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  1. I'll wager we get 2 Occult Lexicon & 6 Blood-Rites. We got 2 of Shrewd Analysis (which is also 1 per deck). In Netrunner, I believe it was in the Mumbad Cycle, they had Limit 6 per deck of several cards, so there is a precedence for it.
  2. I believe you can. As @SamWeiss says: "Your bonded cards" looks to be a separate collection of cards that associate with your deck, and are determined by which cards you have that they are bonded to. If they are removed from the game (or perhaps placed under Diana (if such a card were to exist)) when the trigger happens, they are placed back into the collection of "your bonded cards."
  3. You can add 1 copy of Occult Lexicon to your deck when deck building. During a game, on your turn when you have it in hand you may play Occult Lexicon (paying all costs). It goes into play taking up one of your hand slots. As part of the play action, you add 1 copy Blood-Rite to your hand & 2 copies to your deck. Shuffle your deck. Blood-Rite operates like any other event. Should Occult Lexicon be discarded, returned to your hand, etc. you take all three copies of Blood-Rite (regardless of where they are) and place them into your set-aside Bonded deck (which is where they were before you played Occult Lexicon).
  4. https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2019/3/25/before-the-black-throne/ Color me interested.
  5. Duciris

    4th Cycle - The Circle Undone

    And that extra prologue scenario at the front, plus both TFA & TCU have a bonus scenario at the end. There also seems to be more "if you have a ________, read this" options. I think it's just more fluff experimenting with narrative choices. I've always found Dunwich to have enough story, but that doesn't stop me from being excited about more story!
  6. Duciris

    Shipping Now

    The Secret Name shipped Feb 28th, The Wages of Sin (are death) shipped March 21st. That's three weeks rather than 4. The usual "Shipping" to "In Stores" is 2 weeks. If it's shorter, they forgot to update the shipping status. If it's longer, Cthulhu.
  7. Duciris

    Shipping Now

    As of today (March 21st, 2019). Shipping Now:
  8. Duciris

    4th Cycle - The Circle Undone

    Has anyone noticed that the updated pdf of the rules includes 25 pages so far (include campaign log) but that the last page is number 60? Dunwich had 32, Cacosa had 44, & TFA had 56.
  9. Duciris

    Shipping Now

    Here come dual-class cards! Shipping Now:
  10. Duciris

    Have you noticed this?

    I like the symbol. In fact, I think I like it more than their actual symbol. I've seen it before, but never gave it full thought.
  11. Duciris

    Very quiet on the release front

    Yeah. They usually give themselves a quarter (3 months) or so. It means printing is on schedule and barring seagoing disasters, like not making the proper sacrifices to Cthulhu, the product should arrive state-side (and to international ports) as expected. They usually wait until the product is actually shipping (2 weeks before release) before giving a heads-up that the release is coming. On the positive news, both the LCG & MoM2 have been getting much better and more frequent updates after the product is announced.
  12. Duciris

    Very quiet on the release front

    Mansions of Madness 2e announcements & releases. The odd numbered expansions are small box while the evens are big box. (There were also 2 Figure & Tile expansions which rereleased all of the products that were converted over from 1e.) Announcement Release Core 25 July 2016 04 August 2016 Exp1 11 October 2016 12 January 2017 Exp2 21 June 2017 9 November 2017 Exp3 6 December 2017 19 April 2018 Exp4 2 July 2018 29 November 2018 Exp5 TBA TBA
  13. I expect Lilly Chen to be Guardian (no bets on other) with the ability to attack with a non-firearm weapon at +1 Fight, +1 Damage. That might make Knife to valuable, though.
  14. Duciris

    New SW Board Game Announced

    I'm happy that all of the mini-looking cards are full-sized instead, with their requirements slid under the player/ship boards. Mini cards irk me. I'm hoping they'll do a live play before release. I feel their recent use of Streaming is a good direction.
  15. Duciris

    New SW Board Game Announced

    You had me until "over Dr. Aphra". I would take Aprha over Han or Lando or Jyn. I'd love to Asajj Ventress or Cad Bane, though.