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  1. Is there more than one st christophers inn on this road as I'm looking at hostels nearby and one of them has the same name...
  2. DWROSE said: Hi guys read many of these threads and its helped me a lot but i still have a few questions. 1 I would like to know what is the card The Hound good for he just seems to hinder my draw deck in dominance ? 2 What extra cards should i buy to get 4 even houses for novices to play i only have the core set at the minute ? 3 Does Tywin Lannister keep his Gold on him in the taxation phase ? 4 If a card reads no attachments does that mean it includes negative ones like posoined wine I'm relatively knew but I think I know the answers to some of these. 1.I believe the hound is good because he is relatively cheap and can't be killed unless you want him to be. So if you have multiples you can play another one as he is not in the dead pile. (I may be wrong). 2. no idea as I'm new. 3. Yes he does, it also doesn't count towards dominance. 4. No attachments allowed of any kind good or bad.
  3. Problem with london is that its expensive to get to and expensive to stay overnight. Going up and back in a day isn't really an option as that would be 7-8 hours on a train plus getting to the venue from paddington on top. If I could teleport there I would however...
  4. In the core set there isn't many spoilers and those that are you'd need to have good observational skills to spot. The picture on the Stannis Baratheon card for example could be a spoiler but you probably wouldnt notice mid game.
  5. Im on AIM express and think I added you but Im not sure. I linked it through my facebook to log in... my name is Ben Ebrahim
  6. recklessambition@hotmail.com or bmebrahim@hotmail.com I'm on holiday for 7 weeks now so free quite a lot. So message me there or here Im in Wales so GMT!
  7. I'm sat in one chatroom and have been most of the day hoping someone would come along
  8. I'm new after watching the series and now reading through the books. I'm in Swansea so no gamers here that I can find really
  9. The way I read it is that they can swap it for free if they wish. One thing to remind your player is that they wouldn't be a true scout as they have undergone the full transformation to astartes. But a background as being a scout sergeant or recruiting master of the scout company would be nice. You may also want to ensure the player realises the benefits and drawbacks and as a GM remember the drawbacks of powerarmour so the scout can really feel the benefit.
  10. Reading through the Creatures Anathema I found something in the forbidden science section that may be of use to you. Its down as a vore weapon. However, after reading the actual entry it could make a nice little ambush burrowing type creature. Only 5 wounds but hard for the players to hit and if it lands on someone you could have the hilarity of the other players trying to shoot it off someones chest.
  11. You could use the creature creation thing from the GM kit. It would give you a starting point to expand from if your really stuck. As for ideas I tend to go for the crazy stuff we see in nature: Giant Armadillo type animal - territorial animal, will only attack if territory is threatened or is attacked itself. Give it very high armour/toughness/wounds and a medium/low damage attack. After fighting one the PCs should see fit to leave it alone next time they see one. A jellyfish type creature that suspends itself between trees and conceals itself leaving long tentacles that look like vines dangling down to catch prey unawares. Can't move much but has very powerful attack/poisons to anything that walks into it. Giant snakes both venemous and constricting. Exploding toads. Giant predatory fish creatures that lie just under the water and attack with surprise. I think the key is to think about what the animal does normally on the planet then adopt it into the adventure. It could be as simple as an angry male feral Grox or as complex as a giant predatory hawk.
  12. Malleus inquisitor and logicians? Please elaborate as I am a little confused as to why Malleus and not hereticus(possibly xenos if it involved xenos tech). Also I like the idea as I am currently running a Phaeonite vs Logicians adventure. The acolytes do not know their master is phaeonite yet and he is still a real inquisitor but sneakily an extreme radical. For the stats of the inquisitor maybe make him a non-combat NPC that they only catch glimpses of. He could be observed talking to minions before leaving etc or he flees the wrath of the other Inquisition forces in case he is found out. You could have one of his senior interrogators as the big end boss and then leave the actual inquisitor for another time. Or have him as a recurring baddie, especially if he is outed as a radical. The heretek is a nice idea and opens up avenues for some cool minions that will be memorable - enhanced ogryns, mechanical spider servitors etc. As you have a very combat orientated group at the moment you may want to make the adept the primus so he is not left behind by the killing machines. Maybe make sure that the investigative intrigue part is just as important as the killy killy stab stab bit of the assassins.
  13. Hello all I'm just looking for some ideas for plot development. I am just about to start running a game that I want based around the logicians. I am going to start the group on the Edge of Darkness as it is a nice adventure and good to get them immersed into the universe and the horrors of the Logicians especially. Now I'm looking for many ideas for where I can take it after EoD. I have a few ideas: 1)Churgon escapes and disappears. Acolytes get back with data from alms house and wait a little while as it is cracked and find her research wasn't far from being completed. Inquisitor suspects Saul had been returning to Coscarla after delivering something uphive. Acolytes must follow this lead. 2)Baron hope adventure but modified to fit logicians with the workers being bioforged to increase work output.
  14. You could have the logicians trying to combine ork and human DNA to create more resilient troops. a)Innocents going missing or turning up again with weird DNA abnormalites that look related to orks. Go investigate. b)An ork is killed by the local arbites after killing a shed load of innocent people. Examining the body reveals weird surgical changes. Go investigate. Or: They are trying to use the ork spores and modify them to make a food stuff. Suffice to say it works but turns people into thinking like Orks. So investigate why people in a certain area are getting much bigger and more aggressive and have a tendency to shout WAAGHHH! or: A conspiracy where one faction is bribing orks with vehicles and weapons to attack another factions holdings. or: The orks have suddenly started causing trouble on a world this is because the Eldar know a hivefleet is headed that way in the distant future and one of their craftworlds will be right in its path if they dont slow it down. So they are trying to turn this place into the next armageddon. You could place clues all around that a hive fleet is coming i.e. genestealers/lictors mixed in with the orks. then something tying the eldar in i.e. prophecies/divinations about a craftworld etc and the odd sighting if one side looks like its getting an advantage to ensure both sides put more troops planet side. eg. some surgical strikes on key installations made to look like orks did it but way to efficient for orks to the trained eye. Unfortunately the orks don't offer as much as some of the othe races in terms of sneaky beaky investigation. You just have to be creative.
  15. Maybe when you get near the point where you want the pc's captured have the NPC arbite boss suggest his kill team take snareguns/webbers/mancatchers etc to 'capture' suspects for interrogation rather than killing them all the time. I'm sure they will agree and will allow you to capture them more easily.
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