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  1. Looks like FFG will be livestreaming their In-Flight Report for GenCon from MN this year. They're also going to be livestreaming playthroughs and AMA interviews with the creators throughout the weekend. https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2020/6/30/ffg-and-gen-con-online/
  2. The Blob is officially shipping.
  3. You should be fine on player cards. There are good cards in every pack, but it shouldn't have a large impact on you. As far as playing campaigns out of order, that's practically been my moto.
  4. We got the Dream-Eaters deluxe set last September. The year has sucked. Not FFG's fault. But maybe an Ancient One's...?
  5. Definitely the biggest dump of player cards at once. Also the Return to the Forgotten Age.
  6. Yeah, I'm enjoying it. We're not getting it until October?!?
  7. I didn't see this livestream at all.
  8. So, the Stay-at-Home order ended on May 18th. A month later, and we haven't seen so much as a reference to FFG Livestreams. A man's got needs!
  9. EVERYTHING can be eaten. We had 1 global "If X is eaten by the Blob, we will not do it. Draw again." I played a 29XP Ursula while my cousin played a 29XP Leo. We were joined by Patrice & (I think) Mateo. It went well until the blob ate something of my cousin's. I died as a delayed result, close to the end. The rest of the team clung on until it was defeated.
  10. If looking a Patrice, I'll recommend the Desperate Violinist as a really good decklist. I believe this is the most versatile/capable level 0 investigator. Personally, I'd take 2x Charismas, 2x Jessica Hydes, & Miss Doyle to get her up to 9XP. That said, when I played her through Carcosa, one of the most useful cards was Cornered (2XP each). The allies give you limitless Stamina/Sanity. Cornered gives you +2 to every test you perform (probably) with Patrice.
  11. With a new installment, it's time to resurrect a thread! (I'm finally reading Jenny's book, so @phillos, take the wheel.)
  12. Great to hear it! I still haven't finished 2 of the originals (Jenny & Carolyn). Got Weaver on Saturday. Got everything. I really like the art prints from this set.
  13. Yeah, they never have. It's really confusing to me as the rest of the LCG products' QR codes are kept pretty well up to date. You can use http://www.cardgamedb.com/ which is owned by FFG and https://marvelcdb.com/ which is independent. You can view all of the cards that are released, as well as build and view decklists on both.
  14. Dexter & Black Widow arrived on Friday. No sign of Weaver.
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