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  1. Duciris

    SPOILER ZONE - Phoenix Novella Discussion

    Brim of a hat? Headband / Hair-tie? Tapeworm? OL5R had experienced versions of their characters. You could only run 1 copy of a unique card (it was a keyword, not actually tied to them being named). However, you could run different experience levels of the same unique. If you had a lower experience level unique in play, you could place a higher level version on them for free. They were usually less cost so that was a boon, also you had a high chance of finding a character if you had multiple versions. I never ran this (i played so very little OL5R), so if I'm wrong I leave it up to the community to correct me.
  2. Duciris

    SPOILER ZONE - Phoenix Novella Discussion

    This is now true. In my mind.
  3. Duciris

    SPOILER ZONE - Phoenix Novella Discussion

    Yeah, nothing but questions, and I love it!
  4. Duciris

    987654321's law

    Reductio ad Hitlerum, to reduce an opponent's argument or personage to being in line with Hitler. This mimics the argumentative method of Reductio ad Absurdum - a method of disproving an argument by "reducing it to the absurd" or taking it to the extreme. The former is always a fallacy (unless the opponent is, in fact, pushing Nazi-esk ideals), while the latter is either a correct form of arguing, or is actually a Slippery Slope fallacy. Technically, Reductio ad Hitlerum is just a specific variant on the Ad Hominem fallacy - "against the person", or to attack the person rather than their argument. It's just more fun that the norm. I'm thinking more of a #Schumanchu. Which could also be a mustache... or maybe a sandwich.
  5. Duciris

    Multiple Expansions Required?

    The card I want most to have multiples of is Charisma. It's in The Essex County Express pack. It's a permeant asset that allows you to field an additional ally. I think it is the most useful card across all characters (IMO) and the pack only comes with 2 copies. That said, it's a permanent, which means it's never shuffled and starts the game in play. As a result, we just proxy additional copies of the card. I think it's the only card we do that with.
  6. This is actually really helpful. The purpose of the beta (I assume) is to find the limitations of the game, and this seems to include one or more. Also, I like the idea of the person most attacked receiving the Imperial Favor.
  7. I have to assume that the "cheese" is taking the option to sacrifice Lita, which I define less as cheese and more as an emergency ejector seat. If it's anything else, I too don't want to know. This warms my heart - which is impressive as Fate of the Elder Gods (created by the same person who created Arkham Horror the board game first edition & Elder Sign) proved my heart to be that of Ithaqua. I am very excited to revisit the scenario I have played so may times.
  8. Fudo P'an Ku Not really as field-able characters, but as influencers or as artifacts - Fudo's Guidance (event), Temple of P'an Ku (province), Disciple of Fudo (character), Seeker of the Rumored Egg of P'an Ku (character), Madness of P'an Ku (attachment).
  9. Heh. Yogo Junzo. I want to see the Black Scrolls & Fu Leng way more than the Scorpion Coup.
  10. Having procured mine at last, I have just this to say on the matter: you are correct, and concede all points made here. It is...odd.
  11. I don't want to be a noodge, but can someone please explain to me,who on Tatooine numbered WotF?!? I fancy myself pretty chill, but all previous sets had the dice cards (rare & legendary) at the first 60-74 cards of the given set. The 2-Player Starter had the first 8 dice at the beginning, then the next 8 midway - but they were all still linked to their hero/villain card-pool, so it wasn't terrible. Now, they are card numbers 1_2_3_4_15_16_17_18. There are sometimes gaps between the 4 upgrade/support dice. Naturally, the last dice-card is 157, although that's the one I'm least irked by as it pertains to a battlefield. I organize my cards and dice by numbers and colors, and it can be difficult to know where a card should be placed back into the binder because it may not be next sequentially with its neighbors, but this is ridiculous. Just wondering if I'm alone and being ridiculous.
  12. Togashi Tameko. She had 0 Force, but when you played her you added 3 Fire tokens. Her battle action was based on the number of Fire tokens she had, which were decreased every time she used them. Also, her art was just the best. I think a 3 cost 0_MIL/0_POL Monk with the ability, "This character gets +1/+1 fore each fate on her," would be really interesting. Oh, and her flavor text was hilarious.
  13. Duciris

    Horrific Journeys

    The original game was much more mansion-based. And what's with all of the conversation focused on 'different locations' and 'hidden traitors'? One of these missions is on a freaking Zeppelin! That's the headline here!
  14. Holy freaking crap! Yeah. It's not worded that way. Looks like anyone can grab it. There's no test to do either of its action options. Also, it's a Relic Lvl 0-4, so Ursula can add it to her deck. Cursed you say...
  15. Duciris

    To unbox or not to unbox?

    I have the artist case and insert. It works well. I have not played the Carcosa campaign yet (I am working my way through The Forgotten Age as it comes out), but I have all of the non-player cards in the Artist case. I keep the player cards sorted in a binder, although that needs to be reorganized. Such is life. I say do it. Sort out the generic encounters (found in each of the deluxes) and order the encounter sets with the token information card as the bookmark. That makes it easy to pick up and play each scenario.