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  1. You could view all art on cardgamedb well before you ordered. I find it difficult to figure out the tempting differences of all lcgs at first to I can tell cards apart at a glance. However eventually I figure it out and its no problem Honestly all card games have this problem usually. Art wise I have no problem its all nice so no complaints. Honestly this topic just seems to be I don't like the art from the game this game is themed after is any disappointed the art is sticking to the theme?
  2. Ya that was mb those games I forgot to deal out the last two and just sat the whole stack down. I think I am just going to start dealing out 5 face up and 2 face down across the table like they suggest in the rules even if it cramps the play area for the first two turns.
  3. Kinda blew my mind. I preordered a copy at the local store and 2 more online for the complete set. Looking at my local store this Saturday they sold out. Not sure if they just didnt order much or it is that popular. We have a lot of warhammer players that were interested in it so idk.
  4. This comment utterly baffles me. The only way that this could happen is if all 3 of the first planet had a symbol in common, all three were won by the same player, and both players sent their warlords to the first planet each round. In my experience, given the nuance, strategy and interaction of the game, this would almost never happen. Pretty sure it was established over on bgg that he has the rules wrong.
  5. I tend not to care about the Netrunner problem of buying a 3rd core for 6 cards but I bought 4. I think cores like this are better for the community or those who hate the lcg coreset distributions since there is less "waste" for the 2nd and 3rd core purchases. If I am correct there are only 2-3 2 ofs in each faction.
  6. As was said in the bgg post you made reread the rules again specifically victory and combat. As for deployment it is a great system as you want to hide information so you play the smaller units first but what if they are space marines they might just play their signature squad and snipe your weenies or pull goff boyz off the first planet. Or in the case of tao you almost always play your limited first to hide what you are playing but they can snipe it with their event. Or if you just use all your resources in one turn they can prepare for it same as if you played a bigger unit early so you want to hold off on those.
  7. After 5 min I was ready to quit and just agreed to play his way but he wanted to check more to get it right. Of course I had already quoted several pages that were pretty clear so nothing else could be found. I just finished the game to not be that guy that disagreed with someone and quit over it.
  8. I had a 10+ min argument over octgn with someone over it quoting rule pages endlessly. It just came down to the fact he believed the rule book didn't explicitly state cards with a bold ACTION count for you turns deployment. I even pointed out how the turn structure gives no way to play events under "his" rules but no avail. In the end I just said we would play by his rules since it never mattered in my play for that turn and I just wanted the game over at that point.
  9. I've had people argue with me about this and seen other people argue about this. During deployment any ACTION or playing of a army/attachment/support is your action. I have seen to many times people argue to death that an event action does not use up your deployment action despite the rules being pretty clear on it.
  10. I am just good enough to pose a threat and luck my way into top4-8 of big tournaments in most games. Needless to say I am really bad just able to luck sack hard.
  11. Eh I used NetrunnerDB and ya it sucks but it makes sense. Just downloaded my decks and imported them to cardgamedb which I had originally used pretty much since ANR came out. Really all the people throwing a fit about how bad Cardgamedb is are just stupid. It works it isnt difficult to use so quit complaining, you could have no online deck builder.
  12. Eh, while I want netrunnerdb back since I use it a lot. I understand the decision, I doubt it is so much because it is better and more because they offer highrez images of all the cards which FFG does not seem to like. Probably because of a combo of octgn and a small fear of people just printing out cards and making that a worse option.
  13. When compared to Agot you would think they are amazing since cards like this are the core of your deck in that game. However they are unique so they are much easier to play and Agot can go beyond 7 turns as well. No matter what turn you basically get to delay your first deploy action which can make a huge difference so its great. As for why the Mine isnt rated nearly as high by most people its because it doesn't go even the turn you play it, it actually hurts you if you needed that one resource to do something important and the longer you hold it the worse it becomes. I think you will never see a point in this game where running 1 of the reducers is bad in a mostly mono army deck. Running more maybe but there is no downside of running 1 except you might not see it and delaying deployment will only be more important as more characters get come into play abilities.
  14. I have cards, its been awhile. Personally I haven't played since Store Championships and I need to update at least one deck for the current FAQ. I know of an Agot player that recently moved to Austin that also plays and writes CoC articles for Cardgamedb. I would like to get some games going since its been awhile.
  15. It's been a long time since I bought it, but didn't the CoC LCG come with 1 copy of every card? Other than the story cards there isn't really any waste. Similar to planets, story cards could be considered as "not waste" as well. Ya CoC is one of every card so only stories and tokens are extra. Agot wouldn't have much waste outside of plots and 2 cards in it are 2x, but most of the cards in the agot core are terrible.
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