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  1. You could always strand them on an agrarian feudal world with low/no-tech, and then have something malfunction with their cybernetic systems. Broken hydraulics, leaking fluids, cracked power cells. THEN after they have cannibalized their spare equipment and weapons, have the world come under attack by xenos or heretics.
  2. Put them in scout armour and chameleon cloaks. Dress them up like Ogryns. Put them in a discrete rhino and have them not get out until they are in cover or at their target. Discretion for space marines are the Scouts. Everything else, they are meant to annihilate the enemies of the Imperium. There was a short story written in the 2nd edition 40k tabletop game, (wargear book i believe) where two or three blood angels meet up with a Guardsmen assault group to take a rebel bunker. The wall is breached, the marines go in fast and hard, the guardsmen are left to follow behind. All the guardsmen see and hear are corpses and chainswords. I thought that was about as discrete a take down as marines could get.
  3. I'd suggest you put your foot down and tell them that faith powers are used as normal, from the player's original fate points, using RAW. IMHO you conceded alot in implementing that wfrp3 scheme. Faith powers are not something that should be used every second turn (exaggeration). The game will become broken quite quick (if it hasn't already been broken), and you will find yourself having to readjust everything to counteract your players rapid firing faith powers to balance it back out. From what i gleaned from them, they are 'miracles' that are called upon when the situation is most dire. Not when some chump fails their reading test.
  4. Saldre said: Now, the question is- Does this actual Information fall into the scope of the lore skills? I felt it did; whereas my player wants things like- the name of the top three cults active in Prudenza, the name of the Noble Houses currently staying there- and their involvement in anything vile. All in all, I felt his requests to be more along the lines of Divination then lore... What do you guys think? What kind of information would a lore Check entitle to? What crosses the line into Divination? How would you have handled it? Well, reading from the rulebook (and i am not very familiar with this particular section, but it seems to me that the True Savant is the boon of the pact, so the Adept would technically have known all this information without the need to ask. He invoked the demon for a google search pretty much, and there should be consequences for wrenching it out of the void to answer a bunch of questions. the "Knowledge familiar" boon might be more what they are after i think. the "invoking the demon" and "Counting the cost" sections of the DH rulebook should help. If you apply the true savant boon to the "thy name.." package, you can summon the entity, but it has already given them the boon of the "all lores known" and free reroll on any failed test they have previous. Make them take the test and if they fail, and they want to ask the question of the entity itself, then have the entity put forward a TRUE Dark Pact, with the hefty corruption hit and costs mentioned in the DH rulebook. This demon has been 'captured' really, by a weakling meatbag. It is not going to be happy with its situation. It is going to want revenge, and to take back its power. Some thing i would do is have the demon overload the Adepts brain with the requested information. Int or WP test to prevent passing out/suffering severe brain damage, throw in some insanity points. Have a very hard int or WP test to be taken to see if you can retain any of the information the demon passed on. That way, depending on how well their test has gone, you the GM can either give him 'flashes of images" (faces, events, etc.), random sound/conversation, or actual coherent knowledge if they passed their test. That is something i think a demon would do at least, if someone says, "I need ALL the information pertinent to our situation..." demon should have chuckled and said, Sure thing bud. KAPOW. Scanners time. You're dealing with a demonic entity, not some AI search engine. Az wouldn't like being ordered about, even if there is a pact in play. It is going to want out of this situation and to make the player suffer forever for the humiliation it is reduced to. I'd think of it as one of the old wish granting stories. Becareful what you ask, and HOW you ask it. If you don't word it correctly, the Demon will absolutely love for you to suffer for it and take over when you are a jibbering husk. The player chose to be in congress with "The Beast", so they pretty much ask for what comes. I'm probably repeating myself at this point, but you don't want it to be too helpful, or if you do, make it the creepy/sinister/ ulterior motive kind of way. The lead in to a soul burning, body possessing pact. In respect to your other question, about whether the information you provided fell into divination or lore...the names of the cults and the noble houses would be do-able as lore. Their involvement in dark deeds however, would require something much more than a lore check, IMO. Names of groups or families, background history on prominent figures of said groups, politics, etc. That would fall into lore i think. What they ate for breakfast, what cults they catch an evening show with, and any kind of specific requires much more.
