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  1. I like to think that the walkers are too slow and clumsy to be afforded the same close combat rules as for infantry, after all, it's not too hard to imagine nimble infantrymen using cover to block an attack from a ponderous robot, or combat between two cumbersome war machines being slower than between two knife armed humans.
  2. I have been trying out some different objectives for my dust games, and I'm pretty happy with this one, so I figured I'd try telling you guys about it, and see what you think. The idea is to have terrain objectives that the players have to occupy to win the battle, as is done in many other tabletop wargames. I've been imagining them as computer terminals which will be used to get/hide information, aim missiles or open doors to allow reinforcements in... The battlefield is set up as is described for single battles in the rulebook, but instead of two of the pieces of cover, each player places an objective piece. (I've just been using an ammo crate standing on it's end, but anything that looks obvious could be used.) The objectives have the same rules as ammo crates in the game, so they must be placed in the "cover zone", give soft cover, have armour Vehicle 3 and two wounds, and can be squashed by robots if you really want. At the end of the game, 2 points are awarded to each unit in the same square as an objective, and 1 point to any unit in any of the four squares directly adjacent to the objective (not diagonally). If an objective is destroyed by shooting or squashing during the game, not points are awarded for that objective. If all objectives are destroyed, the game is a draw (both lose). I've been playing the game for 6 turns, and the game normally seems to have become decided at that point. I only have the basic set, so it may need to go on longer with bigger boards or more units. The idea of giving points is that hopefully, units standing on the objective will get the most points as they hold the objective, but if that unit is totally swamped by the enemy, then the enemy will end up getting more points, as that unit won't be holding that objective for long. Also, I hope that it would allow for easy integration into games with several different objectives. I've tried these rules out a couple of times (as with most of my play it was fighting against myself) and I think they work ok so far. I've tried to keep the rules simple, and allow for customisation, as that's one of the game's strengths, but I'd like to hear if you have any problems or suggestions to improve these rules or anything. I have been thinking of slight alterations to these rules, but I haven't tried them out yet, so I can't make any promisses on this bit, but I don't think there should be problems: If you want to put objectives in the open (important passes or roadways, hill crests etc.), then they can't be destroyed as there's nothing actually there to destroy, so use a coin or flag or something to represent them. If you use tank traps as the objectives, robots won't be able to claim the 2 points for occupying the objective, but their looming presence can still net them 1 point for being adjacent. If you make the objectives impassable, then noone can claim the 2 points and all units just need to try to get close to it. If you want to make one objective the main objective, just double the points given for that objective. Tomorrow night, I hope to try out something a little more complex, but I'll tell you how I'm hoping it will work. The objective will be a wounded allied officer. The axis want to capture the officer to pump him for information, while the allies hope to rescue him and bandage him up, to send him back into the fight. The officer starts the game in the central square 3 squares in from the axis deployment board edge. At the beginning of each turn, the allied player rolls a dice. On a hit, the officer manages to crawl one square directly towards the allied board edge. If he can't go directly, he will go diagonally, and if he can't do that he may crawl sideways. If there is a choice, the allied player decides where he goes. At the end of the 6 turns, determine the points just as any other objective above. Oh, also, I'm thinking if a robot enters the square containing the officer, roll a dice. On a hit, the pilot has accidently trodden on and squashed the officer. If someone wants to attack the officer, he has armour Infantry 2 and 2 wounds. His death results in a draw. Anyway, I hope you guys like what I have so far, and have plenty of ideas for more improvements.
  3. I'm trying to space out my spending a bit as I went a bit crazy on buying miniatures after Christmas, so I'm just getting 2 of the new unit expansions, the gunners and battle grenadiers. Partly because they seem to be the basic, all round squads, but mostly because they come with the extra mini/card to try out the other configurations. For now, I plan to get the expansions which bring new units to the game, but in the future, as the choice becomes wider, and I get more of a feel for the background of the game, I will probably start picking up units for specific thematically driven forces. I already like the idea of a high-tech, all laser axis force, so I may try getting more laser grenadiers when they come out, but will likely wait until the Wotan laser-bot comes out to see if that force would work first.
  4. Actually, the ryu is a modified version of the axis walker "wotan", so the japanese would be a sub-type of the germans. I'm not sure if the russians would have sub-types, but if they do, it would probably be chinese. As for other sizes of walker, the dust models range has a smaller recon walker for the germans, called heinrich http://www.dust-models.com/products_d.php?nid=2&id=47 And a heavier walker called gunther, also for the germans. http://www.dust-models.com/products_d.php?nid=2&id=2 Although those are a different scale to the tactics miniatures, they might give some idea to the sorts of things tactics has coming. I would have thought the recon walkers would come out in the third campaign expansion, Battle for Britain: operation seelowe as the rulebook mentions faster walkers for that expansion.
