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  1. Duciris

    problems with cardboard components

    No. Mine hasn't done that at all. Contact Customer Service, send them photos. That doesn't sound right, or good.
  2. Duciris

    What Were the Words!?

    The deck gets created by randomly selecting 3 houses, then it starts pulling individual cards. Some of the cards are linked to other cards so that the likelihood of the second card getting pulled gets significantly more likely - that's how the four horsemen are often pulled together. After that, it goes through a few checks - making sure the deck works(?), making sure the deck list has not been previously built, etc. After that, a random name is either generated or maybe a previously generated name is applied. Then the back is added. Then it goes to the printer. From The Unique Story of Unique Games: --- What concerns me, is that I may end up choosing to play a deck based on its name over its playstyle!
  3. Duciris

    Shipping Now

    Reprints? Or new novellas? 'Cause I want both! Also, if we could see new info on The Circle Undone.
  4. I hadn't registered that you could restock each round with Borrowed Time. People have forgotten, in their action calculus, that Borrowed Time also costs an action to play. "Skids" with Lone Wolf & Leo DeLuca has the potential to consistently preform 8 action turns (albeit 3 are scripted). The other useful point on Borrowed Time - the turns where you'd be most likely to store time - is that it does not provoke attacks of opportunity. There are rounds where I've been pinned down and thrown away a full complement of actions because I couldn't physically damage the enemy even with the Elder Sign, and there are things that are actively hurting the party if the wrong token gets drawn. This lets you do something worthwhile as you bide your time and take your lumps. People are also looking at boss monsters, but what of clearing an entire train car of clues in a 4 player game of Essex County Express, or blinking out of The Doom of Eztli once you've taken the Relic of Ages. (Both of these examples are unlikely happen due to limited XP or Action Storage points, they are merely other times where the ability to unload an absurd number of actions would be appreciated.) As for Flamethrower, I really like it, but it is taking all 3 of my hands. My Leo deck had Lightning Gun, Bandolier, and Survival Knife. I had that combo in play better than 2 out of every 3 scenarios. The only way to get both weapons is the hand-for-body-slot trade that Bandolier offers. The 4 damage and ability to not waste damage if there are numerous baddies is really nice. It's a question for me if I'll trade my combo for it, though. Out of curiosity, as another component of my ridiculous Leo-combo deck, I played Custom Ammunition on my Lightning Gun. How does Flamethrower interact with Custom Ammunition? You can attach it (firearm), so does the enemy you're attacking (the one with the highest Fight) have to be a Monster? If so, do I have to assign 1 damage to that monster...or 2 (the +1 of it as it were)? If I attack a Humanoid, but I splash a Monster, do I have to deal 1 damage to it before I can deal the +1 damage? Does that +1 damage have to be to a Monster? Can I not deal +1 damage as it wasn't an "Attack performed by attached asset...against Monster enemies."? (My interpretation is that you only deal +1 damage if you deal 1 damage to a Monster, and the +1 damage must be assigned to a Monster you have already dealt damage to in this attack. Therefore, if you're engaged with 3 enemies - 2 monsters (both with Fight2) and a humanoid (with fight 3) - you would need to attack the humanoid (b/c text). Then, on a successful hit, you'd have to assign 1 damage to a monster before being able to add the +1 damage. That damage in turn would have to be assigned to that attacked monster, not its monster neighbor.) I think Vantage Point has some really interesting possibilities. Moving a clue off a hard-to-clear Victory location can pay for itself. The fact that the clue's previous location does not have to be adjacent is astounding to me. I'm looking at it from the vantage point (hehe) of a support/clue hound seeker. Giving options/advantages to other investigators, doubly those who are not at my location, is pretty potent. Seal of the Seventh Sign is staggering. More so if your team has The Chthonian Stone and 1 or 2 Protective Incantation(s) in play. There are scenarios (or almost campaigns if you do well enough (Dunwich, I'm looking at you (save the students, don't cheat, ignore the Necronomicon))) where you could prevent SotSS from leaving play once the combo's out. And SotSS prevents The Chthonian Stone from being forced back into your hand (which I swear I've played and returned to my hand in the same round so many times!). I was really expecting they'd never give a way to Seal the Auto-Fail. Surprising. If only 1 player is holding the Stone, The Sign, and both Incantations, then they'll also need to be holding a Book of Shadows in their other hand to keep this madness it tow, and you'll be spending an action every turn gaining a resource to pay both Incantation's cost every turn. But I think there's potential here. I might test this out on a level-29 or -39 Norman before I build toward it. I'm not sold on Shards of the Void. Unless we're sealing all of the tokens (and if we are, then why are we afraid of Shrivilling?), I don't like sealing the 0s. True, you could spend the sealed 0 almost as soon as you seal them, but I really like that token. And if you're using Olive McBride then you're more likely to seal 0s, which granted is dealing bonus damage and adding "charges" to Shards. Hmm. Maybe there is potential there...
  5. Duciris

