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  1. It's been quite some time since I've read it, but I've found how few people know Robert W. Chambers to be rather shocking. You can see where Lovecraft got some of his ideas and the stories--both the Gothic and the Romantic--are quite entertaining. I personally like The Yellow Sign where the weird tales are concerned, and I would perhaps say where the romantic tales are concerned, Rue Baree and Our Lady of the Fields are about equal. The latter two stories I love because the dialogue is great, and The Yellow Sign is just flat-out eerie. Anybody else have a favorite or two?
  2. I recently finished reading The Dream World of H.P. Lovecraft, and it makes some nice references to Gnostic stuff. I personally don't know too much regarding the matter of gnosticism. I know I'm AGnostic, but despite all the useless readings I've done: Pliny the Elder, the Old Testement, Parapsychology, mythological creatures, the Aberdeen Bestiary...I ironically never picked up on that. Though perhaps Azathoth is a good example, as he is a source of chaos, a symbol of Lovecraft's madness, and a paradoy of Yahweh. I'll check the book for that stuff later, since it's currently at my other residence.
  3. Giving up my Magah birds? I understand they're overpowered...but I'll think about it. I would love to play at least one more game with the, I'm used to losing in most games, so CoC is how I make up for it.
  4. Meh. When it comes to Miskatonic, there's a variety of cards featuring females totally unaware there's a "OMG, a mass of tentacles" behind them. It's quite easy to utilize some raunchy humor in this game, but I would suggest better cards, considering artwork.
  5. I'll be waiting to buy it... I'd love to see a movie adaption of Charles Dexter Ward, simply due to the fact that if the order of scenes in the movie is even halfway close to the book, that alone should make it fun. A little Medias Res, anyone?
  6. The nailgun sketch from Whitest Kids U Know.... It isn't a very accurate description, but it's funny nonetheless.
  7. It's close for me but I'd be in college. And culinary school is more like labor...except it's never advisable to take off.
  8. I for one, was dissapointed that the Cats of Ulthar did not appear until the last Asylum pack, but supremely pleased when they finally came out. I also wanted to see more cat cards. And where were the gelatinous moonbeasts? Anything you wanted to see? Upsides: at least there were a lot of Grotesque Gugs, Gibbering Ghouls, and even Ghasts!
  9. I'm still new to the card game, but I noticed that Agencywhile incredibly skilled at combat and decent at investigation, and able to withstand terror, ect.still can't do crap when it comes to Arcane. The total lack of spells can also be a pain. Don't get me wrong, shotgun blast is a great win-all card (unless you're dealing with Dagon), but there are times where I'd love to have an interrupt or too but can't stop the main problem...all I can do is kill stuff. In Call of Cthulhu, it's one of the few games where combat isn't the only focus.
  10. All I can think of is using expendable muscle on your Gug cards.
  11. oldthrashbarg said: Glasser's Muse said: On the note of loving Hastur, I've decided to get the Yellow Sign tattooed on me to show my devotion. If this isn't a joke, you're incredibly dedicated to a simple card-/roleplaying game! Hell, I've drawn that symbol on me numerous times.
  12. I would have to say Agency and Miskatonic. The Agency has raw power and enough cards to help you pull a victory out your derriere, and Miskatonic has a lightheartened tone to it. Plus the cards are cheap and allow you to cheat your way into winning stories.
  13. I love them all! Especially the inuit running for his life from cthulhu.
  14. Finally! a card for the Cats of Ulthar. That's what the deck needs most of all. (And a few more ghouls.)
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