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  1. Here's hoping that it's Unicorn that's last. Just for the Schadenfreude of it all. One of the 3 in my group latched onto Unicorn before it came out, and the (largely justified) complaints online are music to my ear.
  2. 1st, running on iOS (both pad & phone). 2nd, yes, once I finally got time to mess around in the app, I was able to recreate the issue. To trigger it, it needs to be midway through a round. Then, if you navigate away from the app and it "goes to sleep," when it reloads, it will be at the top of that round. I say "go to sleep," but what I mean is that the app looses CPU priority and it goes passive. When it comes back, the app must be reloaded and you must resume the save file.
  3. I was expecting natural cards as the "for the other Great Clans." This otherwise looks like half of a Netrunner deluxe box. Wonder if they'll be "evergreen" like (I believe) the Netrunner deluxe boxes are. Also, who cares about the scariest fire monster since Tolkien, what's this unique Role card and will they be able to run it regardless of Winter Court decisions?
  4. Is there a new edition of the rule book? I'm not seeing one on the main page.
  5. Dynasty 5 is up.
  6. Whilst playing the App over the weekend (love it!), we ran into an App rules question. We hit the information/help/rules button (whatever it's called) which took us to the pdf on the SW:IA main site. We looked for an answer and returned to the game. The App reset. Now, once we loaded our save, our progress was back to the correct mission and round (yay!). However, it was top of round where we had been multiple activations in (oh no!). We marked CAHRACTER-ONE has having gone, then it activated a random unit which hadn't previously activated. We were able to adjust, for the most part, but because the Imperial activation block isn't available for recall, we had to improvise how the new enemies attacked when we got back to our game state. Now, knowing how this happens, we would be prepared to memorize the enemies' attack blocks next time. We could have tried to undo all damage and movement and actions that round (to the best of our memories), but because we'd rolled poorly, we felt as though it would be cheating. In Mansions of Madness 2, when the App saves, I believe it does so between phases, which are particularly easy to recreate. I am also ecstatic to find that it saves at least between rounds. I don't know that this is particularly a bug, but it is something to be mindful of as both players and programmers. I get why it would take you to the website (although that does add internet dependency) to see the rules: it reduces the number of places the rules need to be updated.
  7. Given that they run tournaments for IA, I don't see them ending the line here. Additionally, I believe the overall success of Descent had peaked before the app came out. I feel that this will boost existing sales of the game, and I expect it to continue for a while. Doubly if they continue to release characters from Rebels (which they have in Hera, "Chopper", Ahsoka & Old Maul), comics (BT-1 and Triple Zero), and new movies. I do believe that they'll plan future expansions with the app in mind, and that they'll still come with the usual Campaign mode. As an aside, I can't believe that they won't ultimately bring in Rogue One & Force Awakens' characters for the Skirmish/Tournament play.
  8. It's more normal than I like. Shoju has 7 Political. However, I think her ability (and it's ability to be dropped) is more powerful.
  9. Kachiko is a Conflict character?! A 5 cost conflict character with no influence! She's just as potent as her husband/champion. Man she's potent.
  10. Public Forum is neat. Now, how do we remove honor from provinces...
  11. It looks like when a clan gets an extra (3rd) card in a pack it includes one of their Keeper/Seeker cads. You don't get an extra for both Keeper & Seeker, just once. This lead Dragon to receive 4 cards in 2 packs, but one is our unplayable (in major Tournaments) Keeper card. When we get our Seeker card (for which I simply cannot wait!), we should also get a third card. This leads me to believe that each clan is getting 13 cards. I am interested to know if they'll be split evenly between 6 Dynasty characters, 6 Conflict cards, and 1 Dynasty holding.
  12. Imperial Set 1 is up on QR!
  13. Seven you say...I wonder if they whistle while they work? Maybe some appropriately titled AC/DC song...
  14. I hadn't been paying attention to that. The previous models were the same they used in their premium Arkham figure line (https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/products/arkham-horror-premium-figures/). This is what Akachi looked like previously. Now, her hair is in numerous braids that don't touch her back.