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  1. Unfortunately, attachment recovery would be absolutely broken with Adopted Kin.
  2. Duciris

    Will there be new investigators?

    What's Richard Riddick?
  3. Duciris

    Will there be new investigators?

    For now. He'll be released in a future product. The Labyrinths of Lunacy (the AH:LCG mission from Arkham Nights 2017) was released June 7th this year. He'll release, it'll just be a question of when. If anything, it confirms an intent to release expansions ('cause we were all concerned about that).
  4. Duciris

    Will there be new investigators?

    Arkham Nights 2018 swag: "Ashcan" Pete for Arkham Horror 3.0 & Daniela for Elder Sign (she's the only investigator not in the game).
  5. Duciris

    Arkham Nights 2018 Dates

    This year: Last year: Not pictured from last year: Purple Cthulhu dice, selection of AO for Elder Sign, 2 AH:LCG cards that were created on Friday by 24 people who won the raffle. They're doing that last bit again this year. About the same.
  6. Box art from Carnival of Horrors (appropriate as last year's was from Curse of the Rougarou). "Ashcan" Pete for Arkham Horror 3.0!
  7. I raise you Shosuro Sadako from the Phoenix Clan pack. The other thing that will balance the splash equation will be good cards that players have to choose between. Neutral attachment removal fixes 1 issue, and I'll be really surprised (well, to an extent) if the next cycle doesn't have an alternative.
  8. So Fumiki is a conflict character, but has no influence cost... If the best cards for each clan can't be splashed, won't everyone continue to splash Dragon?
  9. Thematically, it's as though you've climbed over a decrepit wall from inside a building. You get to the top and slide down. Now, you can't get back up the wall. Shrugging it off, you press forward, knowing that you cannot go back. If an attacker comes at you, you're options don't allow you to go backward - you're back really is against a wall. You better prepare yourself.
  10. Duciris

    List of Conversion Kit annoyances

    Ahh. This warms my heart. Thanks for the knowledge, guys. I need to buy a car before winter, so I've only picked up the core and have been perusing the app.
  11. Duciris

    Elemental Meta

    Hmm. I vote for "a character you control" then.
  12. Duciris

    List of Conversion Kit annoyances

    Man, their Suggested Scum List was Guri, IG-88, & 4-LOM with heavy focus on Calculate. Without extra shenanigans (that my brain is too tired to go through), you could easily generate 5 in a turn. Maul is similarly unprovided in Scum. The second problem to this is that you'll need in excess of 2 C-Kits to fly swarm-style lists. You can still run 3 JumpMasters, but to do that you'll need to buy a third C-Kit? You've already bought 3 $40 ships. I was expecting to convert my entire collection over with 6 (2-per faction) kits. Plus a new core. Now I need more than that? I was also of the belief that they'd stated you would not need to buy new editions of ships to get every pilot. You needed to get the new Core for tokens, damage deck, etc. So, stashing Luke Skywalker & Jek Porkins for the X-Wing and Iden Versio, Valen Rudor & "Night Beast" aboard its TIE is forgivable. However, a quick parsing on the App's collection shows that the following are in their new ship packs but not their respective C-Kits: X-Wing: Thane Kyrell Y-Wing: Norra Wexley & Evaan Verlaine TIE Fighter: Gideon Hask & Del Meeko & Seyn Marana TIE Advanced: Ved Foslo Firespray: Koshka Frost Fang Fighter: Joy Rekkoff As all 6 Re-Packs share this symptom, I conclude that we'll need to buy 1 of each ship over again when they come out, just to get the pilots. Never fear, if you favorite pilot has gone missing, it's only temporary and you can buy him/her latter. I haven't really looked through the upgrade cards, only enough to notice that the Scum C-Kit comes with Adrasta & Slave I for the Firespray. The ship re-pack comes with both plus Marauder title.
  13. Duciris

    Elemental Meta

    There is a fourth option for Hawk Tattoo errata. Give it the same restriction as Centipede Tattoo: "Monk character only." It would only ever be useful in monk decks, and almost never be played on opposing characters. It is the fiddliest of options - being more complicated than "your character only" or simply added to the RR or raising its influence, but I think it would be most in-step with the card's intended theme.
  14. For preferences, I'm in northwestern Minnesota. Forest, plains, and snow are all something I regularly "survive." Jungle, Mountains, and Islands are therefor more interesting to me. I'll play whatever I pull, but my initial preference is for something outside my personal biome. That said, envisioning disorientation that descends into becoming stranded and lost does appeal to me. Thematically. I'd rather not actually do that. So, I'll be willing to play regardless of how it turns out. I do envision myself trading copies or buying opened (known) copies online if I enjoy the system and desire new content.
  15. https://www.showclix.com/event/arkham-nights-2018 October 19-20, 2018. Gift bag to include: Preview character (card and token) from Arkham Horror 3rd Edition Preview character (card and token) from Elder Sign 6”x9” black drawstring velveteen bag with imprint Bag of acrylic wound tokens Bag of acrylic sanity tokens Arkham Horror: The Card Game deck box Special Arkham Horror: The Card Game Scenario Set of Arkham-themed d6s They announced it on Twitter.