  5. There was a discussion of this here: http://www.fantasyflightgames.com/edge_foros_discusion.asp?efid=196&efcid=1&efidt=408758 I don't think any real conclusions were reached about when official rules would be released, but I think there were good suggestions about how to do it with minimal effort or alterations.
  6. I wouldn't be suprised if they were to release slightly different versions of some of the models for the japanese or italians. I think I read something about comonwealth troops turning up at some stage as a sub-faction of the allies. Dust models does have their sPz. KpfL. III-A labelled as Ryu rather than Wotan, implying there is some difference between the two versions of the bot. I wouldn't expect any of these sub-factions to come out any time soon though. I mean, we haven't even got much of a selection for the main factions out yet. As for the sino-soviets, I would love to see them come out alongside the other armies, but if they were going to do that, I think we would have heard something by now, so unfortunately it looks like we'll be waiting a while for that.
  7. The way I see it, if they were to release the miniatures for the artillery and command squads at the same time, or within a month of the release of operation cyclone, then it's basically just a matter of packaging, as you would be able to get everything they said you could. It's only if we don't hear anything about those minis that we need to get worried. So, I'm happy to stay excited about the new heroes for now. I just hope more information starts to make it's way out.
  8. D'oh It's so simple, and I probably would never have thought of it. Thanks.
  9. I haven't played the game much, and only against myself so far, and everything seems to work really well, but in one game I got really stuck with the axis because I simply couldn't find a way to effectively fight against allies squads in cover. I wasn't using a scenario, and so I realise that in most of the scenarios it is the allies that need to push forwards, but still it seems like the axis aught to have something they can do against it for other situations, after all, the axis can't always be the defender, we're going to have to change it up eventually. What happened was I was trying a game with lots of terrain tiles, so the game really did choke up around a point in the middle, where there happened to be a tank trap. A squad of the gunners with bazooka joe attached moved on to the tank trap and waited for the enemy to appear. Sigrid and the laser sqaud stepped out and fired using berserk. The dice rolled up a decent number of hits with all the rerolls (about 6 or 7 hits), but then all of those hits seemed to get swallowed up by the "miss save" leaving only 2 damage points which joe absorbed to leave the squad at full strength and able to double shoot. The next turn sigrid with one wound and a couple of lucky lasers withdrew and ludwig moved up to fire his arsenal at the same squad to do a couple more damage points, hoping the bazooka alone wouldn't worry it too badly, but with the reroll for double shoot, it was 55% likely to put 3 damage on it. On the other side of the table the recon grenadiers tried to replicate this success for the axis, but a flamer and 2 UGLs really put them in their place. So, I'm just putting this out there, to ask if anyone has found a good way to shift an allied squad out of heavy cover with the axis troops available, or is this just something they're going to have to deal with until more expansions turn up?
  10. Just a couple of things I'm not sure about. Not tried out any of this for real, but a couple of things look pretty powerful. Wolverine has move 2 and charge, so he can theoretically double move 4 squares, then one for charge, and attack with his claws. He might not worry a vehicle, but I wouldn't want my infantry anywhere near him. Hellboy, with charge and fast is able to do a similar thing just one square less move. Sabertooth can do the same as wolverine above once per game with assault and charge. Also, there are a lot of characters with black ops on that list. I know it doesn't stack, but I was rather hoping it wouldn't be something that would pop up in every battle, once there was a little choice of characters. Just a thought. You haven't given a points value for any of them, so it's a bit difficult to tell if they'll be too powerful.
  11. DrRonDerryJr said: The only other issue I had was the panzershrecht and bazooka weren't clearly defined. They do 1/3 damage die. If a player only has 1 or 2 guys left in that squad do they get to do 1 dmg die? Or do you need 3 figures in the squad to fire. The 1/3 for the missile weapons means you roll 1 dice for each of those weapons in the unit, and if it hits it does 3 points of damage to the vehicle. If a squad has taken damage, you can only fire with the weapons you still have, so if you kept the guy with that weapon, he can still fire, but you will have one less of the standard machine guns.
  12. I'd be surprised if they brought out miniatures without the cards to use them in the game. After all, you need to mark the cards while you're playing, so you need one for each unit. The news post also mentions unit cards in the premium boxes for the battle grenadiers and combat rangers so you can convert them to specialist anti armour units. Seems a little odd to me to have these in the premium versions but not the normal ones, as I'm a keen converter, but as I like to paint my own minis, I won't have the cards to use the minis I've lovingly converted.
  13. How often do the FFG officials normally read/post on these threads?
  14. Perhaps if we all stop looking and sneak up on it slowly...
  15. Well, the news post does say: "The bases for each monster figure even have slots into which you can that monster’s token, displaying only the pertinent statistics." Implying that the slot is used for a token used in MoM without necessarily being compatible with the AH ones...
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