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  1. Native American Investigator?

    I like the Village Elder idea. I play all of the AH games, and this would fit nicely into the LCG as well. As for the New Indian Deal and all Native Americans being treated equally poorly, that isn't the case. I think that those on either coast were probably not treated well, but that's not to say that Caucasian Americans were treated well if they were from other locations. Any Caucasian that moved to San Francisco during WWII to work on the war effort was called Okie, regardless of origin, because so many people immigrated to California from Oklahoma, Texas, Kansas and Colorado during the Dust Bowl. Human beings suck. I like this idea of getting native peoples into the game. I think Village Elder offers the most narrative options. It has the broadest range of skills, it isn't remotely limited to gender, and it's not remotely tribe-specific - if a tribe (or nation) is successful enough to keep people around and alive, boom, elder. Some tribes were pacifistic, they had elders. So, too, did those that warred. OK. Any ideas for a name or other characteristics? Most of the Native Americans I know have boring Caucasian names (Luke, Ty, Russell, Colin, …).
  2. Hints on new investigators ?

    And, if you're insane and want to know which characters you could play across all of the games: Akachi Onyele The Shaman Finn Edwards The Bootlegger Minh Thi Phan The Secretary Jenny Barns The Dilettante Wendy Adams The Urchin William Yorick The Gravedigger "Ashcan" Pete The Drifter Carolyn Fern The Psychologist Special Note: Carolyn Fern is only available for AH:LCG as a Novella character, and Finn Edwards will release in The Forgotten Age deluxe expansion.
  3. In Basketball, Football, Baseball, the two best teams almost never make it to the final round. Take the 1980 Olympic Men's Hockey: Russia and the US were the 2 best teams in that set. Russia didn't make the gold medal game, as they were knocked out by the US. Yes, the best teams usually do make it into the playoffs, assuming that there aren't divisions. In the NBA, one conference often has teams that, if they were in their rival conference, would advance on points. Two Playoffs ago, the Huston Rockets (41-41) advanced into the playoffs in the West, while the Chicago Bulls (42-40) had a better record but were unable to advance because they were 9th best (the cut being top 8) in the East. Second rebuttal. I am not a "part of the invisible air soccer ball". Third. Regional champions are given reserved access to Worlds. By the reasoning of the best-of-the-best, they have full opportunity to attend and compete. As you proposed it, would them changing the name of the event pacify you?
  4. The announcement is always so insignificant. Yeaaaaah. I was concerned about this. Will we need to work with a scalper in the future? The debate that 'only those who win a spot deserve to go' has more sides: I used to live near multiple Regional Championships. Now I don't live near any. Should I need to take time off, drive and rent a room so I can participate at Worlds? What if I live in a country where there are a only a handful, if any, qualifying championships? Should I also need to qualify to get into smaller championships? I play L5R, should I need to win a store championship to get into the PAX Unplugged Kotei Championship, and thereby might be able to get to Worlds? I get that it's Worlds, but there are few sports where the best make it all the way to the highest level of play. This one requires most people to travel cross country - or farther - to participate. It also requires an obligation at a time not chosen by the participants. It is unreasonable to assume that everyone that "should" be there, can and will be if given the chance. I feel that a lottery system is as fair system as it can be. Until people use multiple email addresses. As far a being able to prioritize, how are you envisioning that working? If Adam signs up for only one event and Billy signs up for 2, should one of them get greater priority? What if Billy prioritizes? Suppose that Billy prioritizes Destiny over X-Wing, but only wins the X-Wing ticket. Should the system remove him from X-Wing because it's not his priority? Should he be able to switch his X-Wing ticket for a Destiny one? If so, who has to loose their Destiny ticket for Billy get one?
  5. Foolishness was an ally in the Kingsport expansion to the original Arkham Horror. The missing text: Young Zoog http://www.arkhamhorrorwiki.com/Foolishness & http://www.arkhamhorrorwiki.com/Young_Zoog The art is ever so slightly better on the new Foolishness.
  6. I was just going to comment on that. The Forgotten Age expansion one is on the page, but the deluxe is not. This is just an oversight.
  7. I still thinks it's Command & Colors, the Richard Borg system that Command & Colors: Ancients, Memoir '44 and Battlelore were all built on top of. Or, it's to do with dosage of Ancient Ones in injection form.
  8. Threads of Fate

    The Devil's in the details, I hadn't realized Arcane Research was limited to upgrading a spell. In answer to you @Donel, the minimum 1XP cost is for adding cards to your deck. Upgrading has its own rule set: So, it could go either way. I think that the minimum cost is 1XP, and then the effects of Arcane Research is added. However, you raise a really good case. In defense of my preferred ruling, I would offer Adaptable as a case where the card supersedes the Spending XP rules.
  9. Fewer Novellas, More Side Adventures!

    And remember: the novellas aren't just for AH:LCG, even if they are coming with cards. All of the characters exist across all of the Arkham Files games. Which is pretty darn cool. I'm also super happy they've been splitting the characters between those that have been previously released and those that have not. New characters (and new twists on old ones) is great, and I didn't think we'd see the former outside of deluxe boxes.
  10. Ursula Downs will have the same dilemma Jake Williams. As for Duke, he holds part of Ashcan's total health and sanity. Plus he's just the most interesting character mechanic yet, and by far the best realization of Duke in the Arkham Files. It'll be interesting to see how Jake Williams and Foolishness actually fair with their investigators' deck building options.
  11. Novella Speculation

    Huh. That could be it. They added the four that had debuted in MoM2's core set.
  12. Novella Speculation

    Who didn't they have in ES? Daniela Reyes or Sefina Rousseau?
  13. Novella Speculation

    Dang it! That's not the first time I've said 52 (AH) on a board here. I know better. I have a spreadsheet. Why do I always think it's 52? Too much DC comic books, maybe?
  14. Novella Speculation

    The first three were every other month. Carolyn's is a pre-order. Are we expecting this in two months? If they are every other month, then we'll have all of the original Arkham Horror (52) characters in 9 years. Plus we have 7 additional: Calvin Wright, The Damned Agatha Crane, The Parapsychologist Father Mateo, The Priest Carson Sinclair, The Butler Preston Fairmont, The Millionaire Sefina Rousseau, The Painter Daniela Reyes, The Mechanic That bumps it to 10 years, assuming that both A) no more are released, and B) they write one for each of them.
  15. New Character. New Novella. Announcement: https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2018/2/23/to-fight-the-black-wind/ I think she's doing it backwards. Any successful psychologist would surely be gaining the resources after working with a client.