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  1. It is quite time consuming. I designed two scenarios, and they both took about a year (ot two) from begining to the end --but I am a slow worker with almost no free time--.
  2. Thank you. There is one link that you need, as best scenarios were typically fan-made: http://boardgamegeek.com/article/13567632 enjoy the game.
  3. For those who care (and I think some may :-), I just posted a brand new scenario over there on bgg. Here is the link to the file. preview:
  4. Well, there are 5 (MoM) +3 (FA) +5 (CotW) + 6 (PoD) = 19 official scenarii. So 27.5 do not seem so few to me. And what is the point of a quick and reboot of a previous scenario ? Some fan-mades redefine what you can do with the game. Way more interesting than a new version of an old scenario. But that is only my two cents.
  5. The hard part is the incredible amount of work you need from the first thought to a "final" version. :-)
  6. You know this page, don't you? There are 27 scenarii available from it (soon it'll be 28, as I am almost done with the translation of the Mines of Yuggoth). You can also read some critics about half of them here. Enjoy !
  7. There was already an expansion doing exactly what you are suggesting. I have digged out a link, but sadly, it is a french version. cheers
  8. Hi all, long time I did not post anything, but I am still reading the news from time to time :-). And believe it or not, I even played a game (after two years off) recently and found it quite nice. Interestingly, Harvey Walters was the example character sheet in the CoC rpg. Another one that has an CoC origin is Montery Jack (see here). The ones I like most (in terms of story/visual art/story) are: Ashcan Pete Joe Diamond Dexter Drake Rex Murphy Silas Marsh Tommy Muldoon (maybe I could add some other ones) They have something that appeal strongly to my mythos sensations.
  9. Summon worshippers is more fun when it is limited once per turn per altar.
  10. Yes. Very cool add-on the thematic starting items / skills / etc. I do recommend them a lot !
  11. " That's fair. But it is rather hard to do a non-linear "clue chain" while providing a straight-forward and well-told narrative. That is sort of the trade-off in most cases: Story for Replayabilty. " Well, at least 3 fan-made scenarios meet the challenge of having non-linear replayable with strong plot. These are Esoteric Order of Dagon, Spirit, are you here? and Curse of the Pharaoh. It would be fair to mention that with a weaker plot, you have Incomplete Circle, and with no replayability but intense plot, you have the 3 danish tryptic (Arctic Explorer, Allsaint Asylum and In the Dark, Dark Wood). Most of these scenario were designed long before the CotW and propose non-linear scenario, some have NPCs (called Allies in CotW), etc. So ingredients of the CotW were already there before with a better design. As a side note, I designed a new replayable scenario with non-linear clues, intense plot, and 3 interconnected mini-maps: "The Mines of Yuggoth". It still need some extra-tests to put an end point on the final version (I started 1.5 years ago ^^). For now, I have the feedback of 7-8 tests (3 myself and 5 external) but aim at tenish. So it should be over by Christams or early next year. Basic ingredient are: Migos, Control Mind, NPCs, New tiles, Vermont, Yuggoth, Mines, Tok'l and Migo's weird cyber-technology. As for the last PoD, I am very excited to test it. Let's see how it go.
  12. From my perspective, I am glad to see that other players were disappointed with CotW. This expansion has clearly some interesting mechanics but it so so poor in terms of story coherence and narration. The one thing I felt suspicious about CotW reviews, is that the ones who praised the most this expansion were the ones who did extensive playtests. Anyway, different people like different things. cheers
  13. Yes, it's totally fine we have different opinions on the game (actually, we agree on most of the points - there are bugs that need to be fixed, and you have to play MoM with an "RPG eye" and not as a die-hard boardgamer who wants to win at all costs or that tries to metagame exploiting the bugs of the game). Our opinion simply differs is the way the we consider both games, but it's good Schwaig and the others could listen to all possible point of views Best thing you can do is trying the game. With a friends, in a game club, at a convention. Point is that it plays very differently from usual BG, and the fact that every time you choose one of the three objectives for a scenario you have the very same set-up, killing replayability, so you should see if this is your cup of tea or not. Very hard to tell without trying. Very well written. I concur warm regards
  14. Obviously, my opinion on MoM is different. To my experience, AH games were typically longer than MoM (with the exception of AH games by myself). I agree that the game totally looses interest when the keeper is trying to win at all costs, i.e. at the cost of frustrating all players. Though, several rules should prevent this: only on horror check per monster per investigator per turn (so hide and seek does not really work in practice), you can always pass through monsters (so there is no way to stop an investigator that always run faster than a monster), only 1 mythos card per investigator per turn, most keeper action are also in restricted use, etc. Anyway, we had the discussion with Julia many times now, and we disagree on this point, which is fine I guess :-) To me, the basic loop of AH (find clue, seal gates) is a real issue. The rolling dices argument is totally reversible. But I may simply have played it too many times. Whatever games you end up playing, enjoy ! regards
  15. I totally second Julia's point (which I took the liberty to stress with an 'i'). Some effrot is needed to make it really entertaining. On a side note, I did not like so much the last expansion; although it had some interesting mechanics, the mythos stories are gone and that is a shame. Again, I believe that several of the fan-made scenarios are really worth playing (and they are free :-). On the (ii) point, I am also very interested to know how the AH will expand to the whole world. I just wonder how many more games of that sort I am ready to play. I played AH a very large number of times, MoM quite a lot. Now, I don't know how many extra games I can play with Siter Mary, Michael McGlenn and the great 'Drake' (among others). I shall however definitely give a chance to EH.
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