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  1. Before I print out these cards (again), I wanted to make a few changes. First of all, I added firing arcs for vehicles on the cards. Secondly, I came up with a design for the backs of the cards that can be used to help build your forces. Any opinions before I produce all of the card backs? I'm not a graphics design wizard or anything so it is a bit rudimentary.
  2. I tried my hand at painting a building: I heard there are some propaganda posters somewhere here but couldn't find them, any pointers? http://boardgamegeek.com/image/1618774/dust-tactics
  3. Great, and I'm looking forward to printing and using them! Does anybody have a link to the SSU .psd templates? I see references earlier in this thread to it but it seems to have been taken down. I have the Axis and Ally templates from Rodney but not the SSU and it would be nice to have in case I need it.
  4. I know Rodney Smith made the original template and Axis/Ally cards, but who made the SSU cards, and who is planning on making new cards for Icarus?
  5. Any idea if we will somehow get Dust Warfare stats for this guy? Or because it is made solely by Dust Models and since Dust Warfare is FFG then we only get Dust Tactics stats?
  6. Official answer from Nate: Radagast's ability does break the need for a resource match if the resources are coming only from his pool. He does not count as a resource match to the extent that you can combine his resources with those of ,say a LORE, hero to play a TACTICS creature.
  7. I agree completely. For what it is worth, all but 5 things (which are marked) in my unofficial FAQ are officially confirmed one way or another.
  8. cordeirooo said: booored said: Bomb said: Then it could also be argued that a canceled shadow effect would put the Warg back in the staging area. A canceled effect is no effect. yes that is exactly how it works The attack is completed and then Wargs is returned to the staging area before you can attack him (since he is no longer engaged with the player) (official FAQ v1.1). If something cancels the effect (e.g. A Burning Brand), the card still had an effect even though it was cancelled. While this is in the unofficial faq, and unless you have official answer stating otherwise, is still a good premise to say that that's not how it works. I agree, FYI the source of the underlined section from the unofficial FAQ is here: javascript:void(0);/*1329923758481*/
  9. I maintain an unofficial FAQ that gives notes, FAQs, etc, for every individual card here: javascript:void(0);/*1328642437043*/.
  10. I'm the creator and maintainer of the referenced document. It is certainly not perfect and a bit of work but I do find it necessary to play the game myself. I do monitor the forum here and on BGG to address FAQs, changes, etc. If there are any errors in the document all I need is a convincing argument to change it (usually a forum discussion I might have missed). What you don't see in the PDF is that I started tracking the source of all of my "rulings". Almost all of the document is officially confirmed last I checked, but there are some entries that are still my educated guesses at this point. I will occasionally send in lists of unconfirmed questions to FFG and they do seem to turn up in future FAQs although I never hear from them directly. Right now I'm a little behind on adding the newest expansions, but I'll get there. I'm glad everybody likes it and please help me correct any errors you might find in there.
  11. I'm going to dissent from the rest of the thread here. I may be unique in that most of my iPad game time is spent on airplanes and other times where I don't have an internet connection or I don't want to commit a full 30min for an interactive online game. So most of my gaming is solo. I find the AI is not good enough to challenge me in most euro games on the iPad, while games meant to play solo do not have an AI problem. For example Ghost Stories is the best iPad boardgame so far in that regard: it is challenging without an opponent. I do think there will be some complicated interactions but this could actually make the game better if they coded and tested them before printing them. This is how Dominion works now: expansions are all tested online before release.
  12. I was also confused, that is why I created the following document which I think explains the turn sequence and action windows much more clearly: javascript:void(0);/*1314633707032*/ (http://www.kaybee.org/kirk/LoTR_LCG_QuickRef.pdf) Hope that helps!
  13. The "multiple attacks per turn" section could use more examples as it is still confusing. As I understand it, the same player can't attack the same enemy (whether or not they are engaged with them) twice during the regular attack phase, but with Quick Strike I theoretically can since that isn't part of the regular attack phase.
  14. The new FAQ is great: it answers every question that has been unanswered so far as far as I can tell. I have updated my unofficial FAQ as well.
  15. Another one: it is not clear if Wolf Rider attacks and then retreats, or if you get a chance to attack him before he returns to the top of the encounter deck...
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