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  1. Figured I'd post these up as well since I mentioned them...all official and free to download. Some of them are a little quarky...but they're outstanding for mood music and atmosphere I think for anything space-based. For a prime example, the second one down entitled Glorious Future would make a great background to a well crafted intro speech I think. Skip the top selection of ringtones obviously. http://www.eveonline.com/download/music/
  2. Hey folks! I'm new to the forums and have been away from pen and paper RPG's for quite a while...six years, in fact. I'm trying to get back into the scene as a hobby, tabletop miniatures and board games as well, and am putting together a group for a Rogue Trader campaign which I will GM. It has been even longer since I GMed a group than the last time I played, so I'm fighting a somewhat uphill battle in compiling/organizing resources to setup the campaign. I've downloaded what I could off of this website in terms of supplemental material, I've got the DH: Creature Anathema on the way, and I've got a couple of other websites(lexicanum, to name one) for some additional background information(these are in addition to the core rulebook, obviously.) Anyway, my reason for posting here is to see what sorts of things other GMs use to create atmosphere in their games? This is my first time doing anything in the Warhammer 40k Universe, although I've enjoyed some of the novels and the Dawn of War PC series previously. One idea I had since I'll have a laptop at all of the sessions is to make some soundbytes to play at various plot points during each scenario to help the players' immersion. I used this in some previous D&D games with great success, particularly for scenario introductions,but have since lost all of my resources for doing it. If anyone else has tried this, do you know of 1) a decent, free, voice changer/audio manipulation program? and 2) some decent atmospheric music? I plan to rip some of the music files from EVE Online which has some very good orchestral scores, but I could use more suggestions. Thanks!
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