a game from abroad. Ordered from Miniature Market, cost about the same as ordering in the UK (including the shipping) and took twenty days.

    Happy days!!! 😊


    I like Miniature Market a lot.

  13. 19 hours ago, Duciris said:


    His 1st form stats (2/2) are a little higher than average for a level 1 villain.


    I was wrong.

    He's actually just a 1/2, which makes him pretty average.  It's the "When Kang attacks you, either place 1 threat on the main scheme, or he gets +2 ATK for this attack." that does makes him more difficult.


    (Toughness gives the character a Tough status card when it enters play.  Tough — If a character with a tough status card would take any amount of damage, prevent all of that damage and discard the tough status card instead.)

  14. 1 hour ago, Mimi61 said:

    Very interesting. Different dynamics altogether, with some similarities. 

    I love the idea of being dropped in your own timeline and defeat one of his versions, before joining forces with others. Is Dr Strange your go to guy in this one? 
    My interest in the whole Marvel thing has been piqued for a while, but then my husband just gestures to the enormous quantity of cards we are currently adding to and storing. His eyebrows raise in a query, and I realize he has a point! 
    It does sound pretty fun though. 

    I find Strange a bit OP.  He just has the best options at most 1 turn away.  I find Captain America & Black Widow a really balanced team, but I like playing most of the heroes.

  15. On 10/5/2020 at 11:47 AM, Mimi61 said:

    I’m glad you got it all!! Once and Future King, what makes it so challenging? 

    I'll try to liken it to Arkham.

    The villain (and each minion) scheme (place threat (doom))/attack once for each player each turn (depending if you're hero is in Alter-Ego/Hero mode (the two (soon three) sides you hero (investigator) card)).  This is resolved by their basic Scheme/Attack stats.  His 1st form stats (2/2) are a little higher than average for a level 1 villain.  Then you flip a card from the encounter deck over and add the number of boost icons revealed (0-3).  His encounter deck has a higher average in it so without minions helping he is placing more threat or attacking harder each time he activates.  He even has an attack ability to further increase his base damage by 2 or you have to add 1 threat to the main scheme (agenda).  He has a few side schemes (encounter cards) which just add to the amount of threat (doom) you need to deal with each round.

    It's his obligations, which attach to your heroes, that really slow you down early game.  They cause you not to ready one turn, or deal you 1 damage every time you take a basic action, or prevent you from using your hero-specific cards (15x signature cards), or remove 8 cards from your deck, or remove your highest costed card in play from your deck until you deal with it/them.  The cards removed from your deck (which are kept beneath the offending card) are then discarded after the obligation is removed.  Every time you have to shuffle your deck to draw a card, you are dealt an encounter card (normal rule), but removing cards accelerates this, plus denies your seeing them your first (second...) pass through your deck.

    Once you're set up, you're really powerful, but early game Kang is really hindering to getting setup.

    Once you defeat his 1st form, you are each scooped and dropped into your own game zone separated from the others (so much so that you can play the same unique cards!) with your very own main scheme (agenda) and version of Kang.  Kang is a time traveler, so you're dropped into one of his conquered timelines before you break free.  You fight your own "mini" game of Champions until you defeat your Kang and then join any other player's game.

    Then you have to fight Kang's 3rd form, which isn't that difficult.  (He's the first villain to utilize all 3 stages for a single playthrough.)

    Oh, and there are multiple included ways to increase the difficulty.  And that's before Heroic Mode which was introduced last March and increases the difficulty of the game by drawing additional encounter cards each round!

    I really like the scenario - it's unlike any scenario we've seen (which isn't uncommon at this early stage of the game).  The Once and Future Kang is the 11th 12th scenario for the game to date.  They did an excellent job.

  16. Man that scenario is rough!  Did fine on my first playthough (Captain America-Leadership & Black Widow-Justice).  Then an easy win with Hawkeye-Aggression & Dr. Strange-Justice.  So I changed out the Temporal for Anachronauts & Hawkeye-Aggression with Black Widow-Justice.  When stage 1B flipped and gave each player an encounter card, the first one was to Hawkeye: Shadow of the Past.  It got worse from there.  Between taking so much damage and getting so much threat, the heroes were dead in about 7 rounds.  The next crack killed the pair within 5.

    There are so many 3 boost icons, plus all of the obligations.  It's really hard to keep on top of main scheme 1B.

    I really like scenario and I think the difficulty is great.  Maybe this is a 2-player Hulk opportunity...

    I do think that meat shield allies & Strange dropping Toughnesses (so long as Kang isn't piercing) is what let me breeze through the first 2 plays.

  17. My Innsmouth was waiting for me when I got home on Friday.  Marvel Champions: the Once and Future Kang arrived midafternoon on Saturday.  Now that is a challenging scenario!

    On 10/3/2020 at 10:54 AM, Mimi61 said:

    We tested played a scenario last night from Soakman. We used Trish and Mary and therefore the blessing/curse token mechanic. That really is a mechanic that will work in any scenario, but I almost feel like if you were playing Mary in something not Innsmouth, there has to be a way to put some cursed tokens in the bag, or it’s too heavily weighted. So I put the new neutral card from Innsmouth in Trish’s deck. 


    I believe Mary's weakness should do it, or are you able to just absorb all of the horror?

  18. 24 minutes ago, Janaka said:

    And it's here...just opened the box and about to open up the packs of cards. And I forgot, there's new tokens too....woot!!

    Oh crap I forgot that too!  I need to get more coin capsules!!!

  19. 45 minutes ago, maniakmedic said:

    I never played the Transformers TCG, so I have no idea how the folding cards for them were packaged. Do you guys think the packaging for Ant-Man and Wasp will be more like what we've seen for the MC scenarios in order to ship the hero cards unfolded?

    The cards will be folded.  They were talking about it during the livestream.  The cards won't lie flat at first, but should flatten out over time.

    Ultrapro makes sleeves the correct size (Transformers & maybe oversized MTG cards).  You can buy (or make) custom sleeves for the Transformer Combiner sets.  These would "persuade" the cards to lie flat unfolded.  The Marvel Champion cards will have an advantage over the Transformer cards in that neither side is foiled, so they shouldn't suffer additional curling problems from one face having shrunk and puckering the face.



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