    What Were the Words!?

    * In George Takei's voice. *
  6. Duciris

    What Were the Words!?

    Let's not forget that he's a Titan-Flayer. That racism crop is in for a nasty reaping.
  7. Duciris

    Carolyn Fern - Mythos "Doctor"

    Well I'm not going to change it now!
  8. Duciris

    Carolyn Fern - Mythos "Doctor"

    To the Dead of Administration of Miskatonic University, Has the whole world gone mad? Professor Norman Withers, of the Astronomy Department, has been acting odd as well. He has been telling everyone who will listen, that, "I've got a plan!" Yet reports have it that he has Barricaded himself in study, pouring over Medical Texts and Anatomical Diagrams with his Magnifying Glass. He is a professor of Astronomy! It was one thing when he took a Laboratory Assistant and an Art Student with an Inquiring Mind over to university's library and showed them an Old Book of Lore, presumably looking for Truth from Fiction, but all they yielded were some Preposterous Sketches. Now, however, he seems to have completely abandoned anything resembling science. He has been caught with a Grotesque Statue, Ritual Candles, something called a Ward of Protection and a Spirit Athame. When I knew him, he was Grounded, but now seems Drawn to the Flame. That man would stay up all night, but never in some Moonlight Ritual. Neither would he, with such Defiance, be so Enraptured in these Arcane Studies, nor claim that the Forbidden Knowledge found in a Book of Shadows would grant him Clarity of Mind. It is reported by some of his students that he has engaged in a Blood Pact or that he has sought to Sacrifice his Holy Rosary that he might Recall the Future and prevent some Dark Prophecy. A concerned faculty member.
  9. Duciris

    Horrific Journeys

    Added to "Shipping Now" today! ETA November 29!
  10. Agreed. I like that it takes up a Body & Two-Hand slots. Have we seen any cards that have multiple slot icons before?
  11. Duciris

    Shipping Now

    Shattered Aeons QR code is up: https://ffgapp.com/qr/AHC25
  12. I hate that they got Eric Lang to sign to an exclusive. He made some amazing games for FFG.
  13. I hate weighing in on this. Kickstarted products often do not work when they are sold in stores. Certainly not with all of the extras. Compare what a CMON Kickstarter comes with, versus what the vanilla set sold in stores comes with. 7th Continent was originally supposed to be sold in stores, but they couldn't because of price point. There are 2 steps of profits missed when a company sells straight to their customers: distributers & game stores. Both of those need to make a profit off of the given product. Both must do a balancing act of overhead and final sales. And both of them must have the product shipped to them before they can sell it. Money, money, money.
  14. https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2018/11/14/a-samurais-heritage/ Time to choose a family!
  15. Duciris

    Assets with ammo/supplies/charges

    Yup. Take 2 examples from the core set: The first discards after using its final supply, while the latter does not. There are cards, such as Venturer, that add supplies, charges, secrets, etc. to cards, so with those that would be discarded, it is wise to add to them first. I have found that cards which take no slot (like First Aid) are more likely to have an automatic discard effect. They don't all, though, Strange Solution & Thermos for example.