  5. the only thing I could suggest on a similar yet slightly more extreme range would be converting some of the Rogue Trader ship combat rules.
  6. A couple ways i guess: -40k novels. Gaunts Ghosts, Eisenhorn, Horus Heresy, etc. could help them get an idea. - Introduce them to the Dawn of War (and Dark Crusade) games. - I suppose if they are more familiar with Space Marines, you could run a modified Deathwatch game. Have them deal with some serious insurrections, warp incursions, and through that, you can introduce rogue traders and inquisitors, etc. from the other games, and then see what captivates them most. But that would involve obtaining all the books from the three main games to date.
  7. Personally i wouldn't put it with a fear rating of more than 2 (or only 1), unless they have certain Marks or powers that give them a fearsome aura. There would be a high intimidation factor though, as would be the case with a 7foot tall monster in corrupted power armour.
  8. For the hallucination (if you do go by the Bloodlines theme) it would be an amusing warpish twist if they failed the intelligence test, they think the floor is whole/real, they walk across no problem. Those who pass the test see the gapping void. If they call out in character to warn them, maybe a fel test to see if the characters believe their group mates of the 'danger'. if they do and they take a 'second look' with an intelligence bonus, if passed, vanish goes the floor. In that vein, you totally need the scary axe wielding father figure appear every now and then, ghosts reliving terrible events.
  9. It sounds like you are looking for a puppet master type eldar to ally with. In that case the WarlockFarseer would be ideal as they have the whole divination thing going for them. Rangers would be good for a more immediate problem, like a hostile alien invasiondesecration of a 'site of eldar importance'. The Farseer type figure would be more interested in subtly directing the flow of actionsmanipulating weak-willed humans into furthering their own ends without realizing it. But that would be pretty standard/stereotypical from all the delightful Dawn of War games we've had to enjoy over the years with manipulative quasi-good guy eldar running around doing things.
  10. If you've got the IH, you could use some of the Arbite background packages/casefiles for inspiration as well. Maybe have them go through the Red Vaults and come out the end as one of the few survivors? That would then open them up for vengeance/hunt for the Lady Gray. The Calixian pattern killings would be pretty cool as well. ANYTHING could happen there. A jack the ripper style Halo-device-mutated killer, to a Predator 2 style game. I'd suggest also looking at the Disciples of the Dark Gods book as well, maybe have them pick up the trail of one of the Most Wanteds.
  11. Reactor leaks. Radiation/tox damage. Hull breaches with zero gravity and no floor. Segements where ships have materialized INSIDE the ship, or have crashed into the ship, so a full on ship hull is blocking the way (too thick for plasma cutters to breach?) Alien substances that prevent the use of magboots? Or maybe magnetized/demagnetized surfaces that cancel the magboots? Volatile substances/gases in sealed compartments. Explosions and shrapnel to damage void suits, corrosive material? Pressurized/non-pressurized compartments that will either suck them in or push them out if their mag boots or line aren't properly secure. Floating debris becoming projectiles.
  12. It doesn't seem broken to me. It looks pretty representative of what class/profession differences should be. Government always gets paid more than the cops and soldiers. Specialists generally get paid more than the cops and soldiers as well. If anything, the scum get too little compared to the rest of them. Otherwise, as a GM, you can rule anyway you choose. If you think they are getting to much, have the Inquisitor bank his money and give a lessened allowance as you see fit. You'd need to keep track of how much they've got in the "bank" though, otherwise you'd get a frustrated player on your hands. Edit: wait, you said "wants to be a nobleborn cleric"? You are letting your players choose what background and career they will be, as opposed to the random roll? Or did they random roll the nobleborn cleric and you are having issues with it?
  13. You allow players the honour system for rolling? Ballsy. The games i run, all rolls (save mine as GM) are on the table or they don't count. The dice hit the floor, reroll.
  14. Yep. +10 for short range, +20 for full auto. If you were point blank you would have gotten a +30 instead of the +10. Unfortunately what you did, was pull off a Bren-gun incident as popularized by the totally rad movie, Lock, stock, and two smoking barrels. But back to the matter at hand, the only way you'd get some even more serious bonuses is using full auto with a scatter-shot loaded shotgun. As mentioned in a recent thread, you get some massive enemy-pulping damage potential doing so. EDIT: this is the thread i mentioned -- "Gaining BS/WS" located in this sub-group.
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