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  1. The game's replayability

    It is quite time consuming. I designed two scenarios, and they both took about a year (ot two) from begining to the end --but I am a slow worker with almost no free time--.
  2. Mines of Yuggoth

    Thank you. There is one link that you need, as best scenarios were typically fan-made: enjoy the game.
  3. Mines of Yuggoth

    For those who care (and I think some may :-), I just posted a brand new scenario over there on bgg. Here is the link to the file. preview:
  4. Why so few custom scenarios?

    Well, there are 5 (MoM) +3 (FA) +5 (CotW) + 6 (PoD) = 19 official scenarii. So 27.5 do not seem so few to me. And what is the point of a quick and reboot of a previous scenario ? Some fan-mades redefine what you can do with the game. Way more interesting than a new version of an old scenario. But that is only my two cents.
  5. Why so few custom scenarios?

    The hard part is the incredible amount of work you need from the first thought to a "final" version. :-)
  6. Why so few custom scenarios?

    You know this page, don't you? There are 27 scenarii available from it (soon it'll be 28, as I am almost done with the translation of the Mines of Yuggoth). You can also read some critics about half of them here. Enjoy !
  7. Poll for a Cultist Game variant

    There was already an expansion doing exactly what you are suggesting. I have digged out a link, but sadly, it is a french version. cheers
  8. Top 10 "Lovecraftian-est" Investigators

    Hi all, long time I did not post anything, but I am still reading the news from time to time :-). And believe it or not, I even played a game (after two years off) recently and found it quite nice. Interestingly, Harvey Walters was the example character sheet in the CoC rpg. Another one that has an CoC origin is Montery Jack (see here). The ones I like most (in terms of story/visual art/story) are: Ashcan Pete Joe Diamond Dexter Drake Rex Murphy Silas Marsh Tommy Muldoon (maybe I could add some other ones) They have something that appeal strongly to my mythos sensations.
  9. Summon worshippers is more fun when it is limited once per turn per altar.