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  1. https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2019/8/7/the-search-for-kadath/ I think she'll pair with Peter Sylvestre well!
  2. We've got more new information! The weakness isn't a basic weakness, it belongs to one of the scenarios. It appears to just be an action (and 1 resource) cost, if you play it right away. Man, if only they could get some good, creepy, evocative art. Oh well.
  3. We have. Not the best photo, but some thoughtful person on eBay has given us a breakdown of the contents. 6 Investigators 3 Ancient Ones 1 Board 103 Cards 120 Tokens They really did grab 6 fight-heavy characters. I think Pete is the least combative of the 6 (maybe Rita). As far as narrative, why are these 6 on campus when it all goes south, Rita's enrolled and Tommy's a cop. That's all I've got. I wonder what all they'll do with this. It's a game that's designed to be setup and played in under an hour (partially by eliminating the alpha-gaming & collaborative planning by not allowing players to communicate their plans (thematically because they are all seldom in the same place)), as well as the game only lasting 8 rounds. Perhaps, creating a game which allows for shorter gameplay (something FFG is not particularly known for) will give them the window to create a much longer gameplay. (I know, I know, wishful thinking.) I suppose the LCG is actually quite a long gameplay, if you look at it in terms of complete campaigns. As a side note, one of the rules I've found which makes this very different from all other Arkham Files games is that if 1 player looses, they all lose. No more advancing the bad stuff and grabbing someone else. I suppose with it only lasting 8 rounds it's not that surprising, and yet I was surprised. As others have said, it is only taking the last gasp of any of the big Arkham games – and only the rarest Ancient One stories that actually end in a fight the heroes might win. All-in-all, getting some games that are quick to play & that introduce friends to a bigger world of games is a good thing. It's also the same price as 1 LCG core set and doesn't require any further purchases. This game won't replace any of the existing Arkham Files games for me, but I'll enjoy it. It's closest analogue in that light is Elder Sign. Fingers--crossed that it'll feel like the climatic moments from memorable games of AH, EH, MoM, & the LCG where you barely scrap by, or were so close to making it.
  4. I'm not paying more than $30 for it (and certainly not the $200 being asked for), but man that is a cool playmat!
  5. Duciris

    The future

    Big indeed. Mars & Sanctum are out, Saurian Republic (sapient dinosaurs with the culture of Ancient Greece) and the Grand Star Alliance (with the same backstory as Star Trek: Voyager) are in. New keywords and tokens (these are not the actual wordings, just the mechanics as they were described in the announcement.): Ward - Place 1 ward status counter on a creature. When the creature would be damaged or leave play, discard each ward counter instead. Enrage - Place 1 enrage status counter on a creature. A creature with an enrage counter must be used to fight, if able. Then, remove all enrage counters from this creature. Exalt - Place 1 aember from the common supply on a creature. (As though that aember were captured.) As for the multiple purchase options: Starter Box - $25.00 USD - same general content as all other sets. Single Archon Pack - $10.00 USD - same as other archon decks. Deluxe Archon Pack - $15.00 USD - same as Single Archon Pack but with all of the tokens 1 person needs to play. Premium Box - $40.00 USD - same as a Starter Box but with a chain dial (tracker) and extra storage options. Oh. And stickers. Starter Box: Archon Deck: Deluxe Archon Deck: Premium Box:
  6. That's interesting about Harvey. After running around AH 3e, I'm a Norman Withers convert & in the LCG I'm a Daisy Walker fan - both of whom work at MU. I should have guessed that "Ashcan" Pete would show up if Jenny Barnes was around. They've released in the core sets for AH 2e, Elder Sign, MoM 1e, and AH 3e if you count the promo. They also debuted in the LCG's first arc. They did not appear in the same expansion for EH. They've reached the point where I think there's something more going on between the two of them...
  7. FFG has announced a new Arkham Files game, Final Hour, but they have not created a community page for it as yet, so here we are. As of yet, I spot "Ashcan" Pete Jenny Barnes Lily Chen Michael McGlen Rita Young Tommy Muldoon The big selling point to this I see is that it is set to be playable in under 60 minuets. It's a romp in the Miskatonic U campus from 11 P.M. to midnight to save the world by punching out every cultist and monster in sight.
  8. @ArkhamChronicle is in the UK, so it's disappointing to him/them as they won't have access to it before general release or by buying it on eBay.
  9. As long as we're talking about it: a new announcement!
  10. I am surprised we haven't heard anything else on this yet. There are rumors of the final pack of the Circle Undone being available next week, and one would assume this to follow on its heels closely. Perhaps someone visiting GenCon could scout it out.
  11. (It's dead simple to attach an FFG-posted image. Go to a page with it, right-click and bring up Properties, and copy the URL next to the "Address: (URL)", then you simply paste it in as you would anything else. They limit users to a paltry amount of image space, but an unlimited amount of embedded images/videos so go bananas!)
  12. I told you there would be more questions. One Against Many – Sanctum AOA_259 – Acton – “1Æ. Play: Ready and fight with a friendly creature 3 times, each time against a different enemy creature. Resolve these fights one at a time.” For the selected creature, does this count as 1 or 3 times for the purposes of The Rule of Six?
  13. We didn't get the first part of Guardians of the Abyss at Arkham Nights '18. GenCon played the fist part & Arkham Nights had to deal with their repercussions in the second part. I am expecting that it will be the scenario at both conventions this year.
  14. I'm expecting that when we run out (and when they don't create new investigators) that we'll see "replacement" versions of the released investigators, like those seen in the novellas.
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