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  1. Thanks again. I think we're playing wrong. Based on our game last night, and the fact that we all were nearly "clue"less the whole time, I don't see how passing both surprise will checks and fight checks regularly can be feasible, especially since they're almost always at -1 or more. I believe I would almost always be rolling on clues. That will make our first honest victory that much more sweet! EDIT: Oh, just remembered one other question that came up. It involves "hands." If a player is using a 2 handed weapon, can they exhaust the whip to get 1 reroll? I really couldn't decide on this. We went ahead and played it as though it was a special item that could be exhausted for a reroll, but didn't have to be "in hand" for that. One other one--players can switch what's in their hands each round? I figured yes, since many spells only last 1 combat round (if I read it right). End EDIT. If there are any suggestions as to how groups usually remain competitive, I'm happy to entertain them! Regards!
  2. Thanks so much! One clarificationfor that Fight -1 check (or the gate closing example) If I have a spell or item that increases Fight or Lore (or whatever skill I'm needing to use for the situation), I can use those items at that time, assuming they are usable in that phase, correct? Thanks again. I thought we accidentally cheated a little. I think we did it a lot, though. I thought gate closings were combat checks...
  3. Hello, Thanks again to those that answered my flying question last night. It was quite timely, as we played a 5 player game, and it came up more than once. A couple of things came up, though, that we weren't sure on. Any assistance is greatly appreciated! Upkeep: Blessings--Player rolled a 1. Insisted he could use a clue to re-roll. I'm thinking it's not a skill check, so no. Healing Stone -- Card says player gains 1 Sanity or 1 Stamina, but doesn't limit it to max. Should it be capped? I think there was something in the FAQ that he claimed he found, but I didn't see it. Movement: Evade monster -- Can an investigator continue to move if he evades? Player comes back through gate, and a monster is there. Player successfully evades monster, and stay in location. Can the player still close the gate, even with the monster in the location? Encounter: Similar to the Healing Stone thing--player was at max sanity, and had an other world encounter that said "Gain 1 Sanity." Can he exceed his max?General: Skill checks -- If an encounter indicates a skill check like "Fight -1", does investigator get to use weapons, etc? My thought is NO, as it is not a combat check. But, the game seems impossibly hard if you play it that way. If your lore, for instance, is 1, and you need to make a Lore -2 check, you fail the roll. But, if you spend 1 clue token, do you get to roll 1 die? I'd say yes, since you accepted the initial result as a failed check. Just to clarify, Doom Markers ONLY come off the AO card if an Elder Sign card is used, correct? Using clues to seal a gate just gets the elder sign marker from the pile. Thanks so much for assistance! As a group, we're really enjoying this one, but want to play it right! Incidentally, we won last night, though based on the questions above, you may agree that we may have gotten some unintended assistance...
  4. Hi! Sorry for the brainless question, but my game group had been playing like this: If a flying monster is in the sky, and it's symbol comes up, it must attack someone in a street. (OK, yep, that's good...got it) If there are no Investigators in the street, the flying monster is returned to the cup. (I can't find where this is in the rules, and I'm not sure why we started doing that.) Can anyone confirm or deny this method of playing flying monsters? Thanks in advance!!
  5. Thanks for yet another great response Avi! I thought it was a little easy to win in the end game for my first try. I was certain I'd messed something up.
  6. Another newbie question-- In the final battle, do the investigators have to recast spells that are listed as lasting until the end of the current combat, or do they stay active? Also, do Blessings have to be rolled for during each Final Battle Upkeep? Finally, am I understanding this correctly--the total number of successes required to defeat the AOO is his top doom track number times the number of players. In other words, successes accumulate even across rounds, so in a three player game, if the players totalled 8 successes, the AOO would lose 2 doom markers, and have 2 "hits" carry over to the next round. Thanks in advance!!! Chad
  7. Thanks for the reply! I don't think the rules are all that poorly written. There's really only a couple of places where we struggled, closing and sealing being one. I didn't realize a gate effectively replaces a location, and since encounters only occur at locations...it makes sense now. I regularly game with a group of 5-7 and we're quite excited to give this another try soon! Thanks again! Chad S. Ballwin, MO
  8. I'm sure this has been asked a billion times, but I'm having trouble using search. When an investigator returns from Other World, are they required to have an encounter, or is their attempt to close the gate considered an encounter? We've also been unclear on sealing of gates. If using clues to do this, is there a specific time it can/should occur? We ran into a situation where an investigator received clues (I don't recall how) at a point other than Encounter. Reading about sealing, it appears as soon as you have 5 clues, assuming you're still sitting on an "explored" marker, you can attempt to seal the gate. Any help greatly appreciated!!!
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