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  1. Ok I was first wondering about assault of the kraken, is the when opposed the challenge is treated like it never happened effect initiated as soon as the challenge is opposed or does the player have the chance to make it unopposed through card effects, like the scouting vessel. Secodly if a unique card is in play, like Aeron Damphair and a duplicate is placed into your dead pile from your hand by Aegons hill is it discarded like I think or is there some other rule here
  2. my problem with the jon is Raegars son theory is a genetics argument, if we found out Joffery was not roberts true son because he did not have the Baratheon Dark hair which was a dominant feature, then why wouldn't jon snow have the silver hair of the Targ line, this trait I'm assuming is also dominant because the dark hair of the martell line didn't seem to corrupt the silverness of targ hair at all, just speculation here though
  3. I had a question, specifically regaurding the lord commander and crown regent titles in Melee Play, how do the redirects work exactly, firstly can a player redirect themselves and secondly when are they able to redirect the challenge.
  4. I thought I read this in the Faq or on the Forums or somewhere but I can't find it again and I can't remember what I read, if a player takes control of another players char, does the player also take control of attatchments and duplicates attatched to that character?
  5. I will admit I didn't try incrediably hard to find the awnser to this question on my own but it is the deciding factor in who will win our current game, my question simply is, is Melisandres text that does not allow players to count their renown totals a player ability, and if so could characters who are immune to char abilities bypas this/ I think it is a passive char ability and that chars with immjunity can still count their power but I am willing to admit that I don't know enough to call for certain
  6. yeah there was a tourney not to long ago wasn't there unfortunently I only had the core set and was pretty new to the game so I didn't go
  7. Ok two questions, If I have to chars with Dornish Chariot participating do the effects cancel each other out in a good way or a bad way, and secondly can that char still be a target of stealth, I would tend to think so, however I figured I'd ask as I am new to the game
  8. A few friends and I have recently begun playing a game of thrones, we were just wondering if there are any other players in central IA we are from Ames
  9. I recently ordered the clash or arms expansions to a game of thrones, however my cards are CCG with the black border, does anyone know if these are the same cards or if they have different text etc, and if so are they legal